Fundraising … 2012 Gap

DSCC Has Record Breaking Quarter Thanks to Strong Grassroots Support

The first three months of 2012 showed the incredible enthusiasm of Democratic supporters. The DSCC set a first quarter fundraising record by raising almost 20% more than our Republican counterparts.

You played a big role in our success; 97% of the gifts came from grassroots donors.

Thank you for your continuing support!


Top Action

Critical Vote on Protecting Women Just Days Away

In what is just the latest in a series of Republican attacks on women, Senate Republicans are trying to eliminate the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).


Twice before, VAWA was reauthorized with widespread, bipartisan support from both houses of Congress. But now, Republicans have grown so radical they won’t even commit to protecting women from violence.

Join Democrats and demand Senate Republicans stop trying to eliminate VAWA!

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Enthusiasm Gap Felt in Senate Races Around the Country

The enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans is stretching to Senate races as well. According to Politico, “In the dozen most competitive contests across the country, Democrats once again collected more cash during the first three months of the year than Republicans, who are expected to wage an aggressive battle for the Senate majority.”

Among the strongest performers this quarter were Elizabeth Warren, Tammy BaldwinDebbie Stabenow, and Claire McCaskill.