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Know Your Rights …

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What does placing your signature on the Miranda Waiver Really Mean?

by jeanfandrews

Deaf suspects are asked routinely to sign the Miranda Warning Waiver affirming they waive their rights. What does this mean? For the police and detective this means that the deaf person understands the six statements of the Miranda and read it with comprehension. When they sign their name on the waiver, this means they waiver their rights to remain silent, seek an attorney before questioning and so on. However, the deaf person may sign their name and have a different view. A deaf defendant who may read at the third grade or below may not be able to read the Miranda. They may put their signature on the document simply to appear cooperative. How can the detective determine if the deaf person understands the Miranda Warning? One way is to have a sign language interpreter present. This rarely happens. Typically, police and detectives relay on written communication and lipreading which are rarely effective for deaf defendants whose primary language is American Sign Language (ASL). Two viewpoints–one from the detective or police and one from the deaf defendants. The police and detectives run the risk of having their interrogation and confessions of the defendant thrown out of court or suppressed if they fail to provide for a sign language interpreter. This is not only Federal law but is found in many state statutes as well. What is the answer? More education for detectives and police about the difficulties deaf adults have in comprehending the Miranda.

Think Progress … sad realities




More celebs help tribes’ push for sacred SD land …Get INVOLVED!


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — More celebrities are backing an online campaign to raise money so that Native American tribes in South Dakota can purchase land they consider sacred.

FILE - This 2007 file photo provided by South Dakota Magazine shows Reynolds Prairie in the Black Hills of South Dakota. An online campaign to raise money so Native American tribes in South Dakota can purchase land they consider sacred has gained steam with a growing list of celebrities backing the effort. P Diddy and Bette Midler have tweeted their support for the effort to purchase nearly 2,000 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They join actor Ezra Miller and hip-hop producer Sol Guy, who appeared in a recent video online with drawing attention to the effort. (AP Photo/courtesy South Dakota Magazine, Bernie Hunhoff, File)

P Diddy and Bette Midler are the latest big names to throw their support behind a fundraising effort to buy nearly 2,000 acres of pristine prairie grass in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Three days after the campaign began, P Diddy tweeted: “Help save the Sioux Nation! Click here,” and linked to the website. Midler also lent her voice, tweeting: “Incredible story re the Sioux Sacred Grounds. Donate what you can.”

More than $18,000 had been raised as of Sunday afternoon — $6,000 flowed in immediately after P Diddy’s tweet. The campaign will last through Nov. 30, when the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation must have $9 million in order to purchase the land.

The tribes have raised $7 million so far for the 1,942 acres, which they call Pe’ Sla (pay shlaw), or “old baldy.” There are Sioux tribes in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and Canada.

The property is important to their creation story, and tribal members have long held ceremonies there. When the land was put up for sale, tribal members worried it would be developed because of its proximity to Mount Rushmore.

Landowners Leonard and Margaret Reynolds canceled a public auction of the property earlier this year after tribal members expressed outrage. The Reynolds then accepted the tribes’ bid to purchase the land for $9 million if they have the money by Nov. 30.

The couple has repeatedly said they will not speak publicly about the land sale.

P Diddy and Midler join actor Ezra Miller and hip-hop producer Sol Guy showing their support for the cause.

Miller, who appears in the recently released movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and Sol Guy flew to South Dakota last month to film a nine-minute documentary-style video about the land that is being used as part of the online campaign.

Miller said the three days he spent in South Dakota learning about the land and the Lakota tribes was life-altering.

“From the moment I arrived to the moment I departed, I was struck repeatedly by an unshakable sensation that this land truly carried something unspeakably important,” Miller said in an email interview with The Associated Press. “There is a motion and a beauty out there in those hills that words cannot do justice.”

He said the fact that the Lakota tribes have done Sundance ceremonies on the land for thousands of years is a “magical reality,” and that America has erased too much of the land’s true history.

Sol Guy, whose TV show “4Real” airing on MTV Canada and the National Geographic Channel has taken celebrities such as Cameron Diaz to Peru and Joaquin Phoenix to the Amazon, said he has been busy sharing the information with his various networks to get the word out and is confident the tribes will be successful in raising all the money.

“My first hope is not to demand people to give money,” Sol Guy said. “If they can afford it, great. But I think what’s more important is that people take it in and learn the history and spread the word and have the conversations about it.”

Chase Iron Eyes, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who started the online campaign and appeared in the video, said he wants the celebrity endorsements to help raise money, but more than anything, he hopes it will widen the network of people who are thinking about the land and what it means for the tribes.

Stop diabetes


November is American Diabetes Month

Throughout November, visit Walgreens to show your support for American Diabetes Month.

This November, join Walgreens and the American Diabetes Association® in the movement to Stop Diabetes®.

The American Diabetes Association is excited to announce that Walgreens is continuing their support for the Association as a National Strategic Partner. To kick off the collaboration, Walgreens will be conducting a pin pad donation campaign this November during American Diabetes Month®. From now until Nov. 30, participate at your local Walgreens by donating $1, $2, $5 or $10 when you use a debit or credit card, and help raise critical funds for resources and educational programs in local communities.

In addition, as part of their renewed commitment to the Association, Walgreens continues to support activities designed to help those at highest risk for type 2 diabetes become aware and take action to Stop Diabetes before it starts through the Association’s CheckUp America prevention initiative.

We would also like to applaud Walgreens for their ongoing dedication in support of our signature fundraising events and mission driven activities. Walgreens is not only a National Sponsor of Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes®, but this year, they have also won the honor of having the country’s number one National Employee Walk Team in history! Walgreens continues to participate in multiple markets at our American Diabetes Association EXPO®, geared to bring the Association’s mission to life, encouraging attendees to learn to be healthy, active and live well with diabetes. Throughout November, get involved in American Diabetes Month. Visit Walgreens to show your support. Join the Millions® in the movement to Stop Diabetes

must see Vid

whitehouse has uploaded President Obama & Prime Minister Shinawatra Joint Press Conference.

President Obama & Prime Minister Shinawatra Joint Press Conference
President Obama and Prime Minister Shinawatra of Thailand hold a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand. November 18, 2012