RAN:Against all odds -Rebecca Tarbotton, Rainforest Action Network

Some days I feel like the impossible is happening right in front of my eyes. Against insurmountable odds, small groups of people really can make incredible change.

Less than a year ago—with you by our side—RAN took on the U.S. children’s publishing industry. We confronted massive, well established publishers, like Simon & Schuster and Penguin. Sure, these publishers have a couple hundred times our staff and resources—but that’s never stopped RAN from taking on a fight.

Together, we got the top eight publishers in the country to make significant commitments to protect Indonesia‘s rainforests. We are winning.

That’s the difference your support makes—and that’s why I’m asking you to show that support today by making a donation to RAN.

We’ve just got two stubborn publishers left to go in this fight—Disney and HarperCollins. Ironic that the companies that have profited from The Jungle Book and The Giving Tree are the last ones left standing in the fight to get rainforest destruction out of kids’ books. We need your support today to tackle these final contenders.

I know we’re making a difference, and I know it’s because of you. I can’t actually express just how much your support means to Rainforest Action Network and the survival of forests around the world. So I’ll just keep it simple. Thank you.

For the planet,

 Rebecca Tarbotton

Executive Director