They’re taking away our rights. Will you stop them?

Gender and reproductive justice are central to our work.


Our member leaders–predominantly womxn, trans, non-binary, and queer folx–recognize abortion restrictions as a primary means of gender oppression in our state and nation. We see the intersections gender oppression has with race, sexuality, class, and the environment.

Because of this analysis, our folx were ready to be out front on the issue of abortion, even as we engage in broader forms of cultural organizing around gender and reproductive justice in rural and often deeply conservative spaces.
Hometown Action members believe that in order to shift the way our state legislates on reproductive justice, we have to change the way that we hold space together in our communities.

We need to not only protect abortion access, we also need to keep our people emotionally and spiritually safe and cared for. Make a donation today to help us bring our healing and organizing power to protect our communities and our rights.

Thank you for all that you do,

Justin and everyone at Hometown Action and People’s Action