288 reasons to fight

First they tried to shut down the government to defund women’s health.

Then two weeks ago they passed a budget that demolishes Medicare.

And all the while, GOP leaders in both houses are still pushing to give more huge tax cuts to big corporations that ship American jobs overseas — including handouts to Big Oil even before the first anniversary of BP’s Gulf Coast disaster.

There are reasons we need to keep fighting. In fact, 288 Republican members of the House and Senate mean we have 288 reasons. And if we aren’t strong enough or committed enough to stop their agenda, we will lose our country as we know it.

Your support is crucial as we challenge the Republican Party for the future of our nation. Help us fight their agenda by contributing $10, $20, $35, or more right now.

My biggest focus as I lead the Senate majority is helping families across the country weather this recession. There still are obstacles. College costs are rising faster than paychecks, too many Nevadans are still out of work, and not even our veterans are immune to falling on hard times — and just one homeless veteran is one too many.

These challenges tell us that we must do better. But we can’t reach the kind of success America is known for so long as Republicans in the House and Senate continue to line the pockets of their corporate buddies while letting their Tea Party wing lead an agenda of partisan wedge issues.

Our opposition is strong. There are 288 of them. They’re well-financed, and they have the resources to wreak havoc on our nation’s future if we don’t succeed in stopping them.

I know there’s still fight left in us. Chip in $10 today because there are 288 reasons we can’t stop standing up for what we know is important.

Thanks for everything,

Harry Reid