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Get your rainforest-safe gift guide

Rainforest Action Network

Don’t buy children’s books that destroy rainforests.

Books make incredible gifts for children. As the winter holidays approach, RAN and Tiki The Tiger want to help you make sure rainforest paper isn’t part of the present.

Shockingly, many U.S. publishers have released at least one children’s book that tested positive for paper fiber linked to Indonesian rainforest destruction. With one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, Indonesia‘s rainforests- and the communities and endangered wildlife that live there- are disappearing rapidly.

We want to make sure that you and your gifts don’t get wrapped up in rainforest destruction this holiday season. Introducing our new pocket-sized Rainforest-Safe Kids’ Books Shopping Guide….

Download the pocket guide Share the pocket guide online Sign up to handout guides in bookstores

Print out the guide and pop it in your wallet. Share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also join RAN and Tiki The Tiger for our national Roar At The Store week of action where hundreds across North America will hand out rainforest-safe guides in front of their favorite bookstore.

Thanks for helping to keep Indonesia’s rainforests off your shopping list this holiday season and beyond.

Robin Averbeck

For Indonesia’s Rainforests,

Robin Averbeck
Forest Campaigner

The Tiniest Tiger in the World

Rainforest Action Network
Read Tiki’s story.
Tiki the Tiger with Sign
Be Tiki’s friend.

Deep in the beautiful Sumatran rainforests of Indonesia lives the tiniest tiger in the world. His name is Tiki.

Sumatran tigers are now the smallest tiger species in existence, ever since their relatives, the Javan tigers, went extinct. There are currently less than 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild and Tiki is their new super cute superhero spokestiger.

Please help Tiki save the tiny tigers!

Start by reading Tiki’s story and sharing it with the children in your life.

Tiki’s home is in great danger. Every day, wood pulp and paper companies threaten the survival of these majestic felines by clear-cutting their precious rainforest habitat, draining wildlife rich (carbon-filled) peatlands, and turning these lands into plantations.

Tiki is calling on kids, parents, teachers, families and you to help him defend his rainforest home.

Be Tiki’s friend so he can keep you in the know about actions to save the tiny tigers of Sumatra.

Before Sumatran tigers like Tiki become just another extinct species for the history books or a special “last remaining” exhibit at the zoo, we must stop destructive paper companies from tearing down Indonesia’s precious rainforests.

Stay tuned for upcoming actions in your community and GET READY TO ROAR!

For the tigers,

Hillary Lehr
Grassroots Organizer