UPDATE: Wisconsin Recall

Wow! Folks chipped in over $100,000 since Friday to help us recall Wisconsin Republican senators. Tomorrow, we’ll make some big decisions about how many TV, radio, and online ads we can afford. Can you chip in $3 and help us reach $150,000 by tomorrow? — Adam



This is Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson — and today, I’m heading home to Wisconsin to join the fight in person.

The last three weeks have shown what progressive strength and worker solidarity look like.

My fellow senators and I know that thousands of PCCC members in Wisconsin and across the nation have been fighting right alongside us — attending rallies, making phone calls, donating to some great TV ads, and telling your friends about the Republican war on workers.

I want to say thank you. I also want to let you know that the fight’s not over.

Republicans need to learn what accountability feels like. It’s time for Republican senators to be recalled from office.

Wisconsin Republicans brazenly stampeded over the will of the people as they engaged in their right-wing attack on workers.

They shut down the public hearings, they shut down the legislative hotline, they shut down debate in the Assembly in the middle of the night, and they tried to lock citizens out of the Capitol. And on Wednesday night, when they had their last chance at redemption, Republican senators chose to bend the rules and join Governor Walker’s war on working families.

The citizens of Wisconsin are rising up and engaging in the democratic process like never before. Recalls of the Republicans are kicking into high gear as clipboards begin to replace protest signs in neighborhoods across the state.

Governor Walker and Republican senators refused to listen to the public — but now the people will be heard all across the state at the ballot box.

Thanks again for standing with us in solidarity, and for being a bold progressive.

— Senator Chris Larson, Wisconsin’s 7th District  ( Twitter.com/ChrisJLarson)   below



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The latest on the budget fight & a link -find out what reckless Republican cuts will do to your state!

The stand-off on the budget continues.

While it looks like the deadline could be extended, the President has said from the beginning that we simply can’t do business a few weeks at a time.

At OFA, we’ve been working hard at the local level. I can tell you the Republican plan isn’t getting any prettier. It costs nearly a million American jobs — including 15,100 in Washington — and it makes drastic, politically motivated cuts to education and innovation. Click here to learn more about how the Republican plan hurts people you know.


Let’s be real — this plan is not how we’re going to win the future. President Obama has offered a budget that would reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion, but he’s said he’s not willing to go along with any plan that would hurt our economic recovery.

So, we’re keeping the pressure on Republicans to come to the table to pass a responsible budget.

You’ve already taken the first step by adding your name to the President’s call for a commonsense budget — but here’s what you can do now before we deliver each and every name to Congress: Spread the word to friends and family in Washington about exactly what the Republican plan would do.

Please pass along the email below, and ask folks to join you in making their voices heard.

Mitch and I will keep you posted as we learn more.



Yohannes Abraham

Political Director

Organizing for America


Subject: Stand up for 15,100 Washington jobs

Dear friends,

I’m writing because 15,100 Washington jobs are at risk — along with key investments in education, innovation, and infrastructure.

The President is committed to finding common ground on a budget that reduces the deficit and cuts wasteful spending, but he’s made it clear that he can’t go along with any plan that could derail our economic growth.

The current spending plan proposed by Republicans would be devastating — and you can see exactly what the Republican budget would mean for Washington: eliminating 8,000 community health center jobs, cutting Washington homeland security investments for local law enforcement by $2.2 million, and dropping 2,989 Washington children from Head Start.

Even with a deadline extension in the works, if Republicans refuse to come to the table to find a long-term solution, the government will be forced to shut down.

Check out all the consequences of the Republican plan for people in Washington — and join me in standing with President Obama for a commonsense approach to the budget:



Accountabi​lity in Wisc. a national priority

Friday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed into law a bill that strips public workers of their rights to collectively bargain after the Republican-controlled legislature rushed through the legislation. The bill also authorizes state officials to fire any state employee who joins a strike, walk-out, sit-in or coordinated effort to call in sick. While Walker maintains that the bill is necessary to solve the budget crisis, this move was purely a power grab by the GOP and its pro-corporate allies.

Two weeks ago, a blogger posing as oil billionaire and Tea Party/Republican mega-donor David Koch recorded a phone conversation with Gov. Walker. Throughout the course of the call Walker talked about various dirty tricks he and his allies had considered, from luring the Democratic Senators back to Madison with false promises of negotiation to infiltrating the mass protests with troublemakers. The Governor even seemed to indulge fantasies about busting public employee unions following President Reagan‘s example of firing more than 11,000 air traffic controllers in 1981.

The Wisconsin GOP’s attempt to pay for massive corporate giveaways that expanded the deficit on the backs of hard working people is not unique to that state. We see it in several other states and, perhaps most visibly, in the current federal budget battle going on in Congress.

We must do everything we can to defend the American Dream, to defend the middle class and to defend fundamental rights all across the United States … that struggle is embodied as clearly as it can be in the current events transpiring in Wisconsin. And that’s why Wisconsin is a battle we as Americans cannot afford to lose. That means unseating by recall election the GOP state senators who are eligible for it now and working to repeal the union-bashing law and hold Gov. Walker accountable going forward.

The response from PFAW members and activists across the country has been truly tremendous. THANK YOU to all of you who have taken action and donated. We need your help to keep the great momentum going, so please continue to spread the word and contribute what you can.

We have our work cut out for us, but with your continued support, together we will help vote out the eight Republican Wisconsin state senators eligible for recall. We’ll help reshape the state government so that this heinous attack on fundamental rights and the American Way can be overturned … and we’ll send a message to right-wing, anti-worker elected officials everywhere, as well as their corporate cronies, that Americans’ basic rights are not on the table and that there are consequences for these attacks.

Thank you for all your support at this historic moment in our nation’s story.


Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

P.S. Republican State Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald told Fox News that the bill was passed in order to dramatically weaken the clout of unions who could support President Obama’s reelection campaign in the swing state: “If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions, certainly what you’re going to find is President Obama is going to have a much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin.”

Randy Hopper, a Republican State Senator who could be recalled by voters this year, also said in an interview with Fox News, “I think there’s absolutely no question that this is an issue for 2012.”

As Republicans admit that the union-busting bill is all about punishing progressive groups and rewarding corporate backers, it is clear that the GOP’s rhetoric on “fiscal conservatism” should not be taken seriously.

P.P.S. Today, the 14 Democratic Wisconsin Senators, who showed America such a great example of progressive strength and unity, are returning to Madison in a “homecoming march” on the capitol. The move is meant to demonstrate that their return to the state is not an acknowledgement of defeat. These Senators continue to have our deepest gratitude and support.

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