Deregulation = Financial Disaster + Middle-Class Robbery …

This is not a drill. This is an emergency.

Our financial system is being attacked in Congress, and if it collapses again because of reckless greed, working people will bear the brunt. CEO-backed politicians will raid our Social Security, our Medicare and our public services to bail out the fat cats. Take action now.

Tell your members of Congress: Deregulation leads to financial crises. Don’t deregulate Wall Street and then rob working people to pay for the bailouts that will follow.

In 2008, Big Banks and Wall Street CEOs created the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. As a result, 14 million Americans still are unemployed today.

But even though unemployment is high and our economic recovery is pathetically slow and fragile, corporations are lobbying furiously to undo the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Many parts of this new Wall Street Reform Act—including a requirement that outrageous CEO pay be publicly compared with worker pay—haven’t even gone into effect yet. But already, House Republicans are siding with corporate CEOs, trying to repeal the bill piece by piece.

What’s the Big Bank/CEO/House Republican plan? Deregulate. And if the economy collapses again because of reckless greed, rob working Americans to pay for bailouts while the rich get richer.

Tell Congress to leave the Wall Street Reform Act alone—and that if deregulation leads to another financial panic, we won’t pay a dime for bailouts.

This is serious. This is the time to take action. As House Republicans pick at pieces and “provisions” of financial reform, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that deregulation brought our economy to the brink of collapse. That didn’t happen all at once, either. It happened in pieces since the 1970s. Little by little, corporations pushed their agenda, and they got away with it.

That’s why working people must push back hard when corporations and greedy CEOs lobby for even a small piece of deregulation.

Tell Congress to leave the Wall Street Reform Act alone—if deregulation leads to another financial crisis, we’ll know exactly whom to blame.

So far, this week Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have proposed repealing several important provisions of Wall Street reform, including CEO-to-worker compensation disclosure—before they even go into effect. They also want to create new loopholes in the law for private equity fund managers, companies that use derivatives, credit rating firms and companies that issue up to $50 million in securities.

The fact is, America deserves to know what CEOs make compared with their workers, and we simply cannot afford to deregulate Wall Street.

But more broadly, we can’t give an inch and allow the deregulators to bankrupt America again.

Efforts at repealing pieces of Wall Street reform are just the beginning of Wall Street thinking it can return to its old ways. We’ve got to put that notion to rest, right now.

Tell your members of Congress you oppose repealing any part of Wall Street reform, that you demand CEO-to-worker pay ratios be made public and that working people can’t afford more financial disasters.

In solidarity,

Manny Herrmann

Online Mobilization Coordinator, AFL-CIO

P.S. BREAKING NEWS: A Wisconsin judge just issued a restraining order against the recently passed bill killing public employee bargaining rights. You can read more at the AFL-CIO Now Blog.

Congress: … 3/29 -the Republican led House -the Senate 3/28

The Senate Convenes at 2:00pmET March 28, 2011

Following any leader remarks, the Senate will proceed to a period of morning business until 3pm with Senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each.

Following morning business, the Senate will resume consideration of S.493, the Small Business Jobs bill.

At 4:30pm, the Senate will proceed to Executive Session to consider Calendar #40, the nomination of Mae D-Agostino, of NY, to be US District Judge for the Northern District of NY for one hour of debate equally divided and controlled between Senators Leahy and Grassley or their designees.

At approximately 5:30pm, the Senate will proceed to a roll call vote on confirmation of the D’Agostino nomination.


46: Confirmation of the nomination of Mae D-Agostino, of NY, to be US District Judge for the Northern District of NY;

Confirmed: 88-0

This will be the last vote of the day.

Unanimous Consent:

The Senate confirmed the following nominations:

Coast Guard

Cal. 69 Brian M. Salerno, to be Vice Admiral

Cal. 70 John P. Currier, to be Vice Admiral

Cal.71 Robert C. Parker, to be Vice Admiral

Cal. 72 Manson K. Brown, to be Vice Admiral

And all nominations placed on the Secretary’s Desk in NOAA and the Coast Guard


The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on March 18, 2011 unless the House sooner receives a message from the Senate indicating its adoption of H. Con. Res. 30, in which case the House stands adjourned until March 29, 2011.

Congress’s new low …a message from Joe Solmonese

Can they sink any lower?

Speaker John Boehner and Republican House leaders have now committed taxpayer money to a morally bankrupt effort to keep the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the books.

Republican House leaders are defending DOMA in court and right-wing lawmakers have introduced an anti-LGBT resolution in the House.

But for the first time ever, we have bills in both houses of Congress to repeal DOMA.

And more than 90 U.S. representatives are wasting time on a mean-spirited resolution to reinforce DOMA by declaring same-sex couples unequal.

But here’s the catch. Our new poll shows they’re squarely at odds with a majority of Americans who think DOMA is just plain wrong.1

And starting this week, we have a new chance to fight back – now with hard data on our side.

The Respect for Marriage Act – a bill that would repeal DOMA – has just been introduced in both houses of Congress. But it won’t go anywhere unless thousands of people like you turn up the pressure on lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, starting immediately. Can you take one minute to send a letter now?

Make your voice heard. Tell Congress now is the time to toss DOMA for good.

The right-wing faction in Congress is so deeply committed to dialing back rights for LGBT Americans that nearly 100 of them are cosponsoring a resolution condemning President Obama for his brave decision last month to no longer defend DOMA in court.

As Americans struggle to recover from the recession, we just want our government to do right by us. But Republican House leaders are doing the exact opposite – committing taxpayer money and precious time to defend a law that most Americans oppose, and a social agenda that most Americans reject.

They want to continue denying loving couples the benefits of marriage. It’s outrageous – and the public doesn’t have the patience for it.

Thanks to the leadership of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Jerry Nadler, we have a way of circumventing the defense of this law by Boehner and his cronies. Together, we can end DOMA, which denies legally married same-sex couples over 1,100 protections and responsibilities – and we can do it in the exact place it was first passed in 1996.

Join us in taking a stand for LGBT families everywhere. To make the Respect for Marriage Act a reality, your representatives in Congress need to hear from you.

Tell Congress: Repeal DOMA now!

Speaker Boehner doesn’t know what he’s up against as he goes all out to defend this discriminatory law. Our fight may have only just begun, but I know we’re fighting on the right side of history.

Thank you for everything you do – and for joining us in this effort.

To repeal,

Joe Solmonese


1 A new poll from HRC and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research shows 51 percent of Americans oppose DOMA while 34 percent favor it. 54 percent of Americans want Congress to focus on jobs and only 32 percent would prefer Congress spend time defending DOMA.

Thrilled … a message from Michelle Obama

I am thrilled to make sure you are the first to hear some very exciting news. Charlotte, North Carolina, will host the 46th Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Charlotte is a city marked by its southern charm, warm hospitality, and an “up by the bootstraps” mentality that has propelled the city forward as one of the fastest-growing in the South. Vibrant, diverse, and full of opportunity, the Queen City is home to innovative, hardworking folks with big hearts and open minds. And of course, great barbecue.

Barack and I spent a lot of time in North Carolina during the campaign — from the Atlantic Coast to the Research Triangle to the Smoky Mountains and everywhere in between. Barack enjoyed Asheville so much when he spent several days preparing for the second Presidential debate that our family vacationed there in 2009.

And my very first trip outside of Washington as First Lady was to Fort Bragg, where I started my effort to do all we can to help our heroic military families.

All the contending cities were places that Barack and I have grown to know and love, so it was a hard choice. But we are thrilled to be bringing the convention to Charlotte.

We hope many of you can join us in Charlotte the week of September 3rd, 2012. But if you can’t, we intend to bring the spirit of the convention — as well as actual, related events to your community and even your own backyard.

More than anything else, we want this to be a grassroots convention for the people. We will finance this convention differently than it’s been done in the past, and we will make sure everyone feels closely tied in to what is happening in Charlotte. This will be a different convention, for a different time.

To help us make sure this is a grassroots convention — The People’s Convention — we need to hear from you. We want to know what you’d like to see at next year’s convention, how and where you plan on watching it — and the very best way we can engage your friends and neighbors.

I can’t believe it has been more than two years since my brother Craig introduced me at the 2008 Convention in Denver. It truly feels like it was yesterday.

As I looked out at a sea of thousands of supporters that night, I spoke about my husband — the man whom this country would go on to elect as the 44th President of the United States. I spoke about his fundamental belief — a conviction at the very core of his life’s work — that each of us has something to contribute to the spirit of our nation.

That’s also the belief at the core of The People’s Convention. That the table we sit at together ought to be big enough for everyone. That the thread that binds us — a belief in the promise of this country — is strong enough to sustain us through good times and bad.

Barack talked at the State of the Union of his vision for how America can win the future. That must be the focus now, and I know so many of you will help talk about our plans with your neighbors — that through innovation, education, reform, and responsibility we can make sure America realizes this vision.

But, conventions take time to plan, so please help us make sure that your thoughts and your ideas will ring all the way to Charlotte. Get started now:

Looking forward to sharing this together,


Moving Forward… Protecting Women’s Health Care Webinar

Please join us for a special webinar to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, March 24 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Register for the Moving Forward… Protecting Women’s Health Care Webinar today!

Moving Forward… Protecting Women’s Health Care Webinar

 To celebrate the one year anniversary of the health care law, we’ll be discussing the parts of the law that have already gone into effect and what provisions are yet to come. We’ll be joined by other women’s health advocates from the National Partnership for Women and Families, women sharing their stories on how the health care law is already improving their lives, and a special guest.

We hope you can join us for this important webinar!

Thank you for your continued commitment to improving the health of women and their families.


Judy Waxman

Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights

National Women’s Law Center