Tell Congress to Vote NO on the 2018 House Farm Bill

Take action: Tell your representatives that the House Farm Bill will hurt women and families.

Dear Friends,

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, AKA food stamps) provides basic food assistance to millions of families across the country. But House Republicans could vote as soon as this week on a Farm Bill that would cut SNAP benefits, threatening to increase food insecurity for women and families.

Tell Congress to Vote NO on the 2018 House Farm Bill
Tell your representative to protect SNAP for women and families and vote NO on the Farm Bill.

Take Action

Only months after giving massive tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy, Republicans have the audacity to propose taking food off the tables of women and their families. The 2018 Farm Bill would take away SNAP benefits away from parents, children, working people in the lowest-paying jobs, older workers, and people between jobs. It also could make it harder for survivors of domestic violence to get SNAP benefits. Just like the tax bill, the House Farm Bill is a bad deal for women. We can stop this bill, but Congress needs to hear from you!

Tell your representative that the House Farm Bill is a bad deal for women!

SNAP is essential for women, who make up 63 percent of adult SNAP recipients. We can’t let Congress get away with taking food off the tables of families struggling to make ends meet.

Demand that Congress protect women and families by voting NO on the Farm Bill.

Thank you for speaking up for women and families.

In solidarity,

Amy Matsui
Director of Income Security
National Women’s Law Center

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