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Marxism? Socialism? what ism are you?

beaseedforchangestickersGREENIt’s another rant …

So, is anyone else finding it almost amusing to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe the actions comments and stance of candidates of the democratic party in a time when this government is seemingly in a  kleptocracy moment while living a kakistocracy with a wannabe autocratic tendencies…

trump, is NOT popular and lost that vote by approximately 3Million  and the plan to change America was set a while back and it appears or seems Mcconnell and the other republicans like paul ryan were waiting for their chance …. and if you remember ryan’s comments, he said something about how he has been waiting for a “Unified republican government”.  Thing is, no one really wanted that acting gig until the birther grabbed us by the …bleep and while setting all our government agencies on fire, the rule of law, regular order, and norms being replaced with dic-tator wannabe behavior.  NOW, we need to trust the Democratic Party because our morality seems at risk each day in the hands of republicans! This makes you think back to at least POTUS41 … Not too long you’ll get sick but then reality steps in as POC continue to be targeted, police seem triggered more than ever and the problem of a certain group of males continues to gain access to guns hurting others and in most cases, themselves and that is a shame. We have more schools on lockdown, several babies have died; there are now lockdown drills, some states have given teachers guns yet, another mass shooting occurs but nothing changes. There was a case of a teacher threatening to shoot her students having just had training… It makes you wonder what could go wrong and sadly more unarmed black men and women are dying or are dead!

So, the whole thoughts prayers, etc are NOT enough in this era of trump

The idea that an activist is actually run over and some states decide to pass red flag laws but can’t improve background checks are amazingly offensive.   We should all know that even folks belonging to the NRA think better background checks are reasonable but the gun industry is very strong and so when its fav pr organization says to jump many rs and most do jump … though in this era of trump many many instances of violence have erupted, it also will be a timeline few will want to remember in the new year of 2021

We have to remember the bush timeline, aside from the obvious is sad; the guy acted impetuously then drove our economy into a ditch literally while Wall Street’s “creative accounting procedures” finally came to an ugly head. There was once an epic documentary called  House of cards by David Faber on Cnbc. It was a cruel reminder and or an awakening at how greed affects the mind; it was a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … for whom, by whom and how it (they) brought all of us down with them knowing the Government would pay for it all along …

Unfortunately, the current trump unreality show doesn’t look at all like the one we watched shortly after our financial system collapsed because this is a moment in time when the question below isn’t so far fetched …  or worse a dystopian society? 

Are You having an existential crisis?

The existential crisis is something many people may face at one point or another in their lives when the world seems to become less meaningful and purposeful. People may question the inner logic of social systems, of their religion, of everything they have once held true, and they do so while becoming much more conscious of the brevity of life.

What is an existential issue?

Quite simply, are issues that have to do with the plight of human existence, with the meaning of life, and what meaning, if any, our lives have.

trump has definitely set off a cause and effect with certain behaviors of human nature

… is anyone else questioning their inner selves? hoping trump supporters are; on what it means to affirm one’s own individual personal  choices and consequences for such choices …and yes in this current hostile environment living an authentic life is important but at risk

If we have to subscribe to labels … idk call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time.  I also believe in capitalism but only with a lower case c …   We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink; school me …what can be wrong with caring for all of the people of the US … not just the one percent… especially since that one percent has been wheeling and dealing;  and that attitude about prosperity trickling down to Mainstreet is still bs .  You have to admit it is time for a change.

Obama was not a socialist or a Marxist … he was is a centrist, a person whose political opinions are not extreme: a person whose beliefs fall between those of liberals and conservatives … Question is what do trump supporters call him now?


Observation …. word of the day

Word of the day is all about the act of observation …and a rant

I have to ask everyone who is taking the time to read this —at what point will the various cable and main stream stations do the right thing and stick to the truth instead of skewing it to make the current government look sane -stop trying to sway voters and report the news…This stuff is NOT normal

After days and weeks of offensive down right discriminatory comments coming from Politicians already in office, folks running for office, even some pundits are riding on the edge of truth but the reality is – this kind of rhetoric,  this fear mongering could quite possibly put our democracy at risk.

The only solution is to End the #trumpTrifecta yes, midterm2018matters

Compare and Contrast all the things that the Obama2010admin as well as Congress managed to achieve despite the Republican Tea Party.

Observe and analyze who what when and why things have not improved as some out there on the left want and then remind them  what people said … that a President that goes too far left of center is not representing all Americans. The truth is most people “most” used to be moderate and expect the President to be not just moderate but bipartisan; until Obama! And while folks on the right said one thing and did another on the floor of congress and btw this is standard republican behavior no matter who is in office, it makes you wonder if taking a hard left is the only way to solve and get the People’s Business done and back on track.

Then reality comes back and we have to remember the Democratic Party is made up of a huge tent with various degrees of democratic ideology and going or taking that hard left was not only a mission impossible but possibly no one was or is ready for.  The 2010-2013 Republican Tea Party were united no matter what their colleagues said or did,  the Democratic party on the other hand seem to fight to get good legislation on the floor of the Senate ,debate it to make progress in the move toward the 21st Century living. We all know our ability to move forward is being held hostage by the Republican Party having turned full out trumpNation until they can ruin our recovering economy of all “it’s Obama” stamp. I hope my worry is your worry, that we will have no place to go or anyone to help if in fact we fall into a deep recession … again!

I have to say my Observation of “the Media” … is not just giving Republicans more airtime but seemingly those folks know who is buttering their paychecks so the fair and balanced slogan when describing the news is just a joke now.

We must remember what happened in 2008! Yes, Congress goes through change, but the era of trump is at hand. Now, more than ever we need main stream media to provide on a daily basis information on the failure of the house of bush, the deficit he left and finding out that Wall Street, Oil and the Banks as well as AIG made bets not only with the people’s money but against us – you would think some would understand that after years of corruption it might take years to make all the corrections given the fact that some parts needed to make the fix are being held hostage by Republicans.  I am no expert but people need to compare their own budgets to what happened in 2008 then estimate your recovery time…  and realize any correction will take a long time especially since folks on the right were able to downsize/block or stall most of the financial fixes in the Senate.  So, voters need to take a real look at the spending that team trump is engaged in and call him out.

The Democratic Party needs to get our arses out to vote.

Mitdterm2018 is a pivotal moment and if we really want change; Not Autocratic change, we need to urge all protected classes to make sure they vote. It has become apparent that some folks do not understand why the process of change cannot and should NOT be done by only the POTUS but Congress in both Chambers as separate branches of our government needs to do the work of the people.  While it is obvious, the House is definitely representing $$$$ the Senate faces obstacles and the only solution is getting truer Dems on the floor of the Senate. We must make sure our Nation is NOT sliding into an autocratic nation to which some of trump supporters have expressed as a good change? Come on!?

President Obama did the best he could with what the last admin left him and again it took a long time to get to an improved 2017 but it seems team trump has not only stripped away the Obama legacy it has hurt Americans in ways that probably won’t be fully felt until 2019.  We are witnessing those on the right who choose to provoke trump fear; lately that has turned into action by those feeling certain TV or radio personalities were giving them subliminal instructions to act against those who support the Democratic Party ,Muslims, Black and Brown folks and Jews. That has got to stop; it would be even better if “the Media” would stop giving folks on the right passes when they make outrageous, racist, xenophobic exclusionary comments…we hear it from Fox News but now cable stations, depending on the day or hour seem to take a hard right and has this viewer wondering where the money is coming from, supporting the more extreme view on our airwaves? But then again Sinclair Broadcasting is another animal doing its best to alter the facts and reality of our daily lives.  What we are seeing by some reporters, pundits, and talking heads  are of engaging in the dance of “News manipulation” which is a sad representation of what real journalists, reporters and commentators used to be … What hashtag #FreePress means and meant to our founding fathers …lol

If you are trying to figure out exactly how we got into this mess?  Remember that once fabulous video “House of Cards” by David Faber…on CNBC… but I don’t believe it’s still available

What have you Observed?



Monday mashup & some News

my rant …I find it amusing to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe President Obama’s actions in a time when the jig is up so to speak. The Republican Tea Party plans to reinvent America on the backs of the Middle and Lower Classes, yet our professional left keeps telling the public he might as well be a republican. While i totally disagree I don’t have the same platform as this seemingly wishy washy group. I hope everyone who is in for the 2012 listens to the President lay out the Budget he wants, expect it to hurt some and then goes forth to let everyone know what is fact fiction and what the word compromise does or can do for America 

The facts about what actually got us into a downward spiral toward a complete economic crash need reiteration constantly. I have to say that is offensive by itself but when our President has to go through this nonsense almost on a daily basis without support by our own political party It makes me wonder what kind of BS is going on behind closed doors. The Democratic Party should meet, come up with a strategy instead of subscribing to everyone for themselves attitude or at least try. I personally did not see any kind of solidarity and that is why “We the People” lost the House of Representatives. The Democratic Party, upon the beginning Session of Congress of President Obama seemed to have been completely distracted by the November midterms, got barely a thing done and or ran from him when he needed support. The filibusters, reduction in JOB bills, amendments no one in good faith could vote on has made this voter lose confidence in whatever fight we can be sure this Democratic Party is going to engage in or is willing to put up in good conscious for Americans against those who are not paying their fair share.

If you need a reminder, shorter version is that Wall Street’s creative accounting procedures finally came to an ugly head. To get the full story you definitely need to watch the video”: House of cards” by David Faber on Cnbc. It is, was, and continues to be a cruel reminder and or a rude awakening at how greed affects the mind and actions of some who feel above the law. It is a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took and explained in detail who engaged in such awful behavior and how it (they) brought all of us down with them. If we have to subscribe to labels, call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time. We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink. I might be a part of a small percentage of folks so school me; what could be wrong with caring for ALL of the people in our country and not just the top 2%.

The fact is our top 2% has money to throw around and yes some of these folks do create jobs but most who call themselves CEO’s continue to outsource jobs. The rich and the Republican Tea Party have been wheeling and dealing with the countries money since the house of bush walked into a surplus left by Clinton. Then they proceeded to wage 2Wars gave out 2Tax breaks and the only thing that trickled down to main street was pain,bankruptcy and more pain … gotta admit it’s time for a change but it can only happen if our President has support from our Democratic members of Congress to help and this voter is beginning to wonder.

Obama is neither a socialist nor a Marxist okay and contrary to the noise coming from the professional left, this President is not a Republican either but then we have the professional left to help folks lean further right with all this rhetoric … sigh

Other News …

**President Obama will let Americans know what his take on the Budget should be

**Stocks …higher with corporate deals continuing to take place


**More earthquakes in Japan, the latest today was 6.6

**The french finally capture Gbagbo

**A french woman defies burqa ban

**Powerful yakuza boss released from prison

**Libyan rebels protest over African Union peace misison

**Is the PaulRyam Budget plan a great target for President Obama?

**Palin supports Trump on Birther issue

**Americans are cutting back on driving

**Long Island serial killer taunts ..says he is not done

**Britney & Rhianna team up for S/M remix

*Tornadoes come thru more storms coming thru Midwest



 Congress takes up spending agreement, 2012 budget this week

President to address Deficit on Wednesday


Aspen Institute Looks at the State of Race in America

All day conference


Wartime Contracting Commission on NGOs and PRTs


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Robert McDowell (R) discuss proposed deal between AT&T and T-Mobile, Congressional efforts on the FCC’s net neutrality regulations, the Commission’s efforts on broadband expansion and demands for broadcast spectrum not only for wireless devices but also for emergency communications. http://c-span.org/Events/FCC-Commissioner-Robert-McDowell-R/10737420797/    

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters in Brussels that any cease-fire in Libya must be credible and verifiable. He was responding to questions about the African Union’s recent negotiations in Libya. He also said that Gadhafi’s regime has announced cease-fires before but they have never been implemented. http://c-span.org/Events/NATO-News-Conference-on-Libya/10737420820/

wicked weathered Wednesday &some News

Beware the weather is churning March Madness is heating up and the nonsense in Politics and the behavior by Politicians is getting even worse.

After then Senator Barack Obama became President, someone said the sky was falling, that Marxism and or Socialism was coming to America and we will lose our freedom … oh and that certain Muslims are not to be trusted unless they become FBI informants and or give up their rights – freedom of religion

I thought this was the 21st Century people! I find it amusing yet it brings me to tears to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe President Obama’s actions in a time when the jig is up so to speak. We all see and hear the rhetoric out there in I guess a desperate move to try and make Americans feel that “other” thing relevant again. I am hoping folks have had enough of it and can see through the Republican Tea Party for what they are and refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. If you need to get a blast from the past, engage in movements to make the tea party base scared see what the McCarthyism days were like just tune into the Peter King hearings and see what a racist who holds public office looks like. It is as if these people holding public office not only forgot the oath they took, they decided to use their positions of power to do whatever they can to alienate working American families by separating them from jobs, social services and education to name just a few things jumping around on the chopping block of the Republican Tea Party. Republicans have made a choice and it ain’t for the Middle Class.

I would like to remind anyone thinking of voting right of center in 2012 because they are not happy about the status of your own life at this very moment. After years of so-called creative accounting, procedures from Wall Street finally reared its ugly head. Life for middle America changed as we all know it and again like I keep saying the show House of cards by David Faber on CNBC was a cruel reminder and rude awaking at how greed affects the mind … a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … by who, for who and how it brought us all down …

I am definitely a part of the Democratic Party but if we have to subscribe to labels … call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time. We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink. If that is wrong, school me. Even though my question is rhetorical, think about it. What could be wrong with caring for your fellow man no matter what race, sex, creed, and or religion not just the 2% who got their bonus dollars after holding the Middle Class hostage for what about two years but still not satisfied until they destroy what America use to be about. The fact is that 2% has been and continues to wheel and deal with folks like the Koch brothers and the US Chamber of Commerce beginning or ending at the house of bush is not clear. However, it is obvious they intended to make money at the expense of all investors and the crap trickled down to Main Street.

“We the People” need to admit. It’s time for a change and if you believe in equality, it you believe in Working Families, Working Class American Workers instead of Corporate American or the Rich we all need to make sure that the Democratic Party regains control and correct the blatant BS and or mess that Republicans have made of our country.

Other News …

 **Peter King defends his hearings and will bring in other Muslims to prove it

**Libyan rebels might be losing the fight

**clashes in Tahrir square – 11 killed senselessly

**NPR CEO resigns amid tea party flap

**7.2 earthquake off coast of Japan

**41 in the Italian crime grp are being looked for

**Ben affleck talks about the horrors in Congo

**Mortgage Apps uptick to 16%, highest since June

**Suicide bombings in Pakistan killing dozens 

**hey Glee with Gwenth Paltrow was great


Senate to Vote on Competing Spending Bills


Sec. Duncan Defends FY2012 Education Budget


Capitol Hill

Hearing to Ask if Federal Workers are Underpaid

pay-for-performance system evaluated


Committee Starts to Deal with Housing Finance Reform

first in series of hearings


First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted the annual International Women of Courage Awards ceremony at the State Department. Afterwards, two award winners, a prosecutor from Afghanistan and a journalist from the East African nation of Cameroon, spoke with reporters. http://c-span.com/Events/State-Department-Press-Briefings/10737420056/


Featured pix/poster is “Freedom Riders” Could You get on the Bus? … a documentary by Stanley Nelson who btw received a WGA nomination –

Most of us now know that the RTP lie called …the Pledge to America was a document that House Republican Tea Party ran on clearly was a bunch of BS people; folks need to open up their eyes.

The word of the week …or in a word that true Republican Tea Party members can understand -Turncoat

A Person Who Changes Uniforms During Wartime To Appear As If They Are On Your Side. Could Also Be Someone Who’s Not Really Your Friend But Are Only Trying To get Information For Your Enemy

Though the mystery of our birds and fish dying en masse is still -a mystery, it is also spreading into other countries such as Brazil and Sweden.  It worries me but hey that’s just me.  There is a storm a coming to the NYC area folks so get off the roads and stay safe at home.  I just heard the employment numbers and some good news to report … about 103,000 – 145,000 jobs were added to the system and the unemployment number is between 9.4 – 9.7. I say that because the reports on the radio varied. In other good news Ted Williams …the voice has a second chance to use his vocals to make a living having been homeless for a while. I am quite sure the reports from various news and or entertainment shows are leaving out details … I just feel he had a job or two using his voice but things got bad then ugly and homeless etc. and now is a rags to riches story maybe, but he needs real community support and I hope that whoever tries to help knows that.

Today, there was a vote to see if the RTP could move H.Res.26 forward which would repeal the new health care law that covers our elders, women ,people with preexisting conditions and those with children under 26 could be covered, which is a relief if you have an active kid who happens to have some issues but … with a test vote or vote to move H.Res. 26 forward to repeal HCR  passed with Yeas 236-182Nays.  It is sad that 4 democrats voted with the Republican Tea Party, 2Republicans voted Present -Sessions&Fitzpatrick but then i read 15 members of  the House did not vote ? 7Republicans – 8Democrats and that was disturbing … did they opt out, did they refuse or were they absent? The final vote is next week sometime as the House adjourned until the 11th of January.

A vote on H.Res. 27  which, I have to say is a vague if not totally confusing Resolution to me is described as >>( H. Res. 27): Relating to the status of certain actions taken by Members-elect …includes 27 Democrats for it-as quoted from the actual session, ” On agreeing to the resolution Agreed to by recorded vote … 257 – 159, 3 Present (Roll no. 11).

is your House member of Congress listed here and if so maybe you ought to call them …

just sayin

Barton (TX)
Carson (IN)

Davis (IL)

Smith (NE)
Wilson (FL)

While it is unfortunate that the guy we now have to call Speaker is Rep. John Boehner; he came right out and not only announced they want to repeal HCR, Wall Street Reform, investigate all things President Obama they have promised a lot even an open Congress but walked that back with comments that not on all amendments and has said nothing, nothing about creating jobs. The last few days and or months; say, since the 2008 elections we have been bombarded with crazy talk  from the right and while we may gasp at all or most of what they throw out at us. It should open the eyes of all that have been trying to decide which side of the aisle they should be on.

The first week the Republican Tea Party claimed control of the House they had two members blow-off the swearing in process to party at some venue, made up new rules that include keeping the Democratic Party from participating, stripped out honesty and transparency while telling Americans they want a more open Congress. They also took away voting rights to 6delagates from Guam, Puerto Rico, Dist. of Columbia, American Samoa, five are Democrats and all come from places that are mostly of Brown/Black people,  spent 1.1 million reading the Constitution, had a birther yell out when our beloved John Lewis was reading the 14th Amendment which was not just offensive but it’s clear the Republican Tea Party still has members that insist on behaving rude and ugly. They have decided to vote for repealing health care sometime next week. In addition, the Republican Tea Party made up the cut and go rule which says all spending increases need to be offset with spending cuts, but more tax cuts for the wealthy can be simply added to the deficit. WaPo

The Financial reform bill should move us all beyond Wall Street to get Every Street fixed with the somewhat watered down bill along with the new appointment of Elizabeth Warren. The Bush Administration did let We the People down by avoided reforming and or regulating anything financial.  We all know that anything financial finally needed to be repaired and reintroduced so that it functioned  correctly not corruptly and President Obama was able to get some in Congress to see and accept the idea and step up to the plate and got it done. Though President Obama has gotten things done the Administration is not getting the credit in this nasty climate; what seems to be louder and even noisier is the trash that Republicans keep talking.

it is clear to me Republican talk is cheap.

Other News …

**Schilling’s video game company to open up shop in RI by May

**Holiday gave Mass retailers a big lift

**Gates wants to cut Billions in defense –

**President Obama names Sperling head of National Economic Council

**Geithner warns Congress, raise debt limit to avoid national catastrophe

**Bernanke feels recovery is finally happening

**Rudy thinks he has another chance at being President …dmml

**Gov. Rick Scott denies flip-flop on Fl.gambling says he wont be making any more flight plans public when using his private jet for state business …hmmm and defended paying high salaries to some staffers


Congressional Black Caucus Swearing In Ceremony
Wednesday     Washington, DC

Forty-three members of the Congressional Black Caucus participated in a ceremonial swearing-in event on Capitol Hill in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center.  Incoming CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), Outgoing CBC Chairman Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Incoming House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as well as Incoming Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) made remarks at the event hosted by The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

More Info »

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) spoke to reporters outside the Senate Chamber and said there is “lots and lots of support” in the Democratic Caucus for changing the Senate’s filibuster rules. Senator Reid also said that Republican House leaders should accept that the health care law is not going to be repealed and put their energies toward more productive matters.

More Info »

Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen spoke to reporters at the Pentagon to discuss efficiencies initiatives in the Department of Defense.  Secretary Gates outlined tens of billions in potential savings within the existing Pentagon budget.  It’s part of an ongoing effort to slow the growth of defense spending.

More Info »

Senate Democratic leaders sharply criticized new rules passed by the Republican House majority. Senate Democratic Vice Chairman Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said the new rules will have the effect of greatly increasing the federal budget deficit.

More Info »

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) spoke with the press on Capitol Hill about their agenda.  The two House leaders discussed a bill that would cut the House’s operating budget, repealing the health care law and responded to reporters’ questions.

More Info »

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spoke with reporters following a meeting with his fellow Republicans at the Capitol. Senators are currently negotiating changes to the filibuster rules, which currently require 60 votes for cutting off debate on legislation and Executive Branch nominees. Senator McConnell was joined by other members of the Republican leadership.

More Info »

The House Rules Committee worked late into the evening to finish its report on the rules that will regulate the debate process for next week’s health care debate. Republican leaders are now set to bring the rules package up on the House floor tomorrow for a vote.

More Info »