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Put coal exports On Trial in Washington ~~

Help put coal exports on trial in Washington.
Coal train
Make a public comment today to stop the proposed Longview, WA coal terminal.
take action today

Big coal is trying to force through the largest coal export terminal in the U.S. right here in Longview, WA.
Sending coal exports through Longview would damage everything from our fragile ecosystem, to our health, to our climate.
We can’t let this facility get permitted. And now we have a chance to stop it. The public comment period has opened for the Longview proposal – giving us an official public opportunity to say NO to coal exports by voicing our concerns about its impacts.
And speaking up makes a difference. When Washingtonians like you submitted over 124,000 comments last fall on a coal export proposal just north of Bellingham, the agencies listened. We can do it again.
Please submit a comment today. Absolutely everyone needs to comment to help stop these terminals from moving forward.
If we allow these terminals in our state, we’ll be seen as one of the world’s largest exporters of climate-disrupting coal.
This is not us. We’re pioneering the clean energy revolution – building a stronger regional economy and developing clean energy solutions that work for the long haul. Let’s stand up against these dirty plans and demand a better, cleaner future for our children and our communities.
We must make it clear that we don’t want coal in Northwest or Southwest Washington. We don’t want it in Oregon. We don’t want it. Period. Please comment today.
Stopping coal exports isn’t just crucial for the Northwest. Around the globe, we must stop major new fossil fuel projects in order to prevent catastrophic climate change. That’s why Greenpeace is working to halt Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL Pipeline and coal export projects that threaten our planet’s future.
With your help, we can put the brakes on the coal industry’s plans for Washington.
Thank you for standing up for our state and our climate,
Kim Marks Greenpeace Washington Organizer
P.S. Don’t let coal exports threaten our health, our environment and our climate. Submit a comment against the Longview, WA coal export facility today.