In the Library … Tom Clancy

Undated picture shows author Clancy in Huntingtown
Author Tom Clancy has died at the age of 66, according to the New York Times.
The cause of his death wasn’t immediately known.Clancy was best known for his thrillers dealing with political intrigue and military technology.

He published 28 books, including those in the popular Jack Ryan series, such as “The Hunt for Red October,” “Patriot Games”  and “Clear and Present Danger.”
The Hunt for Red October  Cardinal of the Kremlin  Patriot Games  Clear and Present Danger  The Sum of All Fears  Debt of Honor  Executive Orders  Without Remorse  Rainbow Six  Bear and the Dragon  Red Rabbit  Teeth of the Tiger
Dead or Alive  Against All Enemies  Locked On  Threat Vector  Command Authority

It’s Time to #GetCovered


Obamacare is Open for Business

Today marks a huge milestone in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Health insurance marketplaces opened this morning and millions of Americans, many of whom are currently uninsured and may never before have had access to coverage, began shopping for a quality, affordable health plan.

healthcare dot gov openCREDIT:

In fact, President Obama said today that interest in the insurance marketplaces had exceeded all expectations. While this enormous amount of interest has led to some glitches (which the president said officials were working to address as quickly as possible), things are moving along in states across the country:

National website: A senior Obama administration official reported that just three hours after Obamacare’s open enrollment period launched, the national site had one million visitors. That’s five times more users on the site than the number of users who have ever at the same time.

California: The Golden State celebrated its first Obamacare enrollee at8:45 am Pacific Standard Time. Since then, state residents have tweetedthat they’re “impressed” with how easy it is to use the exchange’s app, and the site is “working like a charm for Californians.”

Colorado: In Colorado, the exchange site opened for business at 8:00 am Mountain Standard Time. Three hours later, state officials hadcompleted the first enrollments and the site had logged over 34,500 unique visitors.

Connecticut: Despite a few initial glitches with its website, Connecticut signed up its first Obamacare enrollee by 9:30 am. And at that point, 764 other people had active applications for the state’s exchange. “For a site that’s been up for 25 minutes, it’s not bad,” the CEO of Connecticut’s new insurance marketplace, Kevin Counihan, noted. By about 11:30 am, the state had logged 10,000 visitors to its website. By about 2:00 pm, state officials reported that they had fielded 17,000 phone calls from residents and enrolled 44 people for coverage.

District of Columbia: DC’s exchange opened for business at 8:00 am. By noon, about 1,500 DC residents had created accounts, according to a spokesperson for the exchange. Creating an account is the first step for people who want to shop for coverage and eventually buy a new plan under Obamacare. The District hasn’t yet experienced any issues with its website.

Florida: MSNBC reports that community health care clinics in Orlando are experiencing long lines as low-income people are visiting to learn more about their options under Obamacare. The CEO of a community clinic in Miami that primarily services uninsured Floridians told MSNBC that Tuesday represents a “new day” for low-income patients who can now gain affordable coverage.

Illinois: By noon on Tuesday, more than 42,000 people had visited the website for Illinois’ exchange.

Kentucky: Kentucky is the only Southern state that’s chosen to participate fully in health care reform by both expanding Medicaid and operating a state-level exchange. So far, it’s paying off. Between midnight and 10:30 am on Tuesday, Kentucky’s website had more than 24,000 visitors. The employees working to manage the exchange processedmore than 1,000 applications for health insurance by 9:30 am.

New York: In the first two hours that New York’s exchange website was open to the public, 2 million people visited the site. That’s a huge chunk of the population that stands to benefit from Obamacare. Approximately 2.6 million New York residents are currently uninsured, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Rhode Island: After Kaiser Health News solicited feedback from people trying to sign up for Obamacare, a Rhode Island resident responded with a positive experience. “Rhode Island site working fine. So many choices at so many price points! Something 4 everyone. I’m ecstatic,” Annabelle Leigh tweeted.

Virginia: Paula Thornhill, a 31-year-old mother of seven, was the first person to apply for a new plan in Prince George’s County. Her husband has health insurance through his job, but they couldn’t afford to pay the extra premium costs to cover her as well. “I’m relieved that they did come out with this affordable health care,” she told the Washington Post. “I’m relieved.”

All of this comes in spite of the GOP’s multi-year effort to derail, delay and destroy Obamacare, which has now culminated in Republicans shutting down the federal government in a spiteful and desperate bid to stop millions of Americans from gaining the security of quality, affordable health care.

Want to get in on the Obamacare party? Here’s four things you can do right now:

  • Visit This is the central hub for all things health care and will help you locate more information and sign up for coverage through one of the new marketplaces. As President Obama said today, check it out and “then show it to your family and your friends and help them get covered, just like mayors and churches and community groups and companies are already fanning out to do across the country.”
  • Call the Obamacare hotline: Trained counselors are standing by at1-800-318-2596 and can help callers in more than 150 different languages.
  • Help educate yourself and your friends, family and coworkers:ThinkProgress put together 20 questions you have about Obamacare and are afraid to ask. Find answers to your own questions and then share this post on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Show your support on social media: Visit GetCoveredAmerica.organd change your avatar on Twitter or your profile picture on Facebook to help spread the word that Obamacare is open for business and it’s time to #GetCovered.

BOTTOM LINE: Obamacare is the law of the land, isn’t going anywhere, and is working. Republicans may have closed down the government but the Obamacare insurance marketplaces are open for business and it’s time to get covered.

Be healthy, eat local

Did you know that most fruits and vegetables have lost up to 45% of their nutrients by the time you buy them at the store45%!

Join us in pledging to buy local produce!

There are a couple reasons for this problem. First, produce loses its nutritional value quickly – just three days after being picked, most fruits and vegetables have already lost a third of their nutrients. And second, most produce has to travel several hundred miles before it reaches the store – an average piece of produce takes seven days to get from the farm to the produce aisle.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this problem. By buying local produce, you can maximize the nutritional value in the fruits and vegetables you buy. Plus, since the produce doesn’t have to travel as far, you’re cutting the carbon emissions associated with transporting your food across the country.

Wondering where you can find local produce near you? Take the pledge to buy more local produce and we’ll help you find a local farmer’s market in your area.

Switch to local produce today! It’s good for your health and the planet’s.

–          The Earth Day Network Team

The Arctic 30

Shots fired so close they felt the splash in the water. Knives bared to slash their rubber boats. Russian special forces storming their ship from a helicopter. Five days incommunicado at sea under armed guard. And now, two months of detention in Russian jails. All for a peaceful protest to protect the Arctic. 

It’s now been 13 days that our activists have been detained in Russia. Please click here to email your local Russian embassy demanding their immediate release.

If you have already sent a message, please share this page with your friends and family today.

Free the Arctic 30
You already know that 28 Greenpeace International activists and two freelance photojournalists were detained by Russian authorities after attempting a peaceful protest at a Gazprom oil platform in the Russian Arctic to protect the fragile region from the disastrous consequences of reckless drilling.

Now our brave activists and crew, along with two freelancers that accompanied them, are to be held without charge for two months pending an investigation into potential piracy charges – an unfounded accusation that even Russian President Putin has dismissed.1

Since then, over half a million people have written letters to their Russian embassies, demanding the immediate release of our activists, and the call to #FreeTheArctic30 has spread like wildfire all over the world. From governments to NGOs and independent legal experts,2 there’s been a ringing global cry to free the Arctic 30 that the Russian authorities will find it hard to ignore.

Gazprom just signed a massive deal with Shell, and together they are leading the mad rush to drill in the melting Arctic for more of the stuff that is causing devastating climate change. Just last week, Arctic sea ice reached its lowest point all year — the sixth lowest in recorded history. Last Friday, the IPCC released a report stressing the urgent need for action on climate change.

This moment is critical. The time is now to raise our voices to protect the Arctic,
 to speak out for those who are being silenced by the authorities for protesting against the destruction of our planet, and to stand up against the collusion of governments and companies in crimes against our future.

Are you in? Send a message to your local Russian embassy now.

In solidarity,

Ben Ayliffe
Arctic Campaigner

1On September 25, President Vladimir Putin said “It is absolutely evident that they are, of course, not pirates” in reference to the Greenpeace activists arrested by the Russian authorities
2 What independent legal experts have said about the Russian authorities’ seizure of our ship:

Sea Change … Pacific Ocean takes perilous turn


Story by Craig Welch

Photo’s by Steve Ringman/ The Seattle Times

Click on Photo below for the full Story & Video

Walleye pollock show some behavioral problems when exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide. That raises concern about the North Pacific's $1 billion-a-year pollock fishery, which accounts for half the nation's catch of fish.

 Walleye pollock show some behavioral problems when exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide.