African American History … 1619 – 1989


1619- First Blacks Arrive in Jamestown
1638- First Slaves Arrive in Massachusetts
1664- Black-White Marriages Outlawed
1688- Quakers Oppose Slavery
1712- First Slave Revolt
1770- Black Killed in Boston Massacre
1773- First Black Church Founded
1775- Society of Abolition of Slavery Established
1776- Blacks and the Revolutionary War
1777- Vermont Abolishes Slavery
1787- Northwest Ordinance
1793- First Fugitive Slave Law
1793- Cotton Gin
1800- Slave Uprising Near Richmond
1807- Slave Importation Banned
1820- Missouri Compromise
1821- Liberia Founded
1829- Walker’s Appeal
1831- First Negro Convention
1831- “Liberator” Published
1831- Nat Turner Rebellion
1839- Slave Revolt Aboard Ship
1843- Call for Revolt
1847- Douglass Publishes “North Star”
1849- Harriet Tubman Escapes
1850- Compromise of 1850
1852- Uncle Tom’s Cabin Published
1857- Dred Scott Decision
1859- John Brown Raid
1860- Lincoln Elected
1862- Blacks Enlist in Union Army
1863- Emancipation Proclamation
1863- Draft Riots in New York
1865- Thirteenth Amendment Ratified
1865- Freedmen’s Bureau Created
1867- Reconstruction Act Passed
1867- Howard University Founded
1870- First Black Senator
1875- Civil Rights Bill Passed
1877- Reconstruction Ends
1877- First Black Graduates from West Point
1881- Tuskegee Institute Founded
1883- Civil Rights Act Unconstitutional
1890- Blacks Excluded from Southern Politics
1896- Segregation Legal
1898- Blacks Serve in Spanish-American War
1904- Booker T Washington, Black Leader
1904- Niagara Movement Begun
1908- NAACP Founded
1917- Great Migration Begins
1917- Race Riots in Illinois
1917- Blacks and World War I
1920- Universal Negro Imporvement Association Meets
1925- Brotherhood of Rail Porters
1931- Scottsboro Trial
1936- Jesse Owens Wins Four Gold Medals
1936- NAACP Sues for Equal Pay
1940- First Black General
1941- FDR Forbids Discrimination
1943- Race Riots in Harlem
1944- Adam Clayton Powell Elected to Congress
1944- All White Primary Illegal
1946- Truman Appoints Panel
1947- Jackie Robinson Becomes First Black Major Leaguer
1948- Military Desegregated
1950- Ralph Bunche Receives Nobel Prize
1953- Washington’s Restaurants Desegregated
1954- Schools Ordered to Desegregate
1955- Bus Boycott Begins
1957- Voting Act of 1957
1960- Widespread Protest Throughout South
1961- Freedom Riders
1962- James Meredith Enters University of Mississippi
1963- March On Washington
1964- Rioting in US Cities
1964- Civil Rights Workers Slain
1964- King Receives Nobel Peace Prize
1964- Selma to Montgomery March
1965- Malcolm X Assassinated
1965- Los Angeles Riots
1966- James Meredith Shot
1967- First Black Senator Since Reconstruction
1967- First Black Supreme Court Justice
1968- Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated
1974- Samuel Gravely Becomes the First Black Admiral in US Navy
1976- Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles
1977- Young, Ambassador to UN
1984- Jesse Lackson Runs for President
1987- Powell, Security Advisor to President
1989- Powell, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff

on this day … 2/12 NAACP was founded.

1541 – The city of Santiago, Chile was founded.

1554 – Lady Jane Grey was beheaded after being charged with treason. She had claimed the throne of England for only nine days.

1733 – Savannah, GA, was founded by English colonist James Oglethorpe.

1870 – In the Utah Territory, women gained the right to vote.

1878 – Frederick W. Thayer patented the baseball catcher’s mask.

1879 – The first artificial ice rink opened in North America. It was at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY.

1880 – The National Croquet League was organized in Philadelphia, PA.

1892 – In the U.S., President Lincoln‘s birthday was declared to be a national holiday.

1907 – A collision of the steamer Larchmont and a schooler resulted in the death of more than 300 people. The incident occurred off New England’s Block Island.

1909 – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded.

1912 – China’s boy emperor Hsuan T’ung announced that he was abdicating, ending the Manchu Ch’ing dynasty. Subsequently, the Republic of China was established.

1915 – The cornerstone of the Lincoln Memorial was laid in Washington, DC.

1918 – All theatres in New York City were shut down in an effort to conserve coal.

1924 – U.S. President Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential political speech on radio.

1924 – “The Eveready Hour” became radio’s first sponsored network program. The National Carbon Company was the first sponsor of a network show.

1934 – The Export-Import Bank was incorporated.

1940 – Mutual Radio presented the first broadcast of the radio play “The Adventures of Superman.”

1968 – “Soul on Ice” by Eldridge Cleaver was published for the first time.

1971 – James Cash (J.C.) Penney died at the age of 95. The company closed for business for one-half day as a memorial to the company’s founder.

1973 – The State of Ohio went metric, becoming the first in the U.S. to post metric distance signs.

1973 – American prisoners of war were released for the first time during the Vietnam conflict.

1985 – Johnny Carson surprised his audience by shaving the beard he had been wearing on “The Tonight Show.”

1993 – In Liverpool, England, a 2-year-old boy, James Bulger, was lured away from his mother at a shopping mall and beaten to death. Two ten-year-old boys were responsible.

1998 – A U.S. federal judge declared that the presidential line-item veto was unconstitutional.

1999 – U.S. President Clinton was acquitted by the U.S. Senate on two impeachment articles. The charges were perjury and obstruction of justice.

2001 – The space probe NEAR landed on the asteroid Eros. It was the first time that any craft had landed on a small space rock.

2002 – Kenneth Lay, former Enron CEO, exercised his constitutional rights and refused to testify to the U.S. Congress about the collapse of Enron.

2002 – The trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic began at the U.N. tribunal in The Hague. Milosevic was accused of war crimes during the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

2002 – Pakistan charged three men in connection with the kidnapping of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi.

2002 – Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Franco Knie won a defamation-of-character lawsuit against the Swiss magazine “Facts.” The case involved a photomontage created by the magazine.

2003 – The U.N. nuclear agency declared North Korea in violation of international treaties. The complaint was sent to the Security Council.

2004 – Mattel announced that “Barbie” and “Ken” were breaking up. The dolls had met on the set of their first television commercial together in 1961.

2013 – North Korea conducted its third underground nuclear test.