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U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

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05/21/2013 03:41 PM EDT
LL Bakery Inc. of Torrance, CA is recalling all White Farm Enriched White Bread, Butter Farm Enriched White Bread, and Italian Cream Danish because product labels fail to declare the allergen “milk”, in the whey powder listed in their ingredient statements. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of a life threatening allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, that requires immediate medical attention should they consume these products.

EU Special Offer — Amazing Climate Law!


Europe has just launched a ground breaking new climate law that radically reduces carbon pollution by forcing all airlines to pay for emissions. But China’s top-fliers are refusing — and threatening to spark a trade war!

 This ambitious law is like taking 30 million cars off the road each year! It is a huge step forward for our climate. But China’s top three airlines, who together make $3.5 billion in annual profits, are shamefully arguing that it will seriously damage business. In fact, even in the worst case scenario it would mean between a $3 – $10 passenger fee.  30% of their business is global and they want more. If enough of us urge them to put our planet before their extortionate profits, we could convince them to comply.

Let’s show these jet-setters how important public reputation is in global business and appeal to China’s new-found image as a country serious about combating climate change. Sign the petition now and share this with everyone — when we reach 500,000 signatures, we’ll deliver it to the companies with a big splash:


Aviation is the fastest-growing source of carbon pollution in the world — it already accounts for more carbon emission than the entire economy of the UK which in and of itself is the world’s 10th biggest carbon polluter. Europe’s new law requires airlines to reduce emissions under the carbon trading system — it’s the only law that effectively combines economic incentive with legal obligation to put the brakes on this industry’s rampant pollution.

But China’s largest airlines are trying to dodge their responsibility, instead spreading false rumours that the rules mean exorbitant costs for both them and their passengers. The truth is airlines that reduce their emissions will make money from fuel saving initiatives. And even those that don’t clean up their ways and instead pass the costs along to passengers are unlikely to feel it — a flight from Beijing to London would cost an additional $1.53 — hardly noticeable compared to ticket prices and other hidden fees we all pay.

Last year US airlines tried to challenge the law with a shady lawsuit and were struck down in EU courts. There’s no reason why record-breaking profitable airlines can’t comply with an affordable climate-saving law. Let’s protect it and fight this latest Chinese threat with people power. These image-conscious airlines won’t be able to ignore our 500,000 strong outcry. Sign this urgent petition now and send it to everyone:


The stakes have never been so high in our struggle to stop catastrophic climate change — we must propel every carbon-reducing measure and multiply it. China, as the world’s biggest investor in clean energy, has the power to pull the world onto the right path. Let’s demand that it’s government and businesses support this crucial EU leadership and comply with the law.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Iain, Alice, Allison, Ricken, Wen-Hua, Wissam and the rest of the Avaaz team


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…despite Teapublicans the employment numbers look good for NOV. -Let’s turn seasonal work into JOBs

Employers added 206,000 private-sector jobs in November

By msnbc.com news services

Private employers added 206,000 jobs in November, according to a new report released Wednesday from payrolls processor ADP.

The monthly number was better than expected. Analysts had expected a smaller gain in November. October’s monthly gain in private-sector hiring was revised up to 130,000 from a previously reported gain of 110,000.

Each month, ADP releases a report on whether private employers added any jobs in the prior month. The report is often used as a gauge heading into the government’s monthly employment report, which is due out Friday.

Earlier, consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported the number of planned layoffs at U.S. firms edged down marginally in November, though job cuts for the year have surpassed 2010’s total.

Employers announced 42,474 planned job cuts this month, down 0.7 percent from 42,759 in October, according to the report.

November’s job cuts were down 12.8 percent from the same time a year ago when 48,711 layoffs were announced. But with just one month left in the year, employers have announced 564,297 cuts for 2011, exceeding 2010’s total of 529,973.

Cuts in the government sector accounted for 44 percent of November’s layoffs, the eighth time this year the sector has led all others in monthly job cuts.

Of the 18,508 government job cuts announced this month, 13,500 were the result of civilian workforce cuts made by the United States Air Force.

“Over the past six months, we definitely have seen a shift away from the heavy government job cuts at the state and local level toward increased job cuts at the federal level,” John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, said in a statement. “The worst may be yet to come, as cutbacks spread from the military to every other agency in Washington.”

Hiring plans fell sharply to 63,527 from 159,177 the month before. Most of November’s gains were from seasonal workers being hired by UPS.

The report comes two days ahead of the key U.S. jobs report, which is forecast to show the economy added 122,000 in November.

The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.

Disappeare​d in Syria … S Brancaforte – Avaaz.org

Muntaha’s sixteen year old son was abducted from a peaceful democracy protest by Syrian security forces. She has spent the last eight weeks scouring the country for her child — braving warnings from the Syrian regime that her other son would also be “disappeared” if she continued with her search. Our urgent action now can help her son and the thousands of other disappeared Syrians.

Since March, almost 3000 people have been taken by regime forces and disappeared into secret jails. The international community has spoken out, but done little to stop this attack — but India, Brazil and South Africa have close ties to Syria and could push for an international human rights delegation to find the missing and reunite families with their loved ones.

Our massive global membership can force key leaders to act now, pressuring Syria to allow an international delegation to investigate the thousands of disappeared. Sign the petition — it is being delivered by high profile media outlets around the world including the Times of India, the Guardian, CNN, and Der Spiegel:


India, Brazil and South Africa dragged their heels on a Security Council resolution that would have allowed for strong international action on Syria. Still, they remain committed to democracy and peace and have called for an end to the brutality of Assad’s regime. We can hold them to account for their actions and demand they use their close Syrian ties to protect the democracy activists. An international human rights delegation could effectively reunite Syrian families and end the terror of disappearances for good.

The international media has already stepped in to help with our call. Today, major newspapers are launching massive interactive web tools that tell the stories of disappeared people like Muntaha’s son, explain the political crisis in Syria and link to our petition for urgent action. These newspapers not only reach readers around the globe, but also reach opinion makers, world leaders and decision makers directly. Our campaign makes this all possible!

When democracy protests rocked the Arab world, Avaaz sprung into action and, with thousands of donations from around the world, we broke a media blackout in the Middle East — supporting protesters across Syria and Yemen. Since then, our network of citizen journalists has generated almost 20% of all TV coverage out of Syria and our work with the emerging democracy movements has helped build a real alternative to the dictators that refuse to step down. But brutal regimes are still clinging to power and the courageous activists need our help now. Sign the petition to find Syria’s disappeared and forward to everyone:


Egypt and Tunisia showed that people power can win against oppression. Our global community has supported these democracy revolutions, helped broadcast the stories of the brave activists and the violence against them, and forced our governments to action. Now if we act together we can help find Yazan and the thousands of other stolen Syrians and see the dawn of a peaceful, democratic nation in Syria.

With hope and determination,

Stephanie, Sam, Wissam, Maria Paz, Rewan, Benjamin, Pascal and the whole Avaaz team

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EMERGENCY ALERT: CARE responds to the crisis in Libya

With fighting in the streets of Libya and more than 180,000 refugees flooding into neighboring countries, CARE‘s emergency teams have deployed to Egypt and Tunisia to assess the humanitarian situation and determine how CARE — with your help — can assist with this rapidly-expanding emergency.

Just today, CARE Egypt’s country director told us that 70,000-80,000 Egyptians working in Libya have fled the fighting. These people have lost their jobs and most of them were not able to collect their last paychecks.

The sudden influx of people without money and without their possessions into Egypt is causing a strain on many of country’s poorest families. Many of these families were scraping by on the money that their family members sent from Libya. Now, already short on food and cash, these families must house, feed and take care of the returnees. The situation is serious.

CARE’s response to this and other crises, as well as our ability to help people living in many of the world’s poorest countries access the tools and resources they need to escape poverty, depends on the support of people like you.


CARE www.care.org

A Sudanese migrant who fled the unrest in Libya holds her child as she walks at the Libyan and Tunisian border crossing of Ras Jdir. Reuters/Zohra Bensemra, courtesy Trust.org – AlertNet