Google … In the White House

by on Apr 2, 2012

Members of the Google Art project and the Google Street View team recently came to the White House to create a new way for people to tour the White House. Take a look at the process that went into creating a 360 degree virtual walk through of the White House public tour.

In their continuing effort to make the White House more accessible, President Obama and the First Lady have teamed up with the Google Art Project. People all over the world can now take a 360-degree tour of the White House’s public rooms. The White House is the only building in the world that is simultaneously the home of a head of state, the executive office of a head of state, and is regularly open to the public for tours.More


EPA takes critical first step to tackle global warming … Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists

EPA Takes Critical First Step to Tackle Global Warming

Big news! On March 27 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released draft standards that will limit carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act. Carbon pollution from power plants contributes to global warming, endangering our health, our environment, and drastically altering our climate. By placing the first ever nationwide limits on carbon pollution from new power plants, these historic standards are a critical step to reducing the effects of global warming and protecting public health.


Unfortunately, these standards are already under attack. Several members of Congress have introduced legislation that would block or delay these historic standards, and the Obama administration is facing intense pressure from dirty energy companies, who are spreading false claims about their impact on our economy. It is clear that these dirty energy companies care more about protecting their bottom line than protecting our health and environment from the effects of global warming.

To ensure that the EPA finalizes strong standards this year, we need to generate a record-setting number of supportive comments to the EPA and show support at in-person public hearings around the country.

We have a team of UCS Climate Ambassadors—scientists, economists, health professionals, and concerned citizens like you—who have volunteered to attend the EPA’s public hearings to represent you and the tens of thousands of Americans who care about reducing carbon emissions. They will hand deliver your comments to EPA officials and personally testify at EPA hearings on the importance of limiting carbon pollution from new power plants.

Tell the EPA that you support its efforts to make power plants take responsibility for their contribution to global warming by reducing carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.

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Chrissy Elles
Chrissy Elles
Outreach Associate
UCS Climate and Energy Program