Alena Popova via – Russia decriminalizing domestic violence?

In Russia, one woman sustains injuries from domestic violence every 12 minutes. That’s 36,000 women each year. The number may be higher since there is no official mechanism for keeping track of family violence cases.Legislation in Russia already allows courts to be lenient with those who commit acts of domestic violence. Now, the Duma – Russia’s legislative body – is considering officially decriminalizing domestic violence by passing a new law.

Sign my petition here, and urge lawmakers to stand up for victims of domestic violence.

If Russia passes this new law, it could mean that more women will die, and that the criminal justice system in Russia will continue to reward those who abuse their spouses. This has to stop.

That’s why I’m calling for lawmakers to create a new law that will specifically change the way that lawmakers handle domestic violence charges. Better legislation would also include a special office to prosecute abusive men who are responsible for beating 36,000 women every day in Russia.

You can help ensure that we turn the tide and stop upwards of 12,000 women each year from dying of domestic violence. Please sign my petition.

In Western and Eastern Europe – as well as several other countries from Kazakhstan to Lithuania – adoption of similar laws have led to up to a 40 percent reduction in domestic violence cases. We can make this happen in Russia, too.

Help send a powerful message to Russian lawmakers that people around the world are invested in the survival of women who are otherwise dying for the right to be safe in their homes.

Thank you,

Alena Popova