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Voting Rights Violated; Free Eddy Zheng; Chicago’s Wonder Women

October 11 – October 18

Protect Minority Voters’ Rights on Election Day

by NAACP Legal Defense And Educational Fund

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Defend the Minimum Wage

by Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

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Stop the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

by Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

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Voting Rights Violated

Plus: Free Eddy ZhengChicago’s Wonder WomenPink Ribbon HypocrisyAbercrombie’s Child LaborSidewalk Sitting Ban


Election Day is near, and candidates across the country are busy traversing their districts in yet another election that will likely be decided by voter turnout.

But voting in the United States has never been as easy as simply showing up at the polls – and in some states it’s getting more difficult in ways that disproportionately affect immigrant and minority voters.

The poster child for this trend is Georgia under Republican Governor Sonny Perdue. Just before the 2008 election, the Department of Justice was forced to intervene to block a flawed voter-verification process in the state that inaccurately flagged thousands of Georgia residents as non-citizens, denying them the right to vote.

This election, Georgia is once again planning an extensive new voter-verification process that voting rights advocates say could effectively disenfranchise thousands of citizens. But this time the state hasn’t stopped at its attempt to implement more barriers to voting. Instead, it has also challenged the bedrock provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that requires jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination in voting to submit proposed voting changes for federal pre-approval to ensure that they are free from discrimination.

This is part of a disturbing movement of states with a dark history of voting discrimination – including Alabama, North Carolina and Texas – that are proposing newly restrictive voting measures that disproportionally impact minority voters while simultaneously challenging the Voting Right Act’s provision requiring they receive approval from the courts.

We’ve made dramatic progress in reducing discrimination in our electoral system in the four decades since the Voting Rights Act was passed. But there are still reports of irregularities and racially-charged voter suppression in almost every election, and in that context challenges to the most important voting rights legislation ever passed in the United States should concern everyone.

That’s why with Election Day only two weeks away, we’re joining with our friends at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in urging our national leaders to affirm the breadth and depth of the Voting Rights Act and prevent the disenfranchisement of minority voters.

Please add your voice in support of the voting rights of all Americans today.

For more news and commentary on this week in change, see the summaries of your favorite causes below.


Eddy Zheng was sentenced to over two decades in jail at the age of 16, in a process language barriers prevented him and his family from fully understanding. Since his release, he has distinguished himself as a leader in prisoner rehabilitation and youth violence prevention, winning the appreciation of the San Francisco mayor and other elected officials. Yet, as a non-citizen, he faces deportation for his ancient crime. Zheng has applied for a governor’s pardon, and you can help him win it. Read more »

Chicago’s Wonder Women in EDUCATION

If you’ve seen the documentary Waiting For Superman, you know that America’s education system is in crisis. What happens when a group of moms take things into their own hands? Since September 15, moms from the South Side of Chicago have staged a sit-in to demand a school library for their children. Chicago Public Schools plans to knock down an old building and replace it with a field, but the moms want to turn it into a community center. Read more »

Pink Ribbon Hypocrisy in HEALTH

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and alcohol companies are asking women to booze it up for the disease. But the irony is sobering: alcohol directly contribute to breast cancer. Will the pink-ribbon labels come clean and tell consumers of the health risks or remain defined by their duplicity? Read more »

Abercrombie’s Child Labor in END HUMAN TRAFFICKING

Despite international condemnation, the government of Uzbekistan continues to remove millions of children from schools across the country and force them to pick cotton in arduous conditions. Sixty-five of the world’s largest apparel brands have refused to buy Uzbek cotton picked by forced child labor. But ironically, children and teens’ clothing companies Abercrombie and Fitch and Gymboree have refused to stand against forced child labor. Read more »

Sidewalk Sitting Ban in END HOMELESSNESS

On Election Day, residents of San Francisco will go to the polls to vote on something called the Sit-Lie Ordinance, or Proposition L. End Homelessness bloggers Rich and Elizabeth Lombino write that homeless advocates describe it another way: discriminatory. If passed, the ordinance will make it illegal to sit or lie on a city sidewalk between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. Opponents worry that arbitrary enforcement will mean that people who “look homeless” are forced to move along while others are allowed to stay and rest. Read more »

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