This DOJ nominee would bulldoze civil rights protections (pls sign!)

People for the American Way

Zach VanHouten, People For the American Way

Dear Friends,

Eric Dreiband, Trump’s extreme nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, is set to receive a Senate confirmation vote as early as THIS WEEK!

Senate Republicans just rammed through the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh … now Mitch McConnell is hoping to ram through another anti-civil rights Trump nominee and place him in a position where he could do tremendous damage.

Sign immediately – tell senators to OPPOSE Dreiband for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights!>>

Drieband is another example of a Trump nominee who has spent his career opposing the very mission of the office he is nominated to hold.

Here are just a few examples of why he is totally unfit and should be REJECTED by the Senate:

  • Dreiband spent years defending corporations accused of employment discrimination, he defended a corporation that discriminated against a Muslim woman, and he defended North Carolina’s notorious anti-trans bathroom law.
  • In his personal capacity, Dreiband has opposed and testified against legislation designed to protect civil rights. In one instance, he opposed legislation that would secure equal pay for women. He testified against legislation that would prevent age discrimination in workplaces. He even submitted a friend of the court amicus brief supporting an employer accused by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of discriminating against Black and Latinx applicants.
  • Dreiband lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee in his confirmation hearing. One particularly egregious example was when he insisted that he never opposed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, even though he served as an expert witness testifying in opposition to the bill. He also refused to repudiate Trump’s wild allegations of mass “illegal voting” in the 2016 election.

Please add your name without delay to demand that the Senate vote NO on the confirmation of Eric Drieband>>

Thanks for staying in the fight. We might not win them all, but if we don’t fight, we don’t even have a chance.

— Zach VanHouten, Digital Communications Coordinator