When the EPA sided with factory farms in 2001, she quit


Back in 2001, Michele Merkel worked for the EPA.

One of her first cases was with farmers who were suing mega-hog factory farms for polluting the community’s air and water. When the EPA sided with the giant corporations, she quit.

Now Michele works at Food & Water Watch, fighting for laws and legislation that force our government and the EPA to protect your water, air and food from factory farms — as they are mandated to do.

Check out Michele’s TEDx Talk to hear her story and how you can fight with Michele against factory farms.

Michele’s story shows how factory farms have too much power.

That’s why we are calling for a ban on factory farms.1

Factory farms place our health and food supply at risk, pollute the environment and our drinking water, and wreck rural communities — while increasing corporate control over our food.

But we can reverse this trend. Watch the video, then start a monthly gift to help ban factory farms.

Watch the video

The list of factory farm abuses is long. Factory farms:

  • Contaminate our air and water
  • Put our food supply at risk
  • Push family farms out of business
  • Abuse antibiotics and treat animals terribly
  • Increase the corporate control of our food system

For all these reasons we must ban new factory farms. You can help by starting your monthly donation right now.

Food & Water Watch is helping to build a movement calling for a ban on new factory farms. We know that this won’t be easy — but just like when we were the first national organization to call for a ban on fracking, we know that it’s the logical solution to the problem we face.

Watch Michele’s TEDx talk to hear more about our fight against factory farms, and then join the fight with a monthly gift.

Onward together,

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch

1. Ban Factory Farms, Food & Water Watch.