1997 – Scientists in London said DNA from a Neanderthal skeleton supported a theory that all humanity descended from an “African Eve” 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

July 10, 1997: DNA Test of Neanderthal Skeleton Supports Man Originated in Africa

Digging Deeper

By Major Dan
Neanderthal man is the stereotypical cave man of cultural reference, powerfully built and immensely strong, with males average height about 5’6” and females about 5’1”. Their brains were actually larger than modern human brains, 1600 cc versus 1400 cc. The theory of human evolution has modern man and Neanderthal both evolving from a common ancestor 200,000 or so years ago in Africa, with Neanderthal leaving Africa to evolve in Europe and Asia while the modern human branch stayed in Africa, evolving toward modern humans.

Once the modern branch of humans (Cro Magnon) left Africa (perhaps 60,000 years ago) and migrated to Europe and Asia, there was interaction between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal that resulted in cross breeding. This cross breeding leaves modern European and Asian races with a higher percentage of Neanderthal DNA than modern Africans. Modern non-African humans demonstrate about 20% Neanderthal gene pool, with about 2% of the individual average genome being Neanderthal.

All this information indicates that from the study of mitochondrial DNA (that passed on through each mother) scientists now (most of them) believe that all humans can be traced back to a common ancestor (Homo heidelbergensis) in Africa perhaps 200,000 years ago, a virtual real life “Eve.”

Of course, some people object to this theory on religious grounds and believe God created Man without going through all this evolutionary business. What do you believe? Did dinosaurs live tens of millions of years ago, or did early man coexist with dinosaurs only a few thousand years ago? Tell us what you think about all this information.