on this day … 7/19 1799: Rosetta Stone found

On this day in 1799, during Napoleon Bonaparte’s Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovers a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta, about 35 miles north of Alexandria. The irregularly shaped stone contained fragments of passages written in three different… read more »


Seneca Falls Convention begins »


Thousands of fans join the Miami funeral procession of Celia Cruz »


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From the ASPR Blog: Securing health at our nation’s most symbolic events

Last week, hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall to celebrate the 4th of July.  People saw the fireworks and the moving performances, but they didn’t see what goes on behind-the-scenes.  The work that goes into protecting the health of those attending and working at these events is extensive. ASPR takes many variables into consideration as we plan to protect people’s health as they celebrate.  Learn More >>

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CDC Suspects Female-to-Male Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus

A routine investigation by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has identified the first suspected case of sexual transmission of the Zika virus from a female to her male partner.  CDC’s current guidance on preventing sexual transmission of Zika virus is based on the assumption that transmission occurs from a male partner to his partner. Ongoing surveillance is needed to determine the risk for transmission of Zika virus infection from a female to her sexual partners. Learn More >>

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Zika Virus Response Planning: Interim Guidance for Schools

What happens if Zika transmission happens at your child’s school?  Does the school have a plan?  CDC has issued guidance to help address concerns about the risk for Zika virus infection in K–12 schools in the continental United States and Hawaii.  As part of this guidance, CDC provides school districts with information for planning school-related activities, and recommend actions that can be taken to reduce the potential risk for Zika virus transmission at school and among students. Learn More >>


Save the Date: Youth Preparedness Council Summit Goes Live

Got questions about youth preparedness? Just ask!  Youth Preparedness Council members will answer your questions live from the Youth Preparedness Council Summit!

On Wednesday, July 20 at 11:45 AM ET, FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council members will broadcast on Facebook Live and Periscope from the 2016 Youth Preparedness Council Summit in Washington, DC.

Youth preparedness council

From the ACL Blog:  Be Prepared for Extreme Heat

As summer is upon us, it is a time to prepare yourself and those in your care for extreme heat. Whether you are an older adult, an individual with a disability, or a family member caring for a loved one with functional needs, each person’s requirements and abilities are unique. During periods of extreme heat, every individual can take important steps to put plans in place and prepare for potential risks, such as power outages. Find out how you can evaluate your own personal needs and making an emergency plan.  Learn More >>

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