They’re back …

The gun lobbyists are so used to getting their way, they just can’t believe that they’re losing this fight over universal background checks.

They lost badly at the ballot box, so they ran crying to a judge.  He told them to take a hike, so now they’re pleading with an appeals court to overturn the will of Washington voters.

None of the gun lobby’s apocalyptic “what if” fantasies have come true. They’re out of ammo, and desperate for the 9th Circuit to save them.

Want to put an end to this madness?  Chip in right now – whatever you can – and help us raise $5,000 for the 594 Legal Defense Fund.  Show the gun lobby we won’t back down!

Why has the gun lobby been so successful all these years at defeating common-sense gun safety proposals across the country?  Because they keep fighting, no matter what. Our movement hasn’t been able to match their tenacity – until now.

We’re finally standing up to the gun lobby and their pals in the Legislature, and we’ve got them running scared.  Make a donation right now to the 594 Legal Defense Fund.  Let’s hit our goal and keep up the fight!

Thank you,