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tempest Tuesday &some News

just another rant …

I saw a story and video on a website called rawstory re: rep. Waters comments about President Obama to what looks like a small group of people looking to do something negative with an on camera performance. The first question I thought of is why the Democratic Party always seems to sabotage ourselves when in the majority let alone when we are not and in serious need of acting as a cohesive Political Party ready to defeat the extreme conservative right. What we all saw in 2009 was a group of lefties worried about election2010 while trying to control the message and lawmaking instead of governing with the Democratic President. I get it, the Democratic tent is huge, and so are the degrees of how left we all lean but contrary to how some not all act in this Party of and for the People. I did not vote for President Puppet and leader only when convenient as some progressive representatives seem to want. I am no expert nor do i have Political influence but having watched the Waters video repeatedly on msm at some point; it occurred to me that it looked staged for the media, which was beyond disappointing. I am still wondering … why blame President Obama for what members of Congress are supposed to do and while some folks still have that do as we say not as we do mentality that behavior has no place on the Hill especially when it is beyond critical to circle the wagons. I voted for change in 2008 and in 2012 I am hoping for a change in Congress willing to work for ALL Americans and President Obama or be kicked to the curb. The video is below …

California Rep. calls on the Black community to pressure Obama

With all due respect, to Rep. Waters; Black unemployment has been in the double digits for years. The question for me as well as some folks i know is should Rep.Waters, the CBC, and other African American members of Congress take a huge amount of responsibility for the lack of progress for Black Unemployment over the last few years. I wish people would ask Rep.Waters what she and the CBC have done for the last few years to fight for jobs to lower the ever present high unemployment numbers for minorities. I want to make sure folks know I went to the CBC website and while there seems to be a lot of things going on doing stuff the truth is unemployment numbers for people of colour have not changed that much over the last few years.  Yes, Teapublicans in Congress have made this effort to help People of Colour practically an impossibility. The notion that a Black President in the White House is the remedy to years of discrimination or the cause of current problems or that President Obama’s supposed lack of effort to make direct moves to change the status or plight of just African Americans is not only offensive it sounds slightly ignorant. To play the race card is just wrong but then that is just me. We all have our opinions. I get it though, we are not only in class warfare; the middle class is fighting for the rights of women, children and minorities of all kinds. If you stop to think, but not too long the conservative right looks to be on the wrong side of History on so many issues affecting their fellow Americans.  There are reports and rumors that most in the CBC wanted and supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 but her campaign was terrible, she said some questionable racial things and was maybe still is a hawk. I get it folks have opinions about Obama but we do not have Kings… Congress is responsible for creating and making laws… Call your member of Congress – ask them how and who they are voting for 

Americans need a Congress willing to work for everyone … for Economic Inequality hell Equality on so many levels –

 Other News

Pres. Obama Touts American Jobs Act in New Hampshire

Iran’s Nuclear Program Examined

How to Get 270 Electoral Votes

Regulators Announce Latest Bank Earnings

Conservative Groups Discuss Taxes

British Phone Hacking Inquiry Continues

President Signs Veterans Jobs Legislation

Lawmakers Look at Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Postmaster General on the Future of the Postal System

British Phone Hacking Inquiry Continues

“Super Committee” Deadline Looms

Scholars Give Deficit-Cutting Advice to “Super Committee”

Senator Tom Coburn Discusses Deficit Reduction

Monday mashup &some News …

So, two weeks without both Chambers of Congress doing the Peoples Business makes me a little unsettled. I wonder what all of us political junkies will do, the weather is very cold here, definitely not spring like and gotta say it makes me think about and I wonder how many left of center members of Congress will support the President’s Budget on camera given what happened last week on the Floors of Congress. I hear some say that they support this President but I have to say the silence from most left of center members of Congress two years ago was and still is a bit much for me as a voter who definitely will vote for Barack Obama in 2012. 

How a Bill Becomes a Law <<

When performing legislative research, it is important to understand the legislative process. The numerous steps that result in a bill becoming a law are described in this 24th edition of “How Our Laws Are Made.”

Failed Promises ?

my take on failed promises? or change to or redirection of promises?

i would say the day the system crashed was the day we all should have hit the re-set button to any campaign pledges that may need a new process to achieve a positive outcome.

Community Organizer and young Senator Obama watched from the side lines, watching, hearing and knowing the status quo had to change; no financial crisis to speak of but things probably were not as they should be so Presidential Candidate Obama had an agenda for America. It is possible some financial issues are brewing, the house of Bush was focused on the surplus, waging a couple of Wars and giving out tax breaks to what I would say were his friends at least two times.

If we compare and contrast what Bush did to what Candidate for President Obama did, he ideas, his values and visions for America not only seemed far ahead of the Republican Administration but Barack Obama’s other competitors as well. To be sure it is obvious that Barack Obama knew what he wanted to do which included changing the way things are done on the Capitol Hill, Congress. We all know that change takes a while maybe positive change takes years and so does co-operation and as months went by there are more rumblings of financial problems. As more rumors came out about a financial issue some candidates stayed quiet some said our economy was fundamentally strong while others seemed to lose it as more private meetings with candidates became the norm. The political competition, cableheads and or negative noise about candidate Barack Obama started grew stronger. face a lot of criticism from not just the Republican Party but from people from our own party putting out doubt about where he was born, was he an American and did he pal around with terrorists or those questions about his ability to bring in the vote of not only women but white women and men. As all these political debates happen the race card gets pulled out by some if not all candidates who say they want to represent all Americans. As the weeks pass more information about how bad things were started to come out and like everyone else we all started to notice that there were a lot of layoffs happening on a weekly and or monthly basis. I remember the news coverage of employees coming from corporate America companies crying and or leaving the building with boxes or their belongings. While the media dissed candidate Obama, talked about Bush being less available and McCain tells Americans that our economy is still sound and strong though it is clear by his behavior the news is bad. It is also obvious Hillary Clinton opts to say little; seemingly in such shock herself and quite rattled about the financial news of an impending Wall Street crash. It was at that moment that I along with a whole lot of other folks came to believe Hillary did not have what it takes to handle that 3am call not to mention she was engaging in some of that race card nonsense the Republicans were fully engaged in. In my opinion the fact that she even went there was offensive as a democratic candidate for President of the US of A.

In just months before Americans had to vote for President of the United States the House of Bush slowly opened the doors of pain. I believe Americans figured it out themselves long before Bush decided to come clean what with friends, relatives and or neighbors with homes suddenly leaving the area and neighborhoods were definitely emptied and the question that still haunts me is; why did they wait until the next administration was about to be put into place?

Other News …

**Storms in NC kill

**Last day for Taxes

**Japanese voters

**Japanese voters call for prime minister Naoto Kan to step down

**Libyan Rebels Battle Qaddafi Forces as Migrants Flee Misrata

**French minister under ‘attack from Taliban’

**Many dead after Nigerian election protests

**Inflation in China Poses Big Threat to Global Trade

**Libyan forces shell Misrata, 17 killed: rebels


Pakistan Foreign Minister on U.S.-Pakistan Relationshttp://c-span.org/Events/Pakistan-Foreign-Minister-on-US-Pakistan-Relations/10737420948/


A Look at Offshore Drilling and Environmental Regulationshttp://c-span.org/Events/A-Look-at-Offshore-Drilling-and-Environmental-Regulations/10737420946/  


Washington Journal Special Series: National Debt


Focus on Bi-partisan Fiscal Commission

wicked weathered Wednesday &some News

Beware the weather is churning March Madness is heating up and the nonsense in Politics and the behavior by Politicians is getting even worse.

After then Senator Barack Obama became President, someone said the sky was falling, that Marxism and or Socialism was coming to America and we will lose our freedom … oh and that certain Muslims are not to be trusted unless they become FBI informants and or give up their rights – freedom of religion

I thought this was the 21st Century people! I find it amusing yet it brings me to tears to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe President Obama’s actions in a time when the jig is up so to speak. We all see and hear the rhetoric out there in I guess a desperate move to try and make Americans feel that “other” thing relevant again. I am hoping folks have had enough of it and can see through the Republican Tea Party for what they are and refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. If you need to get a blast from the past, engage in movements to make the tea party base scared see what the McCarthyism days were like just tune into the Peter King hearings and see what a racist who holds public office looks like. It is as if these people holding public office not only forgot the oath they took, they decided to use their positions of power to do whatever they can to alienate working American families by separating them from jobs, social services and education to name just a few things jumping around on the chopping block of the Republican Tea Party. Republicans have made a choice and it ain’t for the Middle Class.

I would like to remind anyone thinking of voting right of center in 2012 because they are not happy about the status of your own life at this very moment. After years of so-called creative accounting, procedures from Wall Street finally reared its ugly head. Life for middle America changed as we all know it and again like I keep saying the show House of cards by David Faber on CNBC was a cruel reminder and rude awaking at how greed affects the mind … a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … by who, for who and how it brought us all down …

I am definitely a part of the Democratic Party but if we have to subscribe to labels … call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time. We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink. If that is wrong, school me. Even though my question is rhetorical, think about it. What could be wrong with caring for your fellow man no matter what race, sex, creed, and or religion not just the 2% who got their bonus dollars after holding the Middle Class hostage for what about two years but still not satisfied until they destroy what America use to be about. The fact is that 2% has been and continues to wheel and deal with folks like the Koch brothers and the US Chamber of Commerce beginning or ending at the house of bush is not clear. However, it is obvious they intended to make money at the expense of all investors and the crap trickled down to Main Street.

“We the People” need to admit. It’s time for a change and if you believe in equality, it you believe in Working Families, Working Class American Workers instead of Corporate American or the Rich we all need to make sure that the Democratic Party regains control and correct the blatant BS and or mess that Republicans have made of our country.

Other News …

 **Peter King defends his hearings and will bring in other Muslims to prove it

**Libyan rebels might be losing the fight

**clashes in Tahrir square – 11 killed senselessly

**NPR CEO resigns amid tea party flap

**7.2 earthquake off coast of Japan

**41 in the Italian crime grp are being looked for

**Ben affleck talks about the horrors in Congo

**Mortgage Apps uptick to 16%, highest since June

**Suicide bombings in Pakistan killing dozens 

**hey Glee with Gwenth Paltrow was great


Senate to Vote on Competing Spending Bills


Sec. Duncan Defends FY2012 Education Budget


Capitol Hill

Hearing to Ask if Federal Workers are Underpaid

pay-for-performance system evaluated


Committee Starts to Deal with Housing Finance Reform

first in series of hearings


First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted the annual International Women of Courage Awards ceremony at the State Department. Afterwards, two award winners, a prosecutor from Afghanistan and a journalist from the East African nation of Cameroon, spoke with reporters. http://c-span.com/Events/State-Department-Press-Briefings/10737420056/

TGIF …thoughts of Egypt &some News

As President Obama visits Penn State to talk on energy he will also reveal his plan to reinvest in the future to a crowd of 3ooo, he will also be holding a news conference 3pmET with Canadian PMinister, which you can watch on CSPAN … if you want to read about the visit to Penn State go to: www.centredaily.com

President Obama visited the Penn State Campus in State College, Pennsylvania and toured labs focused on energy-efficient building solutions. The President then delivered remarks on the importance of investing in innovation and clean energy to put people back to work and grow the economy. http://c-span.com/Events/President-Obama-Remarks-on-Innovation-at-Penn-State/10737419391/

It is Friday night in Egypt, Cairo ….and

The World is now watching …

The marches started in Tunisia; which gave way to Egypt and moved on to cities like Alexandria. As the protests get ramped up the violence has as well but the people of Egypt like Iran have had enough, though this revolt seems to be on a roll to the people getting an opportunity to shape their own democracy, freedoms and human rights. The President appointed a VP announced he will not run for office again yet tells the World he will see his country through until the September elections. The fact is …this just seems like a military man who not only is stubborn but unwilling to listen or do right by his own people. It has been about 11 days later, several hundred injured and at least 15 dead and it gives the viewer the idea that Mubarak would rather see his country be torn up and down than do what is right and save face. The World has been watching the physical crackdown by either Mubarak and or the new VP with orders to harass foreign media, take Cameras, and detain people in the name of safety or something else. Now, it is getting harder and harder to tell the pro-Mubarak people from the pro-democracy protestors, as it is obvious being undercover enables them to do more damage.

Remember … there is always strength in numbers

people dying for wanting to be heard, for wanting to be participants in their own futures is not new … mothers with children, older men and women and college students are coming out in droves to let the current dictators know it’s time for a change

We see a country in possible transition, definitely a movement against a dictatorship who has been President for thirty years; obviously, the votes of millions have gone uncounted. The people of Egypt are demanding to be heard and it is obvious that many know that to get the change they need and want … it means demanding to be heard and fear or fear of authority is not an option… and the possibility of death imminent.

Mubarak and or his new VP have tried to cut off all connections to the outside World, have been diverting responsibility, and obviously willing to use extreme force. The military and the police have let things go so far then they show their might with gun fire; but don’t they want personal freedom too … a change from the old ways to a more positive way of life … human rights, a chance for a better economy and a chance to be heard, to be a real participant in the process of life ….

They have a dictator who will not step down quietly has threatened and is now bringing the pain to his own people for what started out as a non-violent protest and demand for freedom and it is shameful.

The journey toward freedom is sometimes paved with danger

Pray for all those involved and hope Americans are safe

Other News …

** Top Iran leader to Mubarak… you betrayed your people-response is appropriate against his rule

**Tens of thousands still in the square of Cairo as night comes

**Folks all around the country are marking the 100yrs since RonReagan was born

**Monster storm keeps beating down on the East Coast

**Fighting between Cambodia and Thai troops near disputed temple- the Preah Vihear — on the border

**Giffords husband will go on last NASA flight 

**Senate Panel Backs Patent Overhaul Bill

**Report states FBI failed ,Fort Hood shooting

**House Repubs Propose $32Bil Cut in Fed Spending- FYI remember that is less than 1/3 of the $100Bil they promised

**Al-Jazeera’s offices torched during Egypt unrest

**Zimbabwe protesters mob aid project handover

**LA school dist cancels Chef JamieOliver’s reality shoot

**the protests in Egypt cost around $300M per day says their govt

**Dollar climbs as the job rate falls to 9%


 Journalists discussed the protests in Egypt and looked at the future implications of that uprising at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic & International Studies. Speakers include Bob Schieffer, anchor of the CBS Sunday morning program “Face the Nation,” as well as al Jazeera Arabic’s Washington Bureau Chief and the Chief Pentagon Correspondent for McClathcy Newspapers. http://c-span.com/Events/CSIS-Discussion-on-Political-Unrest-in-Egypt/10737419389/ 

With protests continuing in Egypt, and recent developments in Tunisia, the Obama administration faces a changing landscape in the Middle East. Two human rights experts and a former State Department official discussed the developments at this event hosted by Carnegie Endowment for Int’l Peace. http://c-span.com/Events/Carnegie-Endowment-for-Int39l-Peace-Discussion-on-Political-Unrest-in-Egypt/10737419396/

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-ME) spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill about the latest report on the Fort Hood shootings. The report blames the army and the FBI for not doing enough to prevent the 2009 shootings which killed 13 people. http://c-span.com/Events/News-Conference-on-Fort-Hood-Shootings/10737419394/

Iraq U.S. Forces Commander General Lloyd Austin and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey gave an upbeat assessment on the transition in the country from a military mission to a civilian-led effort at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. They appeared before the committee to answer questions about a 2008 agreement between the U.S. and Iraq that calls for all U.S. troops to withdraw from the region by the end of this year. According to a Senate Foreign Relations Committee report released recently, American diplomats and other mission employees may not be safe in Iraq if the U.S. military leaves by the deadline. http://c-span.com/Events/Senate-Armed-Services-Cmte-Hearing-on-Policy-Toward-Iraq/10737419393/

The Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on U.S. economic recovery efforts. This is one of a series of hearings the Committee held on the U.S. economy and the federal budget. President Obama is scheduled to release his federal budget proposal to Congress later this month, which will kick off the budget process for the federal government’s fiscal 2012. Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) chairs the committee http://c-span.com/Events/Senate-Budget-Cmte-Hearing-on-Economic-Recovery/10737419388/