your voice to L&I

Wanted to make sure you saw this item in the news today — the Trump Administration let slip that they’re yet-again delaying action to update federal overtime rules, and basically they don’t plan on even thinking about it again until March. A federal update is likely more than a year away at this point. Maybe longer.

It’s just one more reason why we need action at the state level by L&I. Washington workers have already waited 40 years for the rules to be updated. We can’t be expected to just sit back and wait for the Trump Administration too.

That’s why we’ve been organizing people to sign on to our petition, attend public hearings, and share their stories on our website about the impact of our out-of-date overtime rules.

Now I’m asking you to do one more thing: I’m asking you to submit an official comment to L&I urging them to move forward and update overtime rules. You can build your comment at this link here.

Look, we all know that the big business lobby groups & their bill-by-the-hour corporate lawyers are going to be making sure L&I hears from them about how workers love putting in endless hours without overtime pay because of the prestige. And that the sky will fall if people got paid for their time. And that Washington workers should wait for Trump. And all the nonsense they usually say.

I also know the idea of “Official Comment” can seem a little intimidating, so we built a tool to make it easy! All you have to do is just answer a few questions and it’ll all come together — and it’ll only take a few minutes. (Promise!) So let’s make sure the state hears what workers actually think, too.

Let me know you if you have any questions — thanks! Best,
Sage, Working Washington