Tell SMBC — Stop bankrolling human rights abuses and rainforest destruction in Indonesia!


A year of investigations have revealed human rights abuses, including wrongful arrest and torture by police. With our allies in Indonesia, TuK INDONESIA and WALHI, we’ve just released a new report that exposes devastating human rights abuses tied to notorious logging and palm oil company Korindo.
What’s more, we’ve traced Korindo wood all the way to the construction sites of the new Tokyo 2020 Olympic venues, and followed Korindo’s money to major banks including Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC).
Tell SMBC that they must stop financing ANY company implicated in human rights abuses and rainforest destruction.

I am very concerned about your bank’s willingness to finance companies that are destroying rainforests and abusing human rights in Indonesia. As a multinational company, SMBC Group has a responsibility to respect human rights and protect the environment for future generations. SMBC should strengthen its financing policies and explicitly prohibit financing of activities by clients which violate laws or negatively impact rainforests, peatlands, Indigenous and customary rights, or labor rights through their direct operations or supply chains.