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Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico is a fede...
Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico is a federal aid program of the US Department of Agriculture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Jose State University Crowns First Black Homecoming King And Queen


California’s oldest university just named its first black homecoming king and queen.  Seniors Daniel Harris-Lucas and Diana Busaka were crowned Thursday night at San Jose State University, beating out 22 other applicants who all submitted a nomination, two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, a resumé and news clips about them.  “It’s a great accomplishment,” Harris-Lucas told NBC Bay Area. “But it’s probably overdue. I’m glad to be part of history. But this probably should have happened years ago.”

SJSU first caught national attention at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, when two of its students, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, placed in the 200 meter race and raised their black-gloved fists in the iconic black power salute. A statue of them stands on the SJSU campus today.  While the homecoming judging panel noted that there has been an black queen before, this is the first…

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