Trees are life … from Earth Day Network

Let’s forget about carbon for one day and focus on a simple fact: trees are life. Over a billion people living in extreme poverty rely on forests to survive. They need trees to provide food, shelter, fuel, and to preserve the very fabric of their culture.

Think of Haiti. Its people rely heavily on local forests. But harsh economic realities have forced forest management to take a backseat to survival. The result: rampant deforestation, leading to devastating landslides, erosion, and floods.

Scenarios like Haitian deforestation are calls to action – it’s our duty to answer them. And we have. Using sustainable agroforestry, we planted 500,000 new trees last year to combat centuries of environmental degradation and bring life-sustaining fruit to Haitian communities.

Much work is left to be done. Frankly, we cannot do it alone. Thus, we created the Canopy Project – a people-powered campaign designed to plant a new tree for every dollar our supporters give. Let’s get to work! Will you help us plant 10,000 new trees by March 31st?

Please join the Canopy Project and defend forests where they are threatened most. We will plant a new tree for every dollar you give.

Our tree programs have brought over a million new trees to life in forests and communities around the world. We’ve enhanced thousands of lives. With your help, we can do so much more.

Maybe you can’t travel to Haiti or Mexico to plant trees, but you can still stop the decline in forests worldwide. For just one dollar, plant a tree! Contribute $50 or more to receive a t-shirt as a token of our appreciation.

Help us reach our goal of 10,000 new trees by March 31. Give to the Canopy Project and fight the global threat of deforestation.

Thank you for your amazing support! Who says you need to get your hands dirty to make a real difference?

The Team,

Earth Day Network

The Struggle in Wisconsin …

The struggle in Wisconsin is still ongoing, but MoveOn members like you have already played a pivotal role in fighting back against Governor Scott Walker‘s radical attack on workers’ rights.

Walker expected his budget bill to sail through, but instead, it’s sparked a national backlash and energized millions of people. And that’s thanks, in part, to you.

Since the fight began:

Thousands of Wisconsin MoveOn members attended the massive demonstrations in Madison, made calls to their state legislators, and sent almost 10,000 messages to Governor Walker, which protesters plastered all over the walls outside Walker’s office when he refused to accept them.

 MoveOn members contributed more than $100,000 to the Wisconsin 14, the brave Democratic state senators who left the state to prevent Republicans from jamming through Walker’s proposal—providing them a huge boost to fight back against Republican attacks.

 MoveOn members sent more than 260,000 statements of support to the Wisconsin 14. We delivered the statements—all 5,700 pages of them—to State Senator Chris Larson. He was thrilled to share them with his colleagues and posted on Facebook: “Thank you for standing with us! (And yes, people actually do get paper copies of those forms you fill out online. Thank you”

 MoveOn members nationwide contributed more than $445,000 to support the efforts to recall the Republican state senators who refuse to negotiate.  The folks running the recall report they’re off to an amazing start, beating their signature goal in the first weekend by 35%, and they’re hugely grateful for the early fundraising.

 MoveOn members held solidarity rallies in every state capital—our biggest in years, and on just four days’ notice—to say that we are all Wisconsin and we won’t stand by while Republicans try to kill the American Dream.

It’s an amazing and inspiring list. And this fight is far from over. Even if Governor Walker manages to push through his disastrous proposal, the recall efforts targeting Republicans are already off to an amazing start and several of those who support Walker could be thrown out of office as soon as June.

With similar fights happening across the country and in Washington, we’ve got a long way to go before we put the American Dream back in reach for all Americans. But Wisconsin has sparked a national uprising and given us the strength to fight back.

For the moment though, we just wanted to take the time to say thanks, for all you do.

–Daniel, Joan, Kat, Lenore, and the rest of the team

P.S. With Republicans in Washington pushing devastating federal budget cuts—to education, student loans, NPR, environmental protection, family planning, health and nutrition programs for pregnant women and small children, and more—we’re looking to highlight the stories of those who’d be affected by the cuts. If any of the Republican budget cuts would affect you or your family.

Equality is “societal suicide”?

URGENT: Late on Friday, Speaker John Boehner announced that the House Republican leadership will take the steps necessary to defend DOMA in court, a move which could result in an exorbitant waste of time and resources. It’s simply unconscionable.

We’ve sent 129,000 letters to Congress demanding a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

But right-wing extremists are outraged – and House Republicans are jumping in to defend the law.

Help win this fight.

Bordering on treason.” “An act of societal suicide.” “Fitting if it were in the Middle East in one of those dictatorships.”

When it comes to President Obama’s courageous stance against DOMA, the extreme right hasn’t been shy about how they feel. One Congressman is even calling for the impeachment of the President.

It’s clear our victory has stirred a right-wing hornets’ nest. On Friday, House Republican leaders announced a plan to defend the hateful law in court – and waste precious time and resources doing so! All this from lawmakers who promised to focus on jobs and the economy.

We’ve stood up to these ugly attacks before. And we know the next few days and weeks will be critical. We can’t stand by and let House Republican leaders use LGBT families as a political pawn – in this moment or in the future. And we must continue urging President Obama to support full marriage equality while we fight for marriage everywhere – from Maryland to Delaware to New Hampshire. I hope we can count on your support now

Less than two months after taking charge in the House, right-wing lawmakers have abandoned promises to focus on making things better for all Americans, and instead are attacking LGBT couples with newfound energy.

This isn’t about one law or one special counsel. It’s about whether our nation becomes stronger and more equal, or falls back on old prejudice and hate. So we’ve got to respond on multiple fronts:

**Keep fighting DOMA in Congress – HRC supporters like you have sent over 129,000 letters to lawmakers in the last ten days, showing that Americans oppose this hateful law.

**Stand up for marriage equality across America, working hand-in-hand with local groups to promote civil unions and marriage in places like Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, and New York – and to block attempts to go backward in states like New Hampshire or Iowa.

**Continue to make the case for supporting full marriage equality to the President. President Obama showed what a great ally he is last month – and we’re working to move him towards full-throated support for full marriage equality that will inspire a nation.

**Attempt to block every attack on equality, like the perennial effort to write discrimination into the Constitution of the United States by amending it to prohibit marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

We’re moving forward every day – but every day we’re up against new volleys of hatred. Herman Cain, a former CEO and likely 2012 presidential candidate, thinks the President’s courageous decision was bordering on treasonous. Conservative activist Alan Caruba called it an act of “societal suicide” in a column titled, “America’s Gay White House.”

And it was Tony Perkins, head of the powerful Family Research Council, who had the gall to compare President Obama’s actions to those of brutal Middle East dictators – just because the President believes all married couples should get benefits like Social Security survivorship, joint tax filing, and family and medical leave.

In the civil rights battle of our generation, we can never afford to take a step backward. That’s even truer at moments like this. Momentum is on our side – and we’ve got to seize this opportunity.

Let’s go,

Joe Solmonese


Banks coming clean

With the movement for clean energy growing stronger every day, the last thing we need is more oil pipelines. Especially when those pipelines are filled with oil from Canada’s dirty tar sands.

Citigroup doesn’t see it that way. Since 2008 Citi has raised more than $14 billion for the pipeline industry—more than any other bank. One of Citi’s biggest clients in the sector is TransCanada—the same company now proposing the infamous KeystoneXL pipeline to connect Canada’s tar sands to Gulf Coast oil refineries.

Guess what though? You can change the way bankers do business, even at Citi, just by connecting one-on-one to share your concerns.

Make a difference in all of our futures by picking up the phone today and calling a Citi banker.

This is no email petition, we’re actually putting you on the phone with the bankers who need to know about Citi’s financing of fossil fuels so they can help Citi change course.

The KeystoneXL pipeline would more than triple oil imports from the tar sands—effectively erasing the benefits of fuel efficiency standard s designed to break our crippling addiction to oil. Citi should clearly be financing our clean energy future, not outdated carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Help us contact more than 2000 Citi employees today and enlist them in creating our clean energy future. It’ll make you feel great!

For the future,

Brant Olson

Freedom From Oil Campaign Director

wicked weathered Wednesday &some News

Beware the weather is churning March Madness is heating up and the nonsense in Politics and the behavior by Politicians is getting even worse.

After then Senator Barack Obama became President, someone said the sky was falling, that Marxism and or Socialism was coming to America and we will lose our freedom … oh and that certain Muslims are not to be trusted unless they become FBI informants and or give up their rights – freedom of religion

I thought this was the 21st Century people! I find it amusing yet it brings me to tears to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe President Obama’s actions in a time when the jig is up so to speak. We all see and hear the rhetoric out there in I guess a desperate move to try and make Americans feel that “other” thing relevant again. I am hoping folks have had enough of it and can see through the Republican Tea Party for what they are and refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. If you need to get a blast from the past, engage in movements to make the tea party base scared see what the McCarthyism days were like just tune into the Peter King hearings and see what a racist who holds public office looks like. It is as if these people holding public office not only forgot the oath they took, they decided to use their positions of power to do whatever they can to alienate working American families by separating them from jobs, social services and education to name just a few things jumping around on the chopping block of the Republican Tea Party. Republicans have made a choice and it ain’t for the Middle Class.

I would like to remind anyone thinking of voting right of center in 2012 because they are not happy about the status of your own life at this very moment. After years of so-called creative accounting, procedures from Wall Street finally reared its ugly head. Life for middle America changed as we all know it and again like I keep saying the show House of cards by David Faber on CNBC was a cruel reminder and rude awaking at how greed affects the mind … a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … by who, for who and how it brought us all down …

I am definitely a part of the Democratic Party but if we have to subscribe to labels … call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time. We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink. If that is wrong, school me. Even though my question is rhetorical, think about it. What could be wrong with caring for your fellow man no matter what race, sex, creed, and or religion not just the 2% who got their bonus dollars after holding the Middle Class hostage for what about two years but still not satisfied until they destroy what America use to be about. The fact is that 2% has been and continues to wheel and deal with folks like the Koch brothers and the US Chamber of Commerce beginning or ending at the house of bush is not clear. However, it is obvious they intended to make money at the expense of all investors and the crap trickled down to Main Street.

“We the People” need to admit. It’s time for a change and if you believe in equality, it you believe in Working Families, Working Class American Workers instead of Corporate American or the Rich we all need to make sure that the Democratic Party regains control and correct the blatant BS and or mess that Republicans have made of our country.

Other News …

 **Peter King defends his hearings and will bring in other Muslims to prove it

**Libyan rebels might be losing the fight

**clashes in Tahrir square – 11 killed senselessly

**NPR CEO resigns amid tea party flap

**7.2 earthquake off coast of Japan

**41 in the Italian crime grp are being looked for

**Ben affleck talks about the horrors in Congo

**Mortgage Apps uptick to 16%, highest since June

**Suicide bombings in Pakistan killing dozens 

**hey Glee with Gwenth Paltrow was great


Senate to Vote on Competing Spending Bills

Sec. Duncan Defends FY2012 Education Budget

Capitol Hill

Hearing to Ask if Federal Workers are Underpaid

pay-for-performance system evaluated

Committee Starts to Deal with Housing Finance Reform

first in series of hearings

First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted the annual International Women of Courage Awards ceremony at the State Department. Afterwards, two award winners, a prosecutor from Afghanistan and a journalist from the East African nation of Cameroon, spoke with reporters.