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Stack up ALL of the natural & man made DISASTERS … Where is the Infrastructure WORK or PLAN ?

 the BP oil disaster happened on  4/2010

 Thousands died and even more had to leave their homes have been unable to come back.

Americans must face the fact that the many natural and or man made disasters and anything in between have caused more issues than our next generation might be able to handle due to unqualified inept and do nothing republican lawmakers!

If you want your children their children and so on to live a better life … Vote for Change, Challenge your member of Congress to do the right thing …  Local State & Federal level

While the sun comes up and the light of day starts to show just how bad  oil spill disasters are, the truth is finally uncovered. Hopefully, reality will sink in on how just one error that could have been prevented by simply making Big Oil companies like BP have a plan b,c,d etc. or don’t do business, put high-tech emergency equipment in place or material on board to absorb or avert spills before they start. The negative outcome and proof that the rules, specifically the deregulation of financial and oil companies by the house of Bush … is evident. Now, we see what happens when big corporations try to save money on the cheap with just enough insurance, probably knowing that the state they are working in will ask for fema help or disaster funds. Doing a tremendous amount of damage and in this case a big impact not only to the environment but the foul, fish industry and the entire economy for decades. It is great to have a President that is willing to change direction on issues when the facts and or evidence show that delays and or cancellation of offshore drilling is clear. What happened should not be blamed on President Obama, this is clearly a human error and in this case BP; they know it and need to take responsibility for the entire clean-up.

We all have to remember that eleven people died that day

I have to say the first reports of the explosion and then word that everything was okay made me wonder …common sense tells you okay the well is underground; it could bleed out, up or both, which is what happened. The big question is why didn’t they act before the oil started to leak. This spill, is for me a warning to either change the way the clean-up process works or scrap any plans for further oil platforms unless your Big Oil corp has an emergency plan in place

… I’m no expert but equipment should have been available immediately that absorb oil… bumpers placed along the coast and shores before the leak actually spread … i saw nothing but boats watching , waiting for the leak to show … unacceptable.

We all needed a little calm back then and to be honest, i still get heated when hearing about BP, what has transpired in the gulf coast and the many oil spills since… be still and breathe in and slowly release your breath.

I believe in equality for all which includes having a President who represents ALL of the People here in the US of A. I ask you what can be wrong with caring for ALL of your fellow American, not just 2%… especially since that 2% has wheeled and dealed for breaks since the house of bush passed on its horrible bets, pain and responsibility which in turn trickled down to main street.


 An explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 and started the worst oil spill in US history


The end of the Iraq war

President Obama announced that by the year’s
end, our servicemen and women currently in Iraq will all be home, and
the Iraq war will end. This is a historic moment that so many have been
working toward for years. Watch the video of the President’s message—and
then pass this news on.

wicked Wednesday weather& some News

The World is watching …    As Freedom marches ramp up and the violence against protesters breaks out again … people have had enough

Remember … there is always strength in numbers

I think we all take our freedoms for granted here in the US of A though lately the Republican Party is beginning to make me feel a little less free every day. I watched as freedom fighters  in Egypt Libya and others in the region did whatever they had to before going out to march against tyranny , but the idea that there are people being killed by their own government for wanting to be free, heard,  wanting to be participants in their own futures is not new but it is disturbing. There were  mothers with children, older men and women and college students  coming out in droves to let the current dictators know it’s time for a change and given what these dictators will lose they have chosen to “crackdown” on the protesters which we all know is pure bs and a lack of respect for life.

Months ago, we saw some of the people of Iran try to rise up and claim a voice of independence. Unfortunately, what came out of that was the loss of freedom fighters with Neda becoming their symbol of strength. However, in the end after a few days those freedom fighters had to retreat which had to be the only way to save lives. It was a rude awakening at how a dictator only respects his position and is still willing to sacrifice the many for his title, power, and money. Then we heard of an uprising in Tunisia Egypt and many others in possible transition with talk of more and more people willing to risk their lives to gain their freedom. It was definitely clear that a movement against the Ancient practice of dictatorship by freedom fighters for a move into the 21st Century was breaking out all over. The voice and votes of millions have gone uncounted and or compromised for decades.  The demand to be heard great but to get the change they need and want … means that the fear of authority was, is, cannot be an option… and the possibility of death likely.

The quick response from dictators was surprising, disturbing, and totally unacceptable. I have to say it was strange to see how fast they were able to cut off most if not all connections to the outside world, stating the US meddled in the process to divert responsibility while using extreme force on their own people. In the case of Libya, we heard their government make threats of slaughtering all who will not stand down and going house to house, which was after reports of thousands already killed by Gadhafi forces. The demand to move into the 21st Century continues to be met with bullets bombs and death. It has to make you wonder if the money the militia gets is worth killing their own people, don’t they want personal freedom , do they dare dream or wonder what living in a more modern society would be like. I guess being an American, the thought of remaining silent under force let alone 40years of dictatorship is just not an option. These men of so-called power showed the World how horrible they were and as days and weeks went by their own military forces began to crumble.  It was enlightening to see just how nefarious these dictators were and still are. I have to say it was stunning to hear that under pressure a dictator was willing to kill Military forces who wanted out and or refused to kill civilians. It was equally stunning that some managed to flee the region and others definitely in elite positions asked for refuge while workers, outsourced from other countries became shields, trapped, or lacked funds to go home, as some countries did not help their people out others took that long walk across the border to temporary safety and freedom in refugee camps.

The journey toward freedom is sometimes paved with danger

pray for all those involved

Other News

Egypt probes Tahrir Square

Instant view: Greek parliament votes

NM Wildfire Burns Near Nuke Facility

Roche seeks more time for Avastin in
breast cancer

Taliban claims credit for hotel

Burma warns Aung San Suu Kyi to halt
all political activities

Conservative blogger Breitbart sees
Sarah Palin jumping into White House race


President Obama Holds News Conference

Will take questions on Afghanistan, Libya, deficit talks


White House Releases National Counterterrorism Strategy

Deputy Nat’l Security Adviser John Brennan on U.S. plan to defeat al-Qaeda


Senate Panel Looks at Supreme Court Rulings

Sen. Leahy said the Court sided with corporations


Federal Reserve To Issue Final Rules on Debit Card Fees


GAO Reports on Diplomatic Security


for austerity plan

Monday mashup &some News

Today, President Obama held a White House Forum Commemorating Women’s History Month and will be addressing the Nation tonight about Libya 4:30 Pacific Time 7:30pmET –

In the summer of 2009, Americans and the World saw Neda, a student die for protesting for the right to speak out freely and some say she became the symbol to carry on. Unfortunately, we all know that the regime or government cracked down on the protesters in such a way that made us all gasp. The events in Iran shocked, offended and made most of us cry given the protests started out as peaceful demands for a new way of life, freedom to speak, better wages etc. That uprising became backburner news given the US had our own problems but quietly something was smoldering something the World can no longer turn away from. I have no idea how the US, UN or the NATO can actually help create change, help change practices so ancient that we all agree the devil is in the detail and that was in 2009. I will admit that my first experience in watching a human being shot, killed and die was during the Iran uprising because whoever was behind the video camera would not, could not, and did not stop filming. I was shocked, very sad, felt like a voyeur, and cried watching brave Iranians die. While I did not feel good about it being captured on camera for all to see before their family members were notified but it was a fight for freedom and life in the making of what I have chosen to call freedom fighters. In addition to Neda, a young man shot while protesting in Iran filmed as it happened, there were people surrounding him crying, yelling to make him breathe, and asking why he will not breathe. As the tragic events unfolded we viewers watched as someone else puts pressure on his chest but he died…that was the first time i had ever seen such a thing. I was angry, sad and hoped everyone in the streets of Iran knew that Americans and the International community were watching, demanding, and praying the abuse, atrocities, and assaults would stop. As in everything else life gets in the way and your own life takes a front seat and that Middle Easterner, Arab and or African becomes back burner news because well what can we as individuals do to help what with two wars waged by the last guy who btw didn’t end them either.

Now, or at least since February 2011 that we all know of, the World watches again while more senseless acts of terror and genocide coming from the Continent of Africa. Once inside it’s called the Arab World with an outdated autocratic system still brandishing ancient practices as Dictators and or Kings along with their forces against their own people in horror. The problem is someone got a taste of what could be, an opportunity to say what they want. The idea someone even risked speaking up and out about the possibilities of better wages, housing, that the trickledown theory just doesn’t work and low and behold there were others who feel the same way, maybe hundreds, thousands, actually millions of people mostly young educated and progressive thinking human beings wanting freedom of the ways of oppression and slavery.

The facts are that about 9000 people were reported murdered by Gadhafi forces in matter of a few weeks in Libya because they want freedom from oppression, please. I don’t know about you but that has got to upset anyone with compassion. If that wasn’t enough information came out that the Women being mistreated, left out of a reshaping a new Egypt even after getting rid of Mubarak the army or men -are also subjecting women to virginity checks in Egypt. In Libya, a woman burst in to a hotel yelling and screaming that pro-Gadhafi men had raped her and while the security fought the foreign press, smashing cameras this woman managed to give her story. I want to say thank you to the savvy person who managed to capture most if not all of the horrible incident on film, though she was dragged and taken away to who knows where at the time it was happening. I believe she is yet another symbol of the oppression women are subjected to and while the security stated she was going to jail, is said to have been released to her family, but I think this is a situation that warrants a call to the International Human Rights Organization.

I think about my generation who did not personally experience slavery of the 1800’s nor have i ever March for an issue with the idea that this could be the day that i die for wanting to be treated equality. Yes, slavery and discrimination still exists on so many levels here in the 21st Century and in my opinion the definition twisted by those with money, public servants or hold high offices who either engage or accept both as a way of life . Today, Americans watch and debate the good, bad or the ugly reasons to help the protesters, rebels and or freedom fighters in Africa and the Middle East. The hesitation to help is somewhat understandable but the way some seem to analyze it out loud is a real lesson in humanitarian behavior, how code words are used which when you break it all down, if not for the oil would Libyans get help from the French, the UK, and Italy, all who have more at stake.

The Social Network Media, which helped start the journey of change in Africa and the Middle East can no longer be ignored and has let the proverbial possibilities out of the bottle and while these tools of ancient practices refuse to accept change there are many who feel persuing freedom and happiness is well worth the risk of virtual death.

Other News …

**Contaminated water found in Japan’s underground tunnels

**Libyan rebels close to key Gadhafi locations

**Syrian troops fire at their own people

**Japan suffers another big quake 6.5 on Sunday

**A sample of rainwater in Boston finds a very small amt of radiation might be linked to Japan’s crisis


**President to Address Nation on Libya

To discuss U.S. role in conflict


**Lawmakers Return to Funding Debate and Situation in LIbya

Gov’t. funding runs out April 8


Pentagon Contracting System in Question

Wartime panel calls hearing


Ruth Simmons, President of Brown University, examines how the legacy of slavery has shaped the history of America’s academic institutions. Her keynote address was part of an Emory University conference on the role of slave labor in the building of numerous American universities.


Wisconsin …help fight “class warfare”

The Club for Growth and other right-wing interest groups are flooding Wisconsin’s airwaves right now with ads in support of Governor Walker’s attacks on working families.

We’re fighting back with an ad about the people hurt hardest by his attacks. Our film crew interviewed folks in the street in Madison. Their stories are honest, powerful, and wrenching. One woman called Walker’s budget “class warfare” against working families.

People in Wisconsin need to see this powerful new ad. Can you chip in $3 to help us air it? Click on link below to take a look and donate.


We’re running this ad with our friends at Democracy for America. We can win this fight, but we need to keep ramping up the pressure, day by day.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

— Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Jason Rosenbaum, Amanda Johnson, and the PCCC team

P.S. Tune in to MSNBC at 8pm tonight for Lawrence O’Donnell‘s show. We’ll be on discussing this ad!