Thanksgiving (Re)Writing Contest – submit your entry by November 21, 2021 for a chance to Win $$$$$

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Every year for Thanksgiving, the Wall Street Journal features a passage from a pilgrim detailing what colonists perceived when they arrived in the “New World.” The passage is full of disdain and racism towards indigenous people, and petition starter Randy, an indigenous activist, thinks it’s time to stop publishing this story. 

But what should one of the nation’s most widely-read newspapers publish on Thanksgiving? How can we as a nation stop telling the false story behind the holiday and instead tell a story of our nation that honors indigenous people? We want to read something which positions the descendants of the U.S.’ original inhabitants and settlers as modern day accomplices in the fight for a more just nation – and we’re willing to pay for it. is looking for an essay that does just that, and we want you to submit your writing. Randy and our staff will join together to determine the winner, and to submit the winning essay to the WSJ.