Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July … for many, is just another day; some use it to contemplate on what Independence Day means personally, some partake in public services while others are thinking about war and the intent for independence and the power that it gives.

I admit sometimes it feels like our independence is being compromised every time the Republicans fail to do the right thing for our fellow Americans each day they convene on the floor of Congress.

I grew up in military country; know people who have proudly served, died, live and some who came back damaged.  I think about how war affects our independence and the unimaginable unthinkable things our Soldiers see and go through, having had a brother who suffered through his own horrific journey of war; it could only be seen as a daily dose of hell for him and probably for countless others. So, unless you are a part of the Military or live in a Military town, you can only imagine what a family experiences and as civilians we definitely should be aware and be grateful for their sacrifices

So, as we all celebrate our own style of independence give a shout out to those you know, love and miss who serve and protect us.