Invest in our fight to #StopSinclair!

Sinclair Media Group has the potential to be more dangerous than Fox News. We’re possibly days away from an FCC decision that may allow Sinclair’s acquisition of the Tribune Media Company, which would allow Sinclair to pump their right-wing propaganda masquerading as trusted local news into 72% of U.S. homes. Even worse, Sinclair could use their propaganda machine to tip the scales for conservative candidates in elections across the country this year. We can’t allow this to happen. Will you invest in our campaign against Sinclair today?

To stop Sinclair from negatively impacting key 2018 elections, we need to move fast. If we can push local businesses that rely on Black dollars to pull advertising from Sinclair stations, we can force Sinclair to return editorial control to trusted local journalists. While Sinclair might be a huge company, each local station relies on local advertisers to stay profitable. If we can get key local leaders and advertisers to fight Sinclair, we can stop the flow of right-wing propaganda ahead of these key elections.

We need your support now to help us fight back against this right-wing takeover of our local media. With your help we’ll:

    • Support and work with news directors actively fighting back against Sinclair
    • Pay for researchers to identify the most important congressional races where Sinclair might have undue influence and push businesses that rely on Black dollars to pull advertising from those stations
    • Empower communities to organize against Sinclair stations that will have significant impacts on key elections this year. This is a critical election year and we can’t afford to lose seats in Congress because of Sinclair’s propaganda

The Sinclair threat goes beyond influencing elections. We also know that Black people are disproportionately impacted when local news gets pushed further to the right. In a report commissioned by Color Of Change, we found that local and national media consistently use anti-Black stereotypes, such as being on welfare or lacking family stability, in their reporting.

We have research, numbers and past big wins on our side. We can beat Sinclair’s big merger. But only if we have the funds to do so. If you care about keeping Sinclair’s pro-Trump, anti-Black news out of our living rooms, invest $1 (or more) to keep us going today.

Change Of Color