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First Lady Michelle Obama: “Join me in standing up for all those who have served.”

“The beginning of the Iraq war was a moment that no American will ever forget. Nine years later, we remember those who gave their lives, and honor the sacrifice of all the brave women and men who have served our country. In 2008, Barack made a promise that as President, he would bring the Iraq War to a responsible end—he kept his word. When he took the oath of office, more than 140,000 troops were stationed in Iraq. This past December, the last of our soldiers came home.
Now that our service members are home, we are doing everything we can to support our veterans and their families in the challenging transition to civilian life.
Barack expanded the Veterans Affairs budget and made it possible for more than 500,000 veterans previously denied care to become eligible for VA health care. And he streamlined the claims process to ensure that our veterans can get the high quality benefits and services they’ve earned — and get those services more quickly.
Barack helped pass tax credits to encourage small businesses to hire our wounded warriors
We also know that when our men and women in uniform are called to serve, their families serve right along side them. That’s why we’ve been working to expand employment opportunities, job training programs, and wellness services for military spouses and families — the folks who bear the greatest burden of their loved one’s deployment.
In the end, we all have an obligation to support those who have served our country so selflessly—from our veterans with special health needs, to all those seeking to join the civilian workforce, to families coping with the grief of losing a loved one. So I hope you’ll join me in standing up for all those who have served.
Visit BarackObama.com/Veterans to get involved, and to learn about all the ways your President is working to support our veterans and military families.
Thank you.”

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Help build this campaign: https://my.barackobama.com/feb2012resultsvid
We wanted to take a moment to share what volunteers across the country have been up to:
-Opened five new field offices in Pennsylvania -Opened seven new field offices in Ohio -Recruited 65 new team leaders in Nevada -Registered 5,000 new voters in North Carolina -Made 28,000 calls in Washington state -More that 2,414 students attended the Greater Together summits
Overall, we’ve been able to raise more than $45 million in February. More than 1,552,000 people have donated to Obama for America from April 2011 to February 2012. More than 348,000 grassroots donors gave in February alone, of those donors, more than 105,000 were first time donors.
This campaign continues to be funded by folks in all 50 states giving what they can. That’s why the average donation was $59.04. Also 97.7% of donations were $250 or less.
Thank you for all the hard work done so far, and for all the hard work yet to come.

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Leave a note for the troops: https://my.barackobama.com/sharonpottervid
Sharon Potter is the first female in the state of Nevada to receive a purple heart by way of serving in Iraq. She stands with President Obama because of his continuing fight to ensure that our nation’s veterans and military families are taken care of.
In Sharon’s words:
“As veterans we’re the ones that sign on the dotted line with our lives and no veteran should have to come home and fight for their benefits.”

At 18-months old Jackson’s insurance company listed him with a pre-existing condition: ear infections. Starting in 2010 insurance company’s were banned from denying coverage to children for pre-existing conditions. As Jackson’s mom says:
“The Affordable Care Act makes it so that I know that my children are covered and that is an amazing thing.”

When Liam was five-months old his insurance premiums went up by 100 dollars a month. As Liam’s mom Rebecca says:
“It was completely unbelievable that insurance for a five month old could be that expensive. I called them and what I was told was: ‘You can change your plan or go somewhere else'”.
Since the Affordable Care Act passed, the insurance commissioner in Rebecca’s state has been reviewing the rates to make sure families get a fair deal. Because of this, Rebecca and her family received a refund.
In 2012, Liam got a insurance renewal notice in the mail, this time, his premium was reduced. As Rebecca says:
“Before the Affordable Care Act I felt totally helpless and I now I feel like there’s somebody looking out for us. I’m very grateful that the President has fought for health care reform.”

Stand UP for Medicare … Sherrod Brown

I’m proud to call myself a progressive. I know what our community has achieved over the years on behalf of working families. And I’m proud to stand with fighting progressives like you any day of the week.

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But there’s never been a more important time for fighting progressives to stand together than right now. Medicare — one of our proudest achievements and a critical element of seniors’ economic security — is under attack.

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This isn’t the first time Republicans have tried to pass the Ryan plan, which would end Medicare as we know it and leave seniors out in the cold when it comes to health insurance. But the far right only has to win this fight once — we have to show that we’ll always be there to defend this important pillar of American society.

 By signing my petition, you won’t just be helping to defeat this latest Republican attack on Medicare. You’ll be sending them a clear signal that fighting progressives like you and me will always be there to fight back whenever Republicans threaten the economic security of American seniors.

The far right is determined to get its way sooner or later. They think it’s just a matter of time before our coalition cracks and our defense of Medicare weakens. They’re willing to try as many times as it takes.

We have to show them that we’ll never waver in our defense of Medicare. Please sign my petition today — let’s see how many fighting progressives we can put together to show the GOP that our coalition is stronger than ever.

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