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BIG CHANGES to bus service beginning Sept 27 ~~ King County Metro

So, Prop1 failed and now the lives of folks who depend on Metro will forever change unless or until funds are found. The question most folks are asking is what happened to the $$ its citizens invested in Metro over the last few years, least we ask about the deal struck voted and passed between Republicans and Democrats to take away the free zone and make $$ which, was said to be a savings … we all remember what happened right … bus tickets for the homeless etc were provided for about a year …

 …. Now, there are 28 routes eliminated and counting ? Nativegrl77

Washington Transit System

CHP Washington State Banner

Anyone want to name a bridge after Tim Eyman? The song may be funny but the situation at the State Capitol is not.

The demand for transit and safer streets for bicycles and pedestrians continues to grow and yet many legislators in Olympia simply don’t seem to get it. Washington needs to fix and properly fund our current transportation system before spending money on new highways. Senator Curtis King, Co-Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, is promoting a new transportation funding proposal that will set us back decades. This new budget proposal fails to fund over $900 million worth of projects that are necessary to operate our transit system, provide street improvements for bikes and pedestrians, and address polluted water runoff associated with roads.

Our bridges are literally crumbling around us. Workers can’t get to jobs because their bus service has been cut. The new road “mega-projects” being considered in the transportation funding proposal would dramatically increase climate changing pollution and increase sprawl. The Senate transportation funding proposal is simply unacceptable.

Tell your legislator to invest in transit, pedestrian and bicycles.

Email your legislators and tell them not to support any transportation package that fails to achieve what the House Transportation Committee advanced during the regular session in April.  At a minimum, the 12 year revenue package must:

  • Authorize “local option” funding for transit systems;
  • Fund transit directly at $420 million;
  • Fund pedestrian and bicycle projects at $370 million;
  • Fund polluted runoff mitigation and control at $156 million.

We need your support to create a better future where smart investments help us and our neighbors get where we are going safely. 

Cars are our number one source of climate pollution in this state. A sustainable future demands that we have functional transit and safe streets where our children can bike and walk.  The Senate transportation package invests exactly 0 dollars in a healthy future. We need to do better.

Public polling shows over and over that Washington voters support fixing our broken roads and bridges and funding transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure more than new highways. Let your legislators know today that you do not support a transportation revenue package that won’t invest in safe and healthy communities, and doesn’t emphasize a fix-it-first approach to roads spending. Let’s ensure the transportation budget reflects our environmental values.

Take Action! Thank you for all that you do,
Tim Gould, Chair, Transportation & Land Use Committee

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AFL – CIO: Workers in the construction and transportation sectors urgently need jobs




If Speaker John Boehner and his obstructionist friends in the House of Representatives don’t pass the Senate’s bipartisan surface transportation bill by March 31, thousands of construction and transportation workers—who already have an unemployment rate of 17 percent—will be out of work.Demand a bipartisan surface transportation bill now!

It’s staggering.
More than 17 percent of construction trades workers are looking for jobs. (And in some areas of the country, it’s 20 percent, 30 percent or more.)

Meanwhile, 68,842 American bridges are deficient. More than 282 million vehicles cross those bridges every day. And many public transit systems have serious problems and are in need of critical upgrades.

Workers in the construction and transportation sectors urgently need jobs. And there’s tons of work to be done to fix our crumbling infrastructure and ensure public safety. But obstructionists in the House of Representatives—led by House Speaker John Boehner—are refusing to pass the Senate’s bipartisan surface transportation bill.

Tell House Speaker John Boehner and GOP leadership: Pass the Senate’s bipartisan surface transportation bill now.

The Senate already has done its job. A supermajority—74 out of 100 senators—came together to pass a bipartisan surface transportation bill. This two-year, $109 billion funding bill will support millions of jobs and help build and maintain safe and strong highways, roads, bridges and transit systems.

But Speaker Boehner and other House GOP leaders are holding jobs and public safety hostage while they push an extreme, partisan agenda. Their proposed legislation guts transit funding, privatizes public-sector work to reward campaign donors, kills thousands of jobs and raids the pensions of federal workers.

Although the economy is slowly getting better, construction and transportation workers cannot afford to go without work while House Republican leaders engage in power grabs.

Tell Speaker Boehner and GOP obstructionists: Stop holding jobs and public safety hostage—pass the Senate’s bipartisan surface transportation bill immediately.

Thanks for all the work you do.

In Solidarity,

Manny Herrmann
Online Mobilization Coordinator, AFL-CIO

upcoming transit fights …Julia Deak Sandler

Dear transit supporters,

I just noticed that this petition had not been taken down yet, and people were continuing to sign it. I will take it down today, but I just wanted to reassure those who were still signing that we in fact WON on this issue, and the $20 congestion reduction charge was passed, saving metro service for the next 2 years.

Nevertheless, our fight for improved, sustainable transit options and more progressive funding sources for them is far from over. Some of you replied to my last email with deep and valid concerns about the final deal that the County Council reached, which included cutting the Free Ride Zone and funding metro with a regressive $20 fee on all car owners.

If you would like to move past such regressive funding sources and increase the share of the tax burden on those who can actually afford it, consider joining one of these groups and working on this issue over the next two years:

– the fledgling Save Our Metro campaign, which is dedicated to grassroots organizing of transit riders who are not on email
– the Moveon.org Seattle Council’s transit sub-committee, which will be fighting to make sure Seattle does all it can to support transit, bike infrastructure, and sustainable transportation options (just reply to this email to sign up)
Transportation for Washington, a state-wide coalition of groups fighting to make sure our state has a progressive funding source for the transportation options that make the most sense for our planet, our health, and our communities.
FUSE Washington, which fights for more tax revenue and all kinds of public services in the state
– The NO on 1125 coalition which has been organized against Tim Eyman‘s latest attempt to derail light rail in Bellevue with Kemper Freeman’s money

You can also help from home by commenting on the conservative-biased news reports you see, such as this one in the Seattle Times today about the $60 car tab fee for Seattle residents only, which will be on the ballot in November:


thanks again for all you do, and so long.
Julia Deak Sandler