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Marxism? Socialism? what ism are you?

beaseedforchangestickersGREENIt’s another rant …

So, is anyone else finding it almost amusing to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe the actions comments and stance of candidates of the democratic party in a time when this government is seemingly in a  kleptocracy moment while living a kakistocracy with a wannabe autocratic tendencies… trump, is NOT who folks voted for and the plan to change America was set a while back and it appears or seems Mcconnell and the other republican cronies have been waiting for their chance  …. thing is, no one really wanted the acting gig until the birther grabbed us by the …bleep and while setting all our government agencies on fire, the rule of law, regular order on fire NOW we need to trust the Democratic Party because our morality seems at risk each day in the hands of republicans! This makes you think back to at least POTUS41 … Not too long you’ll get sick but then reality steps in as POC continue to be targeted, police seem triggered, the problem of a certain group of males continue to gain access to guns hurting others and in most cases, themselves and that is a shame. We have more schools on lockdown, several babies have died; there are now lockdown drills, some states have given teachers guns yet, another mass shooting occurs but nothing changes. There was a case of a teacher threatening to shoot her students having just had training… what could go wrong and sadly more unarmed black men and women are dying or dead and so the whole thoughts prayers etc are NOT enough. The idea that an activist is actually run over and some states decide to pass red flag laws but can’t improve background checks are amazingly offensive.   We should all know that even folks belonging to the nra think better background checks are reasonable but the gun industry is very strong and so when its fav pr organization says to jump many rs and most have do … though in this era of trump many many instances of violence have erupted and will be a timeline few will want to remember in the new year of 2020

Remembering the bush timeline aside from the obvious is sad; the guy acted impetuously then drove our economy into a ditch literally while Wall Street’s “creative accounting procedures” finally came to an ugly head. There was once an epic documentary called  House of cards by David Faber on Cnbc. It was a cruel reminder and or an awakening at how greed affects the mind, it was a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … for whom, by whom and how it (they) brought all of us down with them knowing the Government would pay for it all along … Unfortunately, the current trump unreality show doesn’t look at all like the one we watched shortly after our financial system collapsed because this is a moment in time when the question below isn’t so far fetched …  or worse a dystopian society? 

Are You having an existential crisis?

The existential crisis is something many people may face at one point or another in their lives when the world seems to become less meaningful and purposeful. People may question the inner logic of social systems, of their religion, of everything they have once held true, and they do so while becoming much more conscious of the brevity of life.

What is an existential issue?

quite simply, are issues that have to do with the plight of human existence, with the meaning of life, and what meaning, if any, our lives have.

trump has definitely set off a cause and effect with certain behaviors of human nature … is anyone else questioning their inner selves? hoping trump supporters are!

on what it means to affirm one’s own individual personal  choices and consequences for such choices …and yes in this current hostile environment living an authentic life is important but at risk

If we have to subscribe to labels … idk call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time who also believes in capitalism but only with a lower case c … We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink; school me …what can be wrong with caring for all the people of the US … not just the one percent… especially since that one percent has been wheeling and dealing; starting from the house of bush and trickled down to Mainstreet .  You have to admit it is time for a change.

Obama was not a socialist or a Marxist … he was is a centrist, a person whose political opinions are not extreme: a person whose beliefs fall between those of liberals and conservatives … Question is what do trump supporters call him now?


Monday mashup & some News

my rant …I find it amusing to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe President Obama’s actions in a time when the jig is up so to speak. The Republican Tea Party plans to reinvent America on the backs of the Middle and Lower Classes, yet our professional left keeps telling the public he might as well be a republican. While i totally disagree I don’t have the same platform as this seemingly wishy washy group. I hope everyone who is in for the 2012 listens to the President lay out the Budget he wants, expect it to hurt some and then goes forth to let everyone know what is fact fiction and what the word compromise does or can do for America 

The facts about what actually got us into a downward spiral toward a complete economic crash need reiteration constantly. I have to say that is offensive by itself but when our President has to go through this nonsense almost on a daily basis without support by our own political party It makes me wonder what kind of BS is going on behind closed doors. The Democratic Party should meet, come up with a strategy instead of subscribing to everyone for themselves attitude or at least try. I personally did not see any kind of solidarity and that is why “We the People” lost the House of Representatives. The Democratic Party, upon the beginning Session of Congress of President Obama seemed to have been completely distracted by the November midterms, got barely a thing done and or ran from him when he needed support. The filibusters, reduction in JOB bills, amendments no one in good faith could vote on has made this voter lose confidence in whatever fight we can be sure this Democratic Party is going to engage in or is willing to put up in good conscious for Americans against those who are not paying their fair share.

If you need a reminder, shorter version is that Wall Street’s creative accounting procedures finally came to an ugly head. To get the full story you definitely need to watch the video”: House of cards” by David Faber on Cnbc. It is, was, and continues to be a cruel reminder and or a rude awakening at how greed affects the mind and actions of some who feel above the law. It is a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took and explained in detail who engaged in such awful behavior and how it (they) brought all of us down with them. If we have to subscribe to labels, call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time. We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink. I might be a part of a small percentage of folks so school me; what could be wrong with caring for ALL of the people in our country and not just the top 2%.

The fact is our top 2% has money to throw around and yes some of these folks do create jobs but most who call themselves CEO’s continue to outsource jobs. The rich and the Republican Tea Party have been wheeling and dealing with the countries money since the house of bush walked into a surplus left by Clinton. Then they proceeded to wage 2Wars gave out 2Tax breaks and the only thing that trickled down to main street was pain,bankruptcy and more pain … gotta admit it’s time for a change but it can only happen if our President has support from our Democratic members of Congress to help and this voter is beginning to wonder.

Obama is neither a socialist nor a Marxist okay and contrary to the noise coming from the professional left, this President is not a Republican either but then we have the professional left to help folks lean further right with all this rhetoric … sigh

Other News …

**President Obama will let Americans know what his take on the Budget should be

**Stocks …higher with corporate deals continuing to take place


**More earthquakes in Japan, the latest today was 6.6

**The french finally capture Gbagbo

**A french woman defies burqa ban

**Powerful yakuza boss released from prison

**Libyan rebels protest over African Union peace misison

**Is the PaulRyam Budget plan a great target for President Obama?

**Palin supports Trump on Birther issue

**Americans are cutting back on driving

**Long Island serial killer taunts ..says he is not done

**Britney & Rhianna team up for S/M remix

*Tornadoes come thru more storms coming thru Midwest



 Congress takes up spending agreement, 2012 budget this week

President to address Deficit on Wednesday


Aspen Institute Looks at the State of Race in America

All day conference


Wartime Contracting Commission on NGOs and PRTs


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Robert McDowell (R) discuss proposed deal between AT&T and T-Mobile, Congressional efforts on the FCC’s net neutrality regulations, the Commission’s efforts on broadband expansion and demands for broadcast spectrum not only for wireless devices but also for emergency communications. http://c-span.org/Events/FCC-Commissioner-Robert-McDowell-R/10737420797/    

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told reporters in Brussels that any cease-fire in Libya must be credible and verifiable. He was responding to questions about the African Union’s recent negotiations in Libya. He also said that Gadhafi’s regime has announced cease-fires before but they have never been implemented. http://c-span.org/Events/NATO-News-Conference-on-Libya/10737420820/