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A special video message from National Geographic, just for you


Hi Friend,In this season of giving, I wanted to say thank you for being a part of the National Geographic community. Because of you, we’re able to push the boundaries of what’s possible in this new age of exploration.

As a Big Cats Initiative Grantee, I’m working to mitigate conflicts between humans and big cat populations in Tanzania. Click here to watch a special video message, so you can see some of the great things you’ve helped me and others accomplish.

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to climb higher, dive deeper, look closer, or inspire people to care about the planet, so thank you.

Amy Dickman
Amy Dickman
National Geographic Explorer

Click here to learn more about Amy and the Big Cats Initiative.

Support Exploration and Discovery … National Geographic

Dear Friend,

Take the next step in your journey or exploration and discovery.

I’m writing to invite you to join a select group of people within the National Geographic Society. These individuals care so much about ensuring a future filled with exploration and discovery that they generously support the National Geographic Society with tax-deductible gifts.We call them Contributing Members—and through this special introductory offer, you can join them for just $25!
As a nonprofit organization, National Geographic depends on visionary people who believe there are places left to explore and discoveries to make. I hope you’ll join today.Your gift will fund the work that brings science, knowledge, and discovery to our magazine’s pages, to classrooms across the country, and to the imaginations of people across the globe.That’s why our Contributing Members are so important. As a member, you’ll keep discoveries on every horizon!

Join now if you want to know what else is out there…

There are always more things to explore, more discoveries to make, and more solutions to find.That’s been National Geographic’s unique way of thinking since 1888, when we began funding the astonishing expeditions that changed the way people thought about the world—amazing journeys to Mount St. Elias on the Yukon-Alaska border, the North Pole, South Pole, and elsewhere.And more than a century later, we’re still exploring! We’re on a path to search the deepest parts of the ocean, the farthest realms of outer space, and remote places across the globe that have yet to be seen with human eyes or shared with the world.

As a Contributing Member, you’ll make these discoveries possible.

Aghan girl by Steve McCurryIndian boy by Steve McCurry
  Join now if you want to delve deeper…National Geographic is committed to supporting visionary scientists ready to stretch the limits of understanding.Without National Geographic, Paul Sereno might never have unearthed “SuperCroc,” and Donald Johanson might not have discovered “Lucy”—the most complete upright-walking human ancestor of her age yet found.

Without National Geographic, the next discoveries might remain buried, the clues to our planet’s past hidden away. Your support as a Contributing Member will help prevent this loss.

Join now if you want to improve the world…

There’s a responsibility inherent in being on the frontlines of discovery and exploration: We must use the knowledge we gain to improve the planet.Your gift as a Contributing Member will help National Geographic do exactly that, through conservation and education efforts designed to make a difference today and in the future.Take the next step in your involvement with National Geographic by joining as a Contributing Member for just $25.

If you believe our world is better when we explore it, then don’t let this opportunity pass you by.Sincerely,John Fahey
CEO and Chairman of the Board

P.S. Support exploration and discovery by joining as a Contributing Member and help discover the next scientific breakthrough or unearthed treasure! Join now!

Mount Elias
For 125 years, the National Geographic Society has supported field-based
research, conservation, exploration and education that has provided the
world with scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that inspire people
everywhere to care about our planet. But we cannot do it alone.

A Conversation with Elizabeth Krist and Kathryn Keane and More


Conversation With
Elizabeth Krist and
Kathryn Keane

Conversation with Elizabeth Krist and Kathryn Keane

We bring together two of the forces behind the new exhibition “Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment”—Kathryn Keane, National Geographic’s vice president of exhibitions, who conceived the idea, and National Geographic magazine senior photo editor Elizabeth Krist, who curated it—to discuss the dedication of the women behind the lens.
Michael Christopher Brown
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Michael Christopher Brown

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Serendipity in

Serendipity in Maramures

Photographer Rena Effendi:
“I was happy and lucky to have found Maramureş through Kathleen’s eyes. Although I never worked with Kathleen and never met her personally, while I was traveling around small villages in Maramureş, I kept bumping into people who had known Kathleen (she had spent a few years in the area). People there are very hospitable and do not forget their visitors, especially those who come back.”

Women Vision