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Gun Safety


I am against hand guns in the hands of teachers let alone the home because of incidents my family and friends have experienced. I am without a doubt totally against automatic weapons because I don’t think we civilians need to have them at all.  I definitely understand how folks interpret the 2nd Amendment and states’ rights but after the Gifford’s attack and all attacks afterward, it is beyond time to sit up right move into genuine outrage, use the sadness with a determination to at least ban assault weapons, retrofit K-12 School buildings and act rationally about creating registries, better permit process, close the gun show loophole and in my opinion every state should be required to impose a state of the art background check. I am not an expert on the NRA, ALEC or gun safety, but I do receive newsletters and interesting articles that are meant to start a dialogue. I will admit I cringe anytime I hear states’ rights and while I did post an article by a Mayor I did not say he was speaking up for any citizen but what he has experienced as a Mayor.  I, am certain your 2nd Amendment rights will stay intact but the facts are what they are guns in the wrong hands kill innocent people. I don’t think the rules laws or Policies State by state should be different unless there are statics to back maybe a strict process. I just feel a dialogue is needed now not later and all guns should be registered and the owner vetted …everyone.

I respect the rights of Americans, though I don’t understand how our “Government is damaging the whole country” as Republicans Conservatives and the Tea Party seems to spew every time they get on camera.

The Second Amendment, states:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

We the People deserve good faith effort from our members of Congress; specifically the Republican Party to do the People’s Business , move our democracy into the 21st Century yet it goes without saying … They have failed Americans miserably

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