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Good news from the Trayvon Martin tragedy

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Meals for Seniors and Head Start ~~~ End the Sequester

Sarasota - Meals on Wheels
Sarasota – Meals on Wheels (Photo credit: roger4336)

Tonight, chances are a senior in your community will go to bed hungry.

Send a message to Congress   and President Obama to find a way to
end sequestration now!
Head Start Gets Results

Meals On Wheels : get to know mowaa.org

Stories From the Heart

Lives lived. Stories told. The seniors we serve are the same people who helped shape our nation. Using their minds, ingenuity and hard work, they were there when we needed them. They fought for our freedom, invented machines, developed medicines, dared to dream and ensured a brighter future for us all. Their stories are our stories. We share their stories with you in honor of all of the seniors whom we serve and who inspire us to do what we do. We are Meals On Wheels, and this is our story.

Mr. AlsworthMr. Alsworth

Mr. Alsworth credits Meals On Wheels with helping him get back on his feet after undergoing cancer treatment.

Back in 2010, Mr. Alsworth was losing weight and feeling weak while receiving chemo and radiation therapy. A health professional suggested Meals On Wheels might be an option.

Alsworth says, “It was exactly what I needed. It gave me energy. It really got me back into my life.”

“It’s like a foundation of a house,” he explains. “If you don’t have a good foundation on a house, you don’t have a house. Food does the same thing for your body.”

Mr. Alsworth also appreciates the kindness of the volunteers. “They talk to you and make sure you’re alright; they’re beautiful people. You can’t ask for more.”

We are Meals On Wheels, and this is our story.