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Zach Silk, Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility

We won in court last week — and the judge gave us some very clear, very honest, language for our petition gathering, which will start in the next few days.

And, as a fellow supporter, I wanted to say thank you — and share with you the language that was approvedĀ for this campaign, so you can beĀ sure as to exactly what we’re trying to do with I-594.

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It’s game time — and we need to get enough signatures to make sure that Washington can vote to protect our families by requiring a background check on all gun purchases.

You’ve already taken the first step.

Will you click here to help us build the campaign by sharing this image on Facebook, and asking your friends and family to endorse I-594?

With your help, we beat the gun lobby in court — but that just got us in the door, and we have a long way to go before we’re done.

Thanks for everything — we’d not have gotten anywhere near this far without your help.

Talk to you soon,

Zach Silk

Ballot #594


It’s official.

Last week we got our ballot number — 594.

And this week, we got the language from the secretary of state, which will be finalized the week of July 8. After that, we can start our petition drive to make sure that criminal background checks are on the ballot in 2014.

With your help, we’re going to make sure that every single person purchasing a gun in Washington has to pass a criminal background check — and keep our families safe.

Thanks for pledging your support to help us make this simple, commonsense reform the law.

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We’re very excited by how quickly this campaign has been coming together, and that is a direct result of the support of thousands of folks just like you.

Thanks for stepping up.

Talk to you soon,