If they are for our families why have Rossi as their headlinee ~a repost&reminder

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We’ve seen a lot of strange things from Republicans here in Washington State — but this might take the cake:

Republican Men's Retreat

Yep, Dino Rossi is headlining a GOP men’s retreat. Have a clever caption for this graphic? Submit it here.

Dino Rossi and the Republican Party have a pretty abysmal record on women’s rights.

    • Rossi is staunchly anti-choice
    • Rossi doesn’t think insurance plans should cover contraception
    • In the state Senate, Rossi voted to exclude low-income womenfrom access to family planning services
  • Just last year in the state Senate, Rossi was instrumental in keeping the Equal Pay Opportunity Act from coming to a vote (luckily, the Act passed once Manka Dhingra replaced Rossi)

And even with all that, we were still stunned that every Republican whose picture appears above thought that holding a “men-only” event was a good idea. It’s an awful idea.

So we’re throwing a caption contest for the above graphic! We’ll choose some of the wittiest submissions and post them on social media. Submit your caption, and you might see it online soon!

— WA Democrats