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Don’t mess with an angry librarian … Change.org

By day, Andy Woodworth is a mild-mannered librarian. By night, he’s still a librarian, just less mild-mannered.

Andy is kind of famous in the librarian community, mostly for getting the Old Spice guy to do a video about how great libraries are, and unsuccessfully campaigning to get Ben & Jerry’s to create a flavor called the “Gooey Decimal System.” (If you don’t get the pun, just ask someone ten years older.)

Oh, and now he’s using Change.org to help lead the charge in a fight against NewsCorp, one of the world’s most powerful companies.


See, more and more libraries are beginning to buy e-books, like those read on a Kindle or similar device. They’re programmed to be like normal books — lent out to one reader at a time, returned, and downloaded by another reader. It’s simple, and especially great for working parents or the disabled who have a hard time making it to a library.

But publishing giant HarperCollins (owned by NewsCorp) is trying to force libraries to only buy e-books that literally self-destruct after the 26th reader in an attempt to maximize profits.

Having to repeatedly buy the same book will be a financial and logistical disaster for libraries, one that could force a few to close their doors.

Even worse, there are signs that other publishing companies may soon follow the lead of HarperCollins, which could devastate libraries all around the world.

Some amazing librarians have launched a full boycott of HarperCollins until the decision is reversed, but they urgently need widespread support to force NewsCorp to back down.

Andy’s petition demanding an end to self-destructing e-books has a goal of 100,000 signatures — click here to add your name now:


Andy declares on his blog that “The world needs more badass librarians.” It’s true, though right now the world also needs more readers who will stand alongside them.

Thanks for doing your part,

Patrick and the Change.org team

RAN:Against all odds -Rebecca Tarbotton, Rainforest Action Network

Some days I feel like the impossible is happening right in front of my eyes. Against insurmountable odds, small groups of people really can make incredible change.

Less than a year ago—with you by our side—RAN took on the U.S. children’s publishing industry. We confronted massive, well established publishers, like Simon & Schuster and Penguin. Sure, these publishers have a couple hundred times our staff and resources—but that’s never stopped RAN from taking on a fight.

Together, we got the top eight publishers in the country to make significant commitments to protect Indonesia‘s rainforests. We are winning.

That’s the difference your support makes—and that’s why I’m asking you to show that support today by making a donation to RAN.

We’ve just got two stubborn publishers left to go in this fight—Disney and HarperCollins. Ironic that the companies that have profited from The Jungle Book and The Giving Tree are the last ones left standing in the fight to get rainforest destruction out of kids’ books. We need your support today to tackle these final contenders.

I know we’re making a difference, and I know it’s because of you. I can’t actually express just how much your support means to Rainforest Action Network and the survival of forests around the world. So I’ll just keep it simple. Thank you.

For the planet,

 Rebecca Tarbotton

Executive Director

Support RAN …they support rainforests …a message from Executive Director

A home for Indigenous communities. A sanctuary for endangered species. A priceless ecosystem.

That’s what Indonesia‘s rainforests are to me. But for unethical logging companies Asia Pulp & Paper and APRIL, these forests are nothing more than a source of cheap paper—and their bottom line is wiping out rainforests that can’t ever be replaced. We need your support today to stop this tragic destruction.

Many U.S. children’s book publishers have been using paper from these unethical companies, pitting children’s books against the survival of Indonesia’s rainforests. But, thanks to your actions and generous support, this is changing.

Already eight major publishers committed to get Indonesian rainforest destruction and human rights violations out of their supply chain. That’s major. Your support made this possible.

Disney Publishing and HarperCollins, on the other hand, have been lagging behind. Finally, last week Disney announced their new policy. Though this is a step in the right direction, their policy is terribly weak—and HarperCollins has ignored all calls to change their ways. With your support, we can push Disney and HarperCollins to go the distance to protect rainforests.


Disney’s new policy does not begin to address the rights of forest communities or really help to protect rainforests. If we can move Disney and HarperCollins, it will mean that the top ten children’s book publishers will no longer have Indonesia’s rainforests in their books, and that you and I will have shifted the status quo for an entire industry.

Just two more to go. We can do this!

Please make a generous donation today to get these major publishers on board to protect Indonesia’s rainforests.

Believe me when I say there is no time to lose in this battle. Indonesia is losing its forests at an alarming rate., If we don’t act quickly, these forests—this home, this sanctuary, this precious ecosystem—will be lost forever. Please make an urgent contribution today.


Thank you for your support,

Rebecca Tarbotton

Executive Director

Will Disney do right by rainforest​s?

Reading a bedtime story to your kids shouldn’t mean you’re contributing to the destruction of irreplaceable rainforests. Pretty obvious, right? But Disney Publishing and HarperCollins disagree.

These two publishing giants are using paper linked to Indonesian rainforest destruction to print their children’s books. We can change that.

We’re taking the fight to protect Indonesia‘s rainforests straight to the companies responsible for this tragic destruction—and we need you with us. Make a gift today to help RAN shine a spotlight on those responsible for the destruction of Indonesia’s tropical forests.

Already, you and I are having a significant impact. After months of conversations and negotiations—and good old-fashioned RAN activism—eight of the largest American book publishers have committed to get controversial Indonesian fiber out of their books.

We need your support to make sure these eight publishers do what they say they’re going to and push the last two laggards, Disney and HarperCollins, to follow suit. Donate today to support the campaign to protect Indonesia’s rainforests.


Rainforest-free paper is a readily available alternative – there’s no reason for these publishers to support the devastation of a precious and fragile ecosystem. It’s up to us to make sure Disney and HarperCollins get the message and change their ways.

Help us keep the momentum going by making a donation to stop the destruction of some of the richest tropical forests on the planet.


Every little bit helps. Your voice – and your generous support – can change the way HarperCollins and Disney do business. We’ve already had a big impact with this campaign. Only with your support can we take on—and win—ambitious fights like this. Click here to make your gift.


Let’s show them what committed activism can do and make sure this story has a happy ending. Nobody should have to choose between books and rainforests.

Thank you for all that you have done to get us this far—and all that we will do together in the future.

For the forests,

 Robin Averbeck

Rainforest Free Paper Campaign