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Dorthy Height – In Memory

Dorothy Height: a civil rights heroine, educator and social activist ; She was a woman who had her finger print on all things American and as the President said,” deserves a place in our history”.    3/24/1912 – 4/20/2010

first posted 4/22/2011



On this Day … Nina Simone

On This Day: February 21
Nina Simone                           Born: February 21, 1933                           Died: April 21, 2003                           Age: 70 years old                           Birthplace: Tryon, NC, United States                           Occupation: Civil Rights Activist, Pianist, Singer, Journalist Read Nina Simone’s biography >>
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Gov.Rick Perry … FED Up?

Keepin them honest or exposing the tall tales, misinformation and just plain ole lies like last night on his first debate or whatever that was. It is offensive to most if not all on Social Security by calling it a Ponzi Scheme, edging toward telling Americans that they do not believe in Evolution and when an audience applauds the support of execution and in what appears to have been a possible innocent man should provide info that proves how unqualified a Presidential Candidate is but that’s just my opinion

Governor Rick Perry told Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday that Medicaid is such a Ponzi scheme that it would even make Mr. Ponzi feel bad.

Yes, Cenk is still making sure we all know his views

Rick Perry compares civil rights movement to fighting for lower taxes, deregulation

Rick Perry says Obama is hell bent on making America socialist…

Rick Perry Flip-Flops on immigration reform

mashup Monday &some News …

Featured photo is on Bloody Sunday-with police officers waiting for demostrators

FYI … a sad but true reality …Today marks the anniversary of Bloody Sunday

In this year 2011, the definition of freedom of speech seems misused manipulated and disrespected mostly by right-wingers.

Now, Representative Peter King, a part of homeland security seems to be using his position to pursue Muslims. For months, he and his conservative comrades have talked about the radicalization of young Muslims here in the US of A. He was a part of that whole don’t build a mosque near ground zero group and is doing his part in the whole fear mongering department. However, the mongering has moved from just words to an attempt to find the underlying cause of why “they” are so radical and that “they” need to cooperate and talk to the FBI. While watching the interview with him and Representative Ellison I got the feeling freedom of religion and singling out a group of people instead of dealing with radicalization as a whole was not on his mind whatsoever. I definitely yelled at the television machine because yes it hurt to see this guy, a so-called public servant who should represent the people, all people talk like what he was about to do was acceptable. Even though he said, it is only a small percentage of Muslims and when asked to provide more information he preceded to say 1 or 2 as well as the general comment about speaking to some police and or the FBI. I found most if not all of his comments and reasons for the Muslim hearings offensive and wondered how anyone would vote for a guy who does not seem to believe in the constitution. I was offended when he compared what he is doing as nothing different from when the government singled out and went after the Mafia, Gangs, and groups appearing radicalized beyond at least his or their taste. At first, i thought that he might just be discussing the need for hearings but then dashed by reality when Representative Ellison stated he would be testifying at the hearing. I am relieved that Rep.Ellison will be there if not to say all the things others might be too scared and or worried to say while seating in what clearly will be a hot seat. I have to say March Madness comes in all shapes and sizes but more and more madness from the right by people who seemed sane clearly are feeling very comfortable to express their extremely right side. Can i just say March madness is catching and it makes you wonder who can we support, vote for and trust anymore because the definition of a public servant is becoming a blur and disrespected. It was nice to hear ms.crowly call out mr.King and when she did all you had to do is replace with any group that might be on the “watch list”. I wish more talking heads would challenge people who hold public office making comments, specifically folks like MBachmann, McConnell, Boehner, Huckabee, SBrown and SPalin though freedom of speech is a right.

The uptick in rhetoric coming from conservatives, tea party and in some cases the Republican Party does promote fear, hate, and in some cases incite violence. The act or use of freedom of speech also means you should not only use it responsibly but also held accountable for it.

Other News …

**Costco agrees not to sell fish on the endangered list

**Gadhafi is using airstrikes to either scare and kill his own people

**Egyptian protesters fight troops over Mubarak documents

**Gates says we must stay in Afghanistan

**S.Korea makes 2nd try at sending N.Koreans home

**Oil tops $106 a barrel

**Rep. Daniel Akaka will not seek re-election

**Samsung exec says their tablet is “inadequate”

 **Rep.Peter King will hold his hearings starting Thursday -peaceful protests needed


Iowa Conservatives Hosts GOP Presidential Hopefuls

2012 Iowa Caucuses in View



Attorneys General to Meet in Washington

focus on economy



Senate to Consider Long-term Spending Measure

Procedural votes on Tuesday



Civil Rights Spies

Rick Bowers is the author of, “Spies of Mississippi: The True Story of the Spy Network that Tried to Destroy the Civil Rights Movement.” The book is about the State of Mississippi’s Sovereignty Commission that tried to stop integration and the Civil Rights Movement. Mr. Bowers discusses his book at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.



Dred Scott

On March 6th, 1857, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in the Dred Scott Case, which ruled that slaves were not citizens and were not protected by the Constitution. The National Association of Attorneys General hosted this discussion on the importance of the Dred Scott decision.



– 5 Things Unions Have Done for You

America’s unions have been one of the major forces in building a middle class and have fought over the past century to improve the lives of all Americans. READ MORE


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