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a Letter From Virginia ~In Memory~ (Free Before Emancipation) ~~ July/August edition

Letter From Virginia
Excavations are providing a new look at some of the Civil War’s earliest fugitive slaves—considered war goods or contraband—and their first taste of liberty

 click on the graphic below to get the complete story, it’s six pages of American History

(Library of Congress)

Following an 1861 decision by a Union general, escaped slaves were declared contraband, or illegal war goods, and freed. Thousands of fugitive slaves, including this group in Pamunkey Run, Virginia, provided the Union army with labor and established independent communities.

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July … for many, is just another day; some use it to contemplate on what Independence Day means personally, some partake in public services while others are thinking about war and the intent for independence and the power that it gives.

I admit sometimes it feels like our independence is being compromised every time the Republicans fail to do the right thing for our fellow Americans each day they convene on the floor of Congress.

I grew up in military country; know people who have proudly served, died, live and some who came back damaged.  I think about how war affects our independence and the unimaginable unthinkable things our Soldiers see and go through, having had a brother who suffered through his own horrific journey of war; it could only be seen as a daily dose of hell for him and probably for countless others. So, unless you are a part of the Military or live in a Military town, you can only imagine what a family experiences and as civilians we definitely should be aware and be grateful for their sacrifices

So, as we all celebrate our own style of independence give a shout out to those you know, love and miss who serve and protect us.

150 million wieners!

Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Hot dogs, apple pie and antibiotics.This Fourth of July, declare your independence! Sign our pledge, and join tens of thousands of consumers not buying meat from animals routinely fed antibiotics.Sign pledge!

Did you pledge yet?

July 4th is just two days away, and you can still join tens of thousands of Americans pledging their independence this holiday from meat raised on drugs.

Why is this pledge so important? The Fourth of July holiday is one of the biggest weekends for meat sales (yes, 150 million wieners), and your pledge shows industry that consumers don’t want products from animals routinely fed antibiotics.

Take the pledge now, and declare your independence from antibiotics this Fourth of July!

You know enough not to take antibiotics everyday just to keep from getting sick, since it weakens their effectiveness for when you really need them. But most conventional beef, poultry and pork sold in our grocery stores come from animals routinely fed antibiotics to promote their growth or so they can survive in filthy feedlots, rather than just giving them medicine when they are sick.

All this overuse on livestock is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ in both animals and people. Unless we stop this practice, there may be a day when our antibiotics no longer work.

Congress has a bill before that would prevent routine dosing, reserving the drugs for when animals are sick. But ultimately, consumers like you can change the tide by not buying these products. And what better day to declare our independence than the Fourth of July?

Pledge this July 4th, and be part of the movement to save our antibiotics!

Thank you for pledging with us this Independence Day. And have a great holiday weekend.

Meg Bohne, Consumers Union Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Free Donald


Release my boyfriend and soup kitchen manager Donald Perry, in prison since August for offering a ride to a homeless man.
Sign My Petition


In 2011, my boyfriend Donald Perry — a manager at a soup kitchen and homeless outreach center in western Massachusetts — was pulled over and arrested. His crime? He gave a ride to a homeless man who, though Donald didn’t know it, had stolen items with him including an iPad.

When the man realized the police were using GPS to track the iPad to Donald’s car, he fled — leaving Donald to be arrested. But although Donald was acquitted by a jury in July, he is still in prison seven months later.

At the time of his arrest, Donald was on parole for a robbery he committed 30 years ago. But since then, Donald has been one of the Parole Board‘s great success stories — especially because of his tireless service to the homeless. Donald isn’t a danger to society — he’s a loving father, grandfather, partner and public servant. He should be home with me, not in prison.

I started a petition on Change.org calling on the Massachusetts Parole Board to release Donald immediately. Please click here to sign my petition now.

When Donald first told me he was on parole, I wanted to cut the relationship off. But he won me over with his commitment to serving those in need and his boundless love for his children and grandchildren. We were working hard and we were happy — we were even planning our next vacation together.

As of today, Donald has been in prison for 17 months. He is surrounded by men who feel hopeless and in some cases are mentally ill and physically dangerous. It is terrifying that a hearing next month could decide whether or not he goes home — or stays in prison for years to come even though a jury acquitted him.

We’ve been so touched by the outpouring of support for Donald from our community that we’re ready to open up to the possibility that many more people around the country could stand with us to call on the Parole Board to let Donald come home. If thousands of people sign my petition, I think we have a real chance the Parole Board will listen.

Please click here to sign my petition and call on the Massachusetts Parole Board to free my boyfriend and committed public servant Donald Perry now.

Thank you.

Elaine Arsenault
Montague, Massachusetts

a message from Jay Inslee … For Gov. of Washington State

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s celebration of our nation’s independence — the sun certainly helped!

Our campaign, led by our tremendous team of field organizers, visited close to 30 Fourth of July events across the state yesterday. It was inspiring to see so many Washingtonians decked out in their best red, white, and blue, celebrating our proud national heritage together. It was also an opportunity to thank the members of our Armed Forces and their families for all that they do to protect the independence we celebrate each Fourth of July.

It’s an important reminder, especially during campaign season: no matter what our political beliefs, we’re all Americans.

I’m particularly proud of our organizing team — Team Inslee was out in force across the state! Thank you to all of our supporters who shared their day with us.

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And of course, thanks to you again for standing with our campaign. We couldn’t do it without you.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee