Stop the Corporate Power Grab in Congress

Tell Congress to reject these anti-democratic bills: Sign the petition today!

Republican leaders in Congress and President Trump are pushing dangerous legislation to put corporate interests ahead of America’s interests. Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican House members have already passed three dangerous bills to help Trump further his plan to dismantle our democratic institutions—and now this legislation is headed to the Senate. If passed, these bills would result in thousands of premature deaths in the United States by rolling back vital health safeguards.

We need your help to stop these anti-democratic bills before Trump signs them into law.

Add your name to this petition urging the Senate to reject three bills:

(1) The Regulatory Accountability Act;

(2) The REINS Act; and

(3) The Midnight Rules Relief Act.


These bills set a dangerous precedent to put corporate interests above community health and welfare:

  • The Regulatory Accountability Act, or RAA, makes it easier for corporations to challenge public safety rules, adds dozens of additional steps for agencies to form safeguards, and—by making agencies select the cheapest option, rather than the best option—puts corporate profit above clean water, clean air, child safety standards, and other important protections.
  • The REINS Act prevents any major agency rule from going into effect until both chambers of Congress affirmatively approve it within 70 days. Members of Congress do not have to be accountable for striking public health safeguards; they can simply sit on their hands, ignore public input and agency expertise, and ultimately kill efforts to hold corporate interests accountable for their actions to American families.
  • The Midnight Rules Relief Act changes the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to allow Congress to reject all public protections finalized near the end of presidential terms, rather than reviewing them one at a time—as is currently allowed by law. This scorched earth approach ignores agency expertise and accountability, and allows Congress to prevent agencies from publishing similar safeguards ever again.

If these bills are signed into law, the democratic process through which our nation establishes basic protections against corporate abuse—a process in which citizens, stakeholders, and experts have a voice—would all but vanish. Click here to sign a petition that calls on United States Senators to put community health and safety above corporate interests.