They called me f**got

I’m an openly gay student at Ole Miss who was threatened with anti-gay slurs. Join me in calling on Ole Miss to update its policies to protect LGBT students, faculty and staff.

I’m an openly gay student at the University of Mississippi, known as “Ole Miss.” Last week, while I was performing in The Laramie Project — a play about the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, who was killed for being gay — I was booed and heckled by the audience. They laughed at me. They called me f**got.

During the performance, I felt so much judgment. And worse than that, I felt afraid. Not just afraid of what these people might do to me, but afraid that my school wouldn’t back me up — because many of Ole Miss’s policies do not include protections for gay students like me.

The Ole Miss administration has said it will “investigate” what happened during that performance, but I want more than apologies and empty promises. I want real protection.

I worked with GetEQUAL to start a petition calling on Ole Miss to update all its policies for students, faculty and staff to include protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Will you click here to sign?

What happened during that performance was especially upsetting to me because The Laramie Project is supposed to be a show about learning from what happened to Matthew Shepard. It’s about coming together and treating all people equally.

I hope one day to be able to be my authentic self, open, and without fear of judgment. But the message I got on stage that night was very clear: being gay means being in danger.

This Saturday is the fifteenth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death, and on that day, I am going to present my petition to the Ole Miss administration. I know that if thousands of people sign, they will see how important it is that they take action to protect LGBT people on campus.

Click here to call on Ole Miss’s administration to update all of its policies to extend protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity to all students, faculty and staff.

Thank you,

Garrison Gibbons
Oxford, Mississippi

Progressive Radio Northwest Community Forum

Seattle Waterfront with Space Needle
Seattle Waterfront with Space Needle (Photo credit: jcolman)

David Goldstein Featured at Progressive Radio Northwest Community Forum,  Tuesday, October 29

Progressive Radio Northwest (PRNW) invites you to join American blogger and former Seattle talk radio host David Goldstein on Tuesday, October 29, for the second in our series of monthly get-togethers to meet, mingle and discuss issues central to our mission of bringing progressive radio back to the region. Goldstein addresses the question of “What’s the Way Forward for Progressive Talk?”

The Forum begins at Seattle’s Montlake Branch Library at 6:30 pm and then moves to the Montlake Ale House at 7:45 pm for those wanting to continue the Meet & Mingle.
Tuesday, October 29,  6:30 to 7:45 pm

Montlake Branch Library, 2401 24th Ave. E.,  Seattle, WA 98112, (206) 684-4720

Accessible building; Limited parking lot/Ample street parking; Served by Metro Bus Routes: 25, 43, 48

Montlake Ale House from 8:00 pm;  2307 24th Ave E; Seattle, WA 9811; (206) 726-5968;  Accessible building

RSVP by Friday, October 25 at

About the Speaker

David Goldstein is an American blogger and former talk radio host in Seattle, Washington. From 2006 to 2008, he hosted The David Goldstein Show on Saturdays and Sundays on710 KIRO.

We hope to see you!

The Progressive Radio Northwest Team

+ + +

And we’re delighted to share the terrific news from our friends from Blue Oregon about Carl Wolfson’s return to the Portland airwaves:

When Clear Channel killed KPOJ‘s progressive talk radio, thousands of Oregonians lost access to a lot of great progressive talk.   People pulled together and built the Save KPOJ movement and helped Carl Wolfson back behind the mic, with an internet radio show.

Now, it’s time to take this to the next level. Progressive talk radio is coming to the FM dial in Portland:  KXRY — to be known as XRAY.¬FM will be a combination of progressive talk radio and music from the Northwest.  It’s a local, not-for-profit radio station.

Soon Portland Area residents willl be able to hear Carl Wolfson and Thom Hartmann on their  FM dial.  Before that happens, XRAY.-FM will soon be available online, so everyone in Oregon will be able to enjoy this new progressive radio station.

Progressive talk radio is coming back!

Carla Axtman

BlueOregon Action


the Senate ~~ CONGRESS ~~ the House


The Senate stands adjourned until 10:00am on Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

Following the prayer and pledge, it is expected the Majority Leader will renew his motion to proceed to S.1569, a bill to ensure the complete and timely payment of the obligations of the United States Government until December 31, 2014. Senators will be permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each.

 The Senate will recess from 12:30pm until 2:15pm to allow for the weekly caucus meetings.




Began the Rule 14 process of H.J.Res.80, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Indian Education, and Indian Health Service Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014.


The Senate stands in adjournment until 12:00 noon on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.  Following any Leader remarks, Senators will be permitted to speak for up 10 minutes each.


Last Floor Action:
7:35:44 P.M. – The House adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on October 16, 2013.

Last Floor Action:
9:33:20 P.M. – The House adjourned.

The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on October 15, 2013.