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Rick Perry joins extreme right-wing field


 What has HRC done for me lately?

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NC – HRC wages all-out campaign against anti-gay amendment.  More »    http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/site/R?i=lwtjwbVYIuyzR-4t6mCnCA

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US – HRC Foundation’s “All Children – All Families” program earns honor. More »  http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/site/R?i=AZp979y2m1RW2fALs283-Q


Falsely accused …change.org

In the next few weeks, the Walmart Corporation will help decide if three activists live or die.

See, Walmart relies on cheap subcontractors across the developing world, many of which force workers to toil in unimaginable conditions.

Three Bangladeshis, Kalpona Akter (pictured at right), Babul Akhter, and Aminul Islam, had been fighting to help the workers at some suppliers in their country.

Rather than treat workers fairly, these suppliers have filed false criminal charges against the trio.

The accusations are demonstrably false. For example, the supplier claims that Kalpona and Babul destroyed property on a day when multiple witnesses saw them at a meeting 35 kilometers away.

But so far, that hasn’t mattered. Kalpona, Babul, and Aminul were imprisoned and tortured for their activism. They now await a sham of a trial that could begin as soon as June 1st. If it doesn’t go well, they could be sentenced to death — and once the trial begins, the process is almost impossible to reverse.

If Walmart demands that the suppliers drop the charges, the activists will likely go free. But there are only two weeks until the window for intervention closes.

Let’s create a huge uproar that shows Walmart executives that customers around the globe are watching their decision. Please sign the petition calling on them to demand that false charges be dropped immediately:


Thanks for taking action,

– Patrick and the Change.org team

Update on corrective rape — Note from Ndumi

Join the global outcry against “corrective rape” in South Africa 

Sign the Petition

Several weeks ago, survivors of “corrective rape” — a heinous practice in South Africa where lesbians are raped under the guise of “curing” them — started a petition on Change.org to ask the Minister of Justice to declare corrective rape a hate crime.

It has since become the largest-ever petition on Change.org, and the Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Justice has repeatedly contacted us to complain that they are overwhelmed with the messages coming from every part of South Africa and every corner of the globe. But the minister still refuses to meet with the activists who started the campaign — Ndumi Funda and the women of the non-profit Lulekisizwe.

Ndumi asked us to pass the note below along to Change.org members. Take a look, then please add your name to their petition to keep up the pressure:



To Change.org members, editors and most of all to all of you who signed our petition,

We are GOBSMACKED at the response that our petition has received. Our fight against corrective-rape has been going on for so long, under the most harrowing of circumstances, with only a few volunteers to help, and it just seemed that nobody was listening, nobody cared, and our sisters were getting raped, beaten up and murdered without anyone doing anything about it.

In absolute frustration, we decided to write a petition. This was a first for us, and never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would get this kind of a response. We did jokingly say that we wanted to crash the Ministry of Justice’s servers, but we thought that our petition would get a thousand or so signatures if we were lucky. More than 65,000 signatures later, and the senior Ministry officials we targeted are apparently having major difficulty accessing their e-mail because of all the e-mails your signatures are generating! WOOOHOOOO! Well done & thank you!

If you haven’t already signed the ‘Corrective Rape‘ petition, please sign and share it with your friends:


Unfortunately, despite this becoming the most popular petition of ALL TIME on Change.org, and clearly getting the attention of the minister, Lulekisizwe has still not heard a word from the Justice Department! We need a meeting with the Minister of Justice so we can discuss how ‘corrective rape’ victims are treated, the lack of police response, how long the court cases take, why so many of the dockets get ‘lost’ and why the rapists get out on such low bail. Please keep the pressure up!

Thanks to a donation from an ethical cosmetics company in the UK called Lush, we were able to get another, more secure place to stay and use as a safe-house for the victims, but the rapes and assaults are continuing. We are worn out and things are far from easy, especially at this time of the year when stress levels are very high.

The one thing that is giving us hope is all of you showing love and caring by signing and sharing the petition. We are thrilled, excited and very, very humbled by the support that every one of you have shown, and all we can say is thank you and please, please don’t stop. Ask your friends to sign our petition:


Bless you all and have a great Festive Season,
Ndumi Funda & the Lulekisizwe team