Dear Birth Control: Thank you.


A message from Mara Gandal-Powers

Help defend birth control from Trump this #ThxBirthControl Day.

Dear Friends,

Every year on #ThxBirthControl day, we’re reminded of how grateful we are to have birth control in our lives, whether we use it ourselves, or it’s our friends, family, and loved ones who rely on it. Because across the country, across income levels and gender identities, people use birth control to decide whether and when to have children, to focus on our careers or educations, to manage medical conditions, and so, so much more.

But this #ThxBirthControl day, we’re more thankful than ever.

Because just last week, the Trump-Pence administration unleashed its latest attack on birth control—waiting until the day after the midterms to unveil a finalized version of the rules it initially introduced last year, hoping no one would notice.

But we noticed.

We are already suing them for the initial rules, because we won’t let rules that would allow virtually any employer or university to deny you birth control coverage, for almost any reason stand. Now we’re prepared to take on the new rules too. The threat these rules pose is devastating.
We know because over the last year we’ve talked to hundreds of people who have told us how important birth control is in their lives and communities. And now we want to hear from you.

This #ThxBirthControl Day, tell us why you’re grateful for birth control to help us fight back against the Trump-Pence administration’s latest attacks.
Sharing your birth control story with us today allows us to tell a fuller picture of the role birth control plays in our lives, and to show how attacks on birth control are attacks on our communities. In short, sharing your story helps us protect birth control, and defend it from attacks like the Trump-Pence administration’s latest rules.

Take Action

This year, we’ve already heard from Mason, a non-binary person in Washington, D.C., who told us that birth control is important for them because it makes them feel more comfortable with their gender identity: “As a trans person, having my menstrual cycle is something that doesn’t align with my gender identity.”
We heard from Rylie, a college student from Indiana, who’s forced to pay for her birth control out-of-pocket because her mom, whose insurance she’s on, works at a religious school that refuses to cover birth control. On having to pay for birth control out-of-pocket, she told us: “It may not seem like much, but I don’t have much income, being a full-time student, and I’m trying to save money to cover the costs of my education as well.”

We heard from Allison, a queer woman who wound up in the hospital and almost lost her life — and now uses birth control to avoid another life-threatening trip to the hospital. “For me, birth control is a medical necessity,” she said.
We’ve heard from people across the country — and now we want to hear from you. This #ThxBirthControl day, help us fight back against the Trump-Pence administration by telling us: Why are you thankful for birth control?
Mara Gandal-Powers
Director of Birth Control Access and Senior Counsel
National Women’s Law Center
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