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Every gift before May 30th will be matched, $1 for $1!

In the packed refugee camps of the Democratic Republic of Congo, cholera spreads rapidly, and kills quickly. One sip of dirty water is all it takes for a healthy child to fall ill and die – often in just a few hours.

But we know how to stop a disease like cholera in its tracks. Through simple solutions like water-purifying tablets and clean, accessible latrines, Mercy Corps is working to save lives in Congo and around the world – and right now, you can help us reach twice as many children in need.

Every dollar we raise before May 30th will be MATCHED, up to $600,000 – which means your support today will go twice as far to deliver clean water, emergency food, and other help to families in need around the world.

Preventing deadly diseases like cholera is just one of the ways you can help families in the world’s most desperate places. Thanks to generous supporters like you, Mercy Corps is working to:

  • Rush emergency food assistance to families in Mali, where a devastating food shortage and violent conflicts have displaced more than 300,000 people. Your gift today will go TWICE as far to stop the hunger pains of a child in Mali.
  • Build wells and reservoirs in Niger and Ethiopia that will help crops and animals – and the farmers who tend them – withstand another dry season. You can help deliver TWICE the relief to hungry families who desperately need it.
  • Give children in South Sudan a safe place to learn, building temporary classrooms so they can get the education they deserve. Your matched gift today can give children a brighter future.

There’s never been a better time to give than right now – and every dollar counts. Your $75 becomes $150, $150 becomes $300, $250 becomes $500 – up to $600,000! That means that together, we can deliver over $1.2 million dollars in food, water, and other aid where it’s needed most – but we can only reach these families if people like you step up to help.

 I’ve seen the difference Mercy Corps supporters like you are making around the world.

Please, don’t miss this chance to make that compassion go even further for suffering families – donate today to have your gift matched, dollar for dollar!

Your support today will truly change lives – thank you.


Dan O'Neill, Mercy Corps Founder

Dan O’Neill Mercy Corps Founder

August Newsletter​: The Sahel Crisis – you asked, we answered

Mercy Corps

August 2012 Newsletter

Answers from the field about the Sahel hunger crisis

Niger: Answers about the hunger crisis

You asked. Country Director Thierno Diallo answered. Find out what it’s like for Mercy Corps staff who are working to save lives and build resilience in the face of the Sahel hunger crisis in West Africa. Read more ▸

Top stories

Syrians take refuge in Lebanon

Lebanon: Syrians take refuge in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

How is the conflict in Syria affecting the families who have been forced to flee? Country Director Rob Maroni finds that it’s the children who suffer the most.

Creating spaces for learning in South Sudan

South Sudan: Creating spaces for learning

Classes held under the trees are often interrupted by rain and threats of violence. We’re building new temporary classrooms in Bentiu so students like Daniel can stay in school and have a safe place to be a kid.

Conservation efforts honored in Myanmar

Myanmar: Innovative conservation efforts honored

Find out how mangrove nurseries and fuel-efficient stoves have transformed rural communities into thriving agricultural centers in this energy-poor nation.

Saving children's lives in the Horn of Africa     Ethiopia:Helping children survive in the Horn of AfricaFamilies are still going hungry after the worst drought in 60 years caused famine in East Africa one year ago. Our mobile health clinics continue to treat starving children who have nowhere else to turn.


how much do you know about child soldiers?

May 2012 Newsletter

Test your knowledge of this worldwide issue by taking our quiz >

Interactive Quiz: How much do you know about child soldiers?

Every day, children fight and die in armed conflicts around the world. Who are they? Why do they join? How can we help them reclaim their lives?
Take our quiz and find out ▸

Top stories

Helping families survive until the next harvest

Niger: Expanding hunger relief efforts

Families in Niger already go days without eating. Now, the lean season is approaching. We’re providing emergency cash distribution and pursuing new efforts to help families survive this crisis.

Programs currently on hold until staff can safely return

South Sudan: Fighting prompts staff to evacuate border town

As tensions escalate between Sudan and South Sudan, Country Director Mathieu Rouquette reports on our work in Bentiu, the recent target of multiple airstrikes.

Behind the camera of award-winning freelance photographer Toni Greaves

Afghanistan: Chickens that change lives

Photographer Toni Greaves visits the home of a brave Afghan woman who is challenging traditional gender roles by becoming the family breadwinner.

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From the Field

Salma Bahramy

Kenya: Planting tea and cultivating positive change

Victoria Stanski

Yemen: A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference

Jeremy Barnicle

Libya: Benghazi activists honor the price of war

Randy Martin

Japan: Biodiesel enterprise fuels economic recovery





Reclaiming children of war: Colombia's Child Soldiers

Video: Reclaiming Colombia’s children of war

When child soldiers are rescued or escape from Colombia’s armed conflict, it’s too risky for them to go home. Find out how we’re helping them start over.

Latest Photos

Capture or surrender earns second chance

Colombia: Capture or surrender earns a second chance

Maintaining wells as drought takes its toll

Niger: Breaking the cycle of drought and hunger

Wages for 200. Water for 400.

Ethiopia: Rebuilding a community water source

Yes Youth Can participants

Kenya: Kids take charge of their own futures

Mercy Corps in the news

Mercy Corps, Startup Weekend partner to boost tech entrepreneurship in Middle East, Oregonian

Building a new Libya from the ground up, Huffington Post

Do aid projects work? Tiny sensors will now let us know in real time, Fast Company

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Emergencie​s in Libya and Ivory Coast … help Helene Gayle,President &CEO, Care

The fighting in Libya continues to force people to flee in droves. The surge of Libyan refugees into neighboring countries is putting increased pressure on some of the poorest countries — and families — in the world. Many of the refugees were in Libya to work and now have returned to their native countries, where their families already are suffering from poverty, hunger, disease and drought. Others are Libyans on the run for fear of what may happen to them and their families. The humanitarian crisis is increasing by the minute.

In fact, more than 405,000 people have already left Libya for bordering countries, including Egypt, Niger and Tunisia. If the fighting continues, many more are expected to flee. The influx of people may overwhelm already-fragile economies and create additional human suffering.

You can support our work around the world by giving a generous gift now.

The situation is changing day by day, even hour by hour. That’s why, right now, CARE staff is coordinating with the United Nations, government agencies and local partner organizations to carry out an effective humanitarian response to this and other refugee crises, such as the one sparked by

post-election conflict in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Today, CARE is reaching tens of thousands of people with basic survival supplies: the distribution of clean water, food, hygiene kits, blankets and more. Should needs increase, we’ll be able to ramp up our response thanks to the support of generous donors like you.

Please help ensure CARE is prepared to respond to humanitarian crises and crushing poverty with your gift today.

Your ongoing financial support makes it possible for CARE to help in emergencies like Libya and Cote d’Ivoire, and supports our poverty-fighting programs and advocacy efforts to improve the lives of the world’s poorest people. Thank you for your unwavering support.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH

President and CEO, CARE