“Cynicism is a bad choice,” he said. “Hope is the better choice.” a reminder a repost


When President Obama was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Baltics in NATO, he noted that “freedom needs a foundation of security,” and will now “always be guaranteed by the strongest military alliance the world has ever known.”

He made clear, however, that it’s not a military alliance that makes our countries strong — it is our commitment to democracy:

“We’re stronger because we’re democracies.”

We’re not afraid of free and fair elections, because true legitimacy can only come from one source — and that is the people.

We’re not afraid of an independent judiciary, because no one is above the law.

We’re not afraid of a free press or vibrant debate or a strong civil society, because leaders must be held accountable.

We’re not afraid to let our young people go online to learn and discover and organize, because we know that countries are more successful when citizens are free to think for themselves.”

~ Barack Obama


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