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HILARIOUS “12 Days of Congress”


Do you have 44 seconds to spare?

You HAVE to watch this hilarious, holiday-themed takedown of what Republicans have been up to this year.

We’ve been watching it all day in the office and trust us — you’re
going to want to pass this one along to your friends who don’t mind a
good swipe at the Tea Party.

out our “12 Days of Congress” site where you can download the song
(featuring Bowzer from Sha Na Na) for free and put in on your holiday
mix. You can even get it as a ringtone!

From Big Oil subsidies to bonuses for bigwigs, the GOP has stuffed some
extra special goodies in the stockings of corporations and the
ultra-wealthy this year, while giving the rest of us a lump of coal. And
don’t get us started on Republicans’ idea of outreach to women.


DCCC Video

Nancy Pelosi … can we count on you

Today marks just over a month before our country could face another Tea Party GOP shutdown.

We saw what happened last time: uncertainty, instability and a cost to our economy of $24 billion. That’s why as of 10 a.m. today, over 250,000 of our top Democratic activists have announced they’re standing with President Obama to send a clear message to Tea Party Republicans: no more shutdowns. Will you join them?
Friends, with so much at stake, we’ve got to stand up and defeat the Tea Party’s radical and reckless agenda here and now. Will you become one of the One Million Americans standing up to GOP recklessness? Add your name today and make it clear: no more shutdowns.
President Obama said it best when he declared that we need to stop governing from crisis to crisis and start working together. Enough of the Tea Party recklessness!
Add your name and join the One Million Americans who are standing up to the Tea Party and their brand of extremism.
Let’s kick the reckless Tea Party out of the House Republican Caucus once and for all.

Daily Snapshot … #ACA and Jobs


a repost from 7/30/13

What the Affordable Care Act Really Means for Job Growth

The White House released a new analysis of the relationship between the Affordable Care Act and job growth in the form of an animated GIF.


As ACA Implementation Continues, Consumer Health Care Cost Growth Has Slowed

Prices for personal consumption expenditures (PCE) on health care goods and services rose just 1.1 percent over the twelve months ending in May 2013, the slowest rate of increase in nearly 50 years.


How Immigration Reform Will Benefit Farmers and Rural Communities

The White House released a new report detailing the important benefits provided by the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill for the domestic agriculture sector, its workforce, and rural American communities.


A Trojan Horse


Who Is Really Trying to ‘Fix’ Obamacare?

President Obama, Congressional Democrats, and House Republicans all have proposed changes to Affordable Care Act to address concerns over dropped policies, but not all of these so-called fixes are created equal.

While the Democratic plans seek changes to actually address the concerns, the Republican plan passed by the House of Representatives today is actually a Trojan Horse meant to destroy Obamacare and put insurance companies back in charge once and for all. In fact, Speaker Boehner (R-OH) explained that it was a “targeted strike” on the law and just one more step on the road to repeal.

(The road to repeal seems to be neverending, as the House has now voted at least 46 times to repeal Obamacare and yet it’s still the law of the land.)

House Republicans further betrayed their true motivations today when they used procedural tricks to block a vote on a Democratic plan to allow insurers to keep offering cancelled plans, expand oversight of rate hikes, and require insurers to notify consumers of alternatives to their sub-standard plans.

The GOP’s reason for blocking a vote on the bill? They said it had too manyprovisions protecting consumers from insurance companies and abusive rate hikes.Seriously.

Here’s a chart breaking down the differences between the main proposals out there to address concerns about insurers dropping sub-standard insurance plans:


BOTTOM LINE: Democrats are interested in making Obamacare work. Republicans are only interested in making it go away.

how we can win back the House …Mo Elleithee, Democrats.org

We defied some pretty big trends in this past election:

  • For the first time in almost four decades, the winning candidate in Virginia’s governor’s race is from the same party as the president.
  • For the first time in more than twenty years, we elected a Democratic mayor of New York City.
  • In St. Petersburg, Florida we defeated an incumbent Republican mayor, the first time that’s happened in two decades.
  • In Pasco County, Florida, we won a special election for a legislative seat that had been held by Republicans for nearly twenty years.

At one point or another, the cynics and the pundits looked at all of those races, pointed to the history, and said Democrats didn’t have much of a chance. But because supporters like you stepped up, we proved them wrong.

So when people tell you that Democrats can’t take back the 17 seats that we need to win back the House, don’t get mad — get to work and prove them wrong, as well.
Chip in $3 or more and let’s go elect a Democratic House.

If you look at Tuesday’s exit polls from Virginia — a swing state — you see an electorate that looked a lot like the one that showed up to vote for President Obama in 2012. A lot of pundits were saying that would never happen, too.

Load image to see the big news from Election Day.

Recent polling shows Democrats up in 48 congressional races that we need to win 17 of in order to take back the House. If we can do across the country what we did in Virginia — get our Democratic coalition to show up on Election Day — we could be in for a good night next November.

But that won’t happen unless we stand together to put winning plans into action.
Chip in $3 or more to help Democrats seize this moment and invest in talent, tools, and candidates who are going to keep this momentum going:


Mo Elleithee
Communications Director
Democratic National Committee