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Tell the USDA to ban all sales of Lion Meat … Cheryl Semcer

                          I started a petition this summer asking a restaurant to stop serving lion meat, and won. Now I’m calling on the USDA to ban all sales of lion meat.                       
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I never imagined the impact I would have when I started my first petition on Change.org asking a restaurant in Kansas to stop serving lion meat. But I won with the help of other Change.org users!

I still wondered if the sale of lion meat was happening in other places, and who was letting this happen.

It turns out there are a lot of problems with lion meat: it’s not only bad for lions, but also humans. The origins of lion meat are nearly untraceable, with some of it coming from farms where they’re raised for circus entertainment, their hides, and slaughter. Killing lions for human consumption also falls between the cracks of federal agency responsibility, and therefore the meat is rarely inspected. Since the processing goes unregulated, lions aren’t even protected by humane slaughter laws.

It’s unbelievable to me that any restaurant would be allowed to sell lion meat — especially when the meat is potentially unsafe. Thats why I started a new petition on Change.org, this time calling on the United States Department of Agriculture to ban the sale of all lion meat. Click here to sign!

Lion meat isn’t regulated by the USDA or the Food and Drug Administration — even though it’s often deceitfully marketed this way. This lack of clear oversight makes it nearly impossible to trace the origin of lion meat and how it’s processed.

And to make matters worse, experts say that serving lion meat at restaurants in the U.S. could further drive the dwindling wild population into extinction.

Restaurants market lion meat because it’s shocking — but the government shouldn’t be allowing a gimmick like this that could decimate the lion population and make people sick. My petition asking a local restaurant to stop serving lion meat won — and was widely covered in the media. By showing popular support for a ban on all lion meat, I believe the USDA will be forced to listen.

Sign my petition now asking the United States Department of Agriculture to ban the sale of lion meat.

Thank you for your support.

Cheryl Semcer

Hoboken, New Jersey


We bring the Amazon to you on Wednesday

Mayalu Txucarramãe

Join us this Wednesday in San Francisco for our 8th Annual Luncheon or watch it live online at Causes.com.

Our special guest, Mayalú Txucarramãe, Kayapó and Waura youth leader, representing indigenous partners working to stop dams in the Brazilian Amazon, will give us her perspective and share her experience of living this struggle for as long as she can remember. Granddaughter of legendary Chief Raoni, daughter of Chief Megaron, Mayalú brings the story of fighting for the people and region of the Xingu to life.

We’re thrilled to announce that every donation you make online between now and the luncheon will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000 by the Kindle Project Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation. Please donate today and share this news with your friends. Together we can double our impact!

No matter where you are you can experience this unique opportunity.

If you can join us in person please send your RSVP today.
Find out more here.

For the Amazon,

Paul Paz y Miño
Paul Paz y Miño
Online & Operations Director

Great News for Alaska’s Bristol Bay —

September 2013 Take ActionDonate
The Big Story
Anglo American Quits the Proposed Pebble Mine
In a surprise decision that brought new hope to Alaska’s Bristol Bay, British mining giant Anglo American — the lead company behind the Pebble Mine — announced that it is abandoning the project. The announcement dealt a heavy blow to the proposed gold and copper operation, which would produce some 10 billion tons of contaminated waste and threaten the greatest wild salmon runs on the planet. NRDC Members helped make this victory possible by deluging Anglo American with nearly one million messages of protest. The fight is not over yet — we’ll need new funding to ratchet up the pressure on the remaining companies behind the mine and win EPA action to protect Bristol Bay from large-scale mining.

Pebble Mine

Campaign Updates
Navy Refuses to Protect Marine Mammals from Deadly Sonar
The U.S. Navy says it will ignore a unanimous recommendation by the California Coastal Commission to reduce the harmful effects of naval sonar on the state’s marine mammals, which would violate California law. The Navy is planning to dramatically increase its use of dangerous sonar and high-powered explosives off the coast of Southern California during training and testing. It predicts that such operations will kill hundreds of marine mammals — and injure thousands of others — over the next five years. New research shows that the Navy’s California training is already putting entire whale populations at risk, including endangered blue whales, the largest animal on Earth.
Marine Mammals
Ad of the Month
Ad of the Month
Nobel Laureates Denounce Keystone XL
NRDC and our partners ran a full-page ad in The Washington Post that featured a letter from ten Nobel Peace Prize winners, calling on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and lead the way beyond dirty oil.
Nobel Laureates Ad
See the Ad
In the News
U.S. Blocks Import
of Wild-Caught Belugas
The National Marine Fisheries Service has denied a permit — opposed by NRDC — that would have allowed the Georgia Aquarium to import 18 wild-caught belugas from Russia for public display purposes at aquaria around the country. We applaud the decision since Russia’s wild beluga population is still recovering after being hunted nearly to extinction in the 1960s. Read more. Beluga
CA County Cracks Down
on Fracking
In July, NRDC’s Community Fracking Defense Campaign scored a big victory when California’s San Benito County approved an ordinance imposing new safeguards on this dangerous form of oil and gas extraction, including a greater setback from homes and disclosure of the chemicals used during drilling or fracking. Read more. Fracking

Contact: Sandra Jonker, (360) 696-6211

WDFW seeks to share information on elk hoof disease

OLYMPIA-The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is holding a September public meeting and has launched a website to share information about reports of hoof disease among southwest Washington elk.

Lame elk or elk with overgrown or missing hooves in southwest Washington have been observed with increasing frequency in the region. At times, multiple animals in a group have been reported limping and showing signs of hoof disease, such as deformed hooves or club hooves. The condition has been observed in both male and female elk of various ages.

The public information meeting will run from 6-8 p.m., Monday, Sept. 17, in the Cowlitz PUD auditorium, 961 12th Ave., in Longview. It will include a brief presentation about the elk hoof disease, followed by a question-and-answer session.

WDFW is also providing an online reporting tool for citizens to report affected animals ( http://wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/health/hoof_rot/ ). The site offers information on the disease, as well as the reporting tool for those who observe elk with signs of hoof disease.

“The condition we are seeing in elk doesn’t appear to be an exact match with any of the known hoof diseases in domestic or wild animals, but it shares similarities with several diseases known in wildlife or livestock,” said Sandra Jonker, WDFW’s wildlife manager for the region. However, according to local veterinarians, the condition does not seem to be affecting domestic livestock in the area, she said.

WDFW is working with specialists in other natural-resource agencies and universities to gain a better understanding of what is causing the hoof disease.

Understanding the cause of elk hoof disease in southwestern Washington is an important step in understanding and managing its impacts, and citizen reports of elk with hoof disease will assist wildlife biologists in estimating the frequency and range of the condition, Jonker said.

“In recent years, outdoor recreation enthusiasts and landowners who shared reports of hair loss in western Washington Columbian black-tailed deer, helped wildlife biologists track the range and scope of that condition,” said Jonker. “We’re hoping that citizen observations can further our understanding of this disease as well.”

thirsty Thursday & some News

 featured Photo is from NASA called Mystic Mountain –

About This Image

Hubble’s 20th anniversary image shows a mountain of dust and gas rising in the Carina Nebula. The top of a three-light-year tall pillar of cool hydrogen is being worn away by the radiation of nearby stars, while stars within the pillar unleash jets of gas that stream from the peaks

just another rant …

On the 9th of December, I saw an article stating that on the following Monday an Elk kill would commence due to a rowdy group of about 30 had been causing problems and damage for the areas golf course since 2008 and reportedly getting worse. This golf course, was built in wildlife territory/enviroment – in Snoqualmie. The people who built this golf course have forgotten  or got lost in all the hoopla that is their business and need to take a couple of steps backward and or confess to knowing that an Elk Kill was on the horizon.   I read the entire article as well as several others and while I understand free enterprise the notion that this golf course ranked higher than the elk, who at one time were at risk was offensive. As a resident of Washington State coming from a family who not only hunted but also fished my dad gave me enough info and of course I used my own ability to reason and or rationalize what I was reading and given all the information, I had to try to help stop this kill. I called and while the customer service person was kind took my information he really was unable to answer questions or give contact names or numbers so I gave mine.

On December 23, I checked to see if there were any updates and though no one called me, it was nice to see some positive developments for the Elk. There were at least three articles about the kill being put on hold another article stated the elk kill was shelved. I was slightly surprised, offended, and upset at some of the responses from employees of the Wildlife Department but the one below was the most nefarious of them. In my opinion, the idea that a kill of 3 or 30 would reduce the number of elk stomping a golf course was silly but avoiding the facts was offensive. Yes, the kill will deter them but my point to this completely misguided action is that the golf course is in wildlife territory which includes elk and who knows what else. The audacity of these people to think it did not sound like legal poaching is beyond me. The biggest problem in this article was that it is possible either the Snoqualmie Tribe was left out of the loop or something else was going on. The following comments made on December 12th are below, following these awful comments is an update and certainly a reminder that public outcry can be a good thing…

I have to say when I called the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife that morning there was not one mention of a fence, metal or electronic but an adamant correction that it was only about 3 Elk. I told them the article stated there were some 30 elk and the kills would happen on Mondays when the golf course was closed.  I am no expert but some part of this story is missing. As for not knowing or understanding “the process” because we are civilians is an offensive comment to say the least. Some people may laugh but this is a serious breach of co-existing with wildlife. Again, it sounds like a form of legal poaching to me. I also asked if the number of elk is still at risk but that question was unanswered as well.

Public outcry puts elk hunt on hold at Snoqualmie Ridge golf course … click on link for that article



Snoqualmie Valley Record Editor

December 16, 2011 · Updated 5:01 PM

The Snoqualmie Tribe released its own stance against the hunt:

Sustainable and low-impact development should include ways to co-exist with wildlife,” Tribal Administrator Matt Mattson stated. “The controlled hunt on the TPC golf course is counter to this philosophy, and counter to the wishes of the Snoqualmie Tribe.” However, Mattson also requested that a tribal master hunter also take part if the hunt does move forward, as the course’s land includes a sacred Tribal burial ground.

After reading what Moszeter said my eyes hurt …So, are we to understand that the elk invaded the golf course and or prior to the construction; contractors etc. did their research and saw no problem building or issue with the fact that it was built in what is or consisered wildlife if not elk country.  If so, it makes you wonder -did this group think about the possibility of the elk “acting elk like” while in the back of their minds had an idea about the future all along.

If you read the whole article or  any of the many articles with comments, it is hard to understand how much we taxpayers owe these people with comments like the one below…

by Chris Moszeter,

“Master hunters were to hunt only on Mondays, when the course was closed. Moszeter said their firing area was tightly-defined, far from homes and faced away from residential areas. Master hunters go through a rigorous training process, and “are confined to a very small window of where they can and cannot shoot”, he said.

“They’re held to a higher ethical and safety standard than the average hunter.” “If the TPC hunt hadn’t been publicized”, We could have been in and out and gone, and nobody would have known the difference,” he added.

“Elk are beautiful to behold for many Valley residents, but they also trample yards, cause economic damage to businesses and can be hazards for cars.”

I believe we need new Stewards of both the Wildlife and the rich folks who insist on getting their way by building where animals …sometimes big and or dangerous live while others are great for eatin

Other News …

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